Trump Takes Major Shot at DeSantis

It’s been a foregone conclusion that former president Donald Trump will run for the 2024 Republican nomination. Trump still smarts from the inexplicable loss to Joe Biden in 2020 and feels his rightful position is in the White House. Despite the assumption that Trump will run, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has gained considerable traction in recent months after a string of political wins in his home state of Florida. DeSantis is accomplished, charismatic, and less bombastic than Trump, leading many potential voters to reconsider their options in 2024. Recently Trump has had some interesting things to say about his potential rival.

Former President Donald Trump offered a stunning rebuke of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as polls show the latter posing a significant obstacle to the former’s 2024 plans.

Trump shared his opinions about his former ally to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, whom he spoke to in an on the record capacity three times as part of the research for her new book: Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America.

The 45th president called Florida governor “fat,” “phony,” and “whiny” when Haberman asked about him during a meeting late this summer at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey.

These aren’t shocking statements for anyone that follows President Trump, as he is quick to say what is on his mind. That is one of the things the American people appreciated about the former President. At least the right did. While the left bemoaned his lack of decorum and tact, conservatives liked his willingness to say what he was thinking rather than what was politically correct. Unfortunately for Trump, DeSantis is beloved in Florida, and fairly well regarded nationally, and the polls reflect it.

Trump’s comments were made around the same time as news emerged that DeSantis had raised more money since January of last year than himself or President Joe Biden.

In addition to fundraising, DeSantis also leads the former president by an impressive eight points in a USA Today/Suffolk University poll asking how Florida Republican registered voters would vote in a hypothetical primary against the two. That poll is far from an outlier, with numerous others in the last year having similar results.

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    • Everyone says Republicans don’t fight for themselves or stand up for things and let the democrats run over them, let Trump stand up for himself and get rid of the rhinos and democrat butt kissers! Make the democrats pay for the high taxes, the countries open borders, the wasteful spending, and all the fraudulent investigations being forced on the American taxpayers! Let’s get JUSTICE and Equality for the American people by bringing punishment for all the crimes committed by the privileged elite in our government, no one is above the law, REMEMBER!

  1. As a long time Republican and a senior citizen, I am dismayed that our party can’t find better candidates for President or other government positions. The same holds true for the Democrats. It seems that as American’s we have lost our way. We had great people who founded this country and saw us through wars. Now all we have are self-serving people who as soon as they win an election, start running for the next one without doing the job they were elected for. All the good people have left.

  2. I would vote for DeSantis over Trump. Trump did a great job when he was President, but there are a few things about him I don’t care for. DeSantis, on the other hand, is right on with everything I’ve heard him say, and he is certainly not fat (especially compared to Trump), whiney, or a phony. This tells me TRUMP IS SCARED OF DESANTIS.

  3. Trump has become as big a douchbag as the left. It’s so unfortunate that his staff doesn’t have the gonads to take away his phone and keep him away from news people.
    His mouth is his worst enemy….after his ego!!

    • Trump has great ideas but his demeanor and attitude just brings more trouble for him. He will not hesitate to turn on anyone, no matter how much they have supported him. I don’t like that!!! I think it time for Trump to ride off into the sunset. DeSantis can do everything Trump can but in a much less divisive way.

  4. Don’t believe everything you read. There is always someone that will say someone said this are that. If you watch CFP you will find they aren’t as conservative as a lot of other sites.

  5. There’s a huge problem with the alleged conservative journalist who wrote this article. There source for the so called comments made about Gov. De Santis by President Trump are from a left wing author who wrote a bias hate Trump book! To take this authors word that Trump actually said this, is like assuming the Fake News media outlets are telling the truth.

    Moreover, I am very happy that Gov. De Santis fights back against the Democratic Communist Party and their allies in the fake news media outlets. Unfortunately he’s only one of two (Gov. Abott (R)TX) who actually has policies that the Floridian citizens want. Other Republican governors should follow what he’s done!

    Now here’s the down side of Gov. De Santis, which is he’s a career politician who did not take the bold, fighting back against the radical leftist communist democrats, during the majority of time in the office(s) he held. Again, I’m glad he saw the light. That light was President Donald J Trump who fought tooth and nail against the Democratic Communist Party, their propaganda mainstream news media outlets, and a lot of the azzwhole Rhinos in the Republican Party.

    I do realize President Trump can sometimes say things that are brash and unpresidential, but I’m definitely willing to overlook that for ALL the great things he’s been able to achieve, even with all those anti-American azzwhole’s lying and fighting him every step of the way.

  6. As usual I see the flakes on here immediately believing everything as the truth rather than checking it out. You’re as bad as the democrats turning on there own. Get it together people and stop believing the BS. We all know the Trump and DeSantis both rock! Don’t be stupid and give in to the BS of what they think Trump said. Use some common sense! Haven’t you learned this by now from the media being slanted and corrupt?

  7. The competition between Don and Ron is important for proper electoral clarity in the Republican Party. In effect, one of them will win more primaries than the other. They’re the top two candidates, as verified by Trump in his verbal messaging slam.

    Insult shaming failed against Ben Carson, but Carson knew he couldn’t beat Trump. It won’t work with Ron, either. Ron has the legs and moxie to p all this off. The winner will deserve their nomination, certainly That leaves the vote up to the voters, where it belongs.

  8. Keep stirring the pot! It’s pathetic that anyone would ever believe a story about President Trump. When the source is a New York Times report! He spoke on the record okay were is the printed article at? If people fall for information like this,this truly has become a dumbed down world of fools!

  9. I have now lost respect for Trump, because of the comments he made to Desantis .He is not the thing she said about Desantis . Desantis has my respect he is strong .

    • Of course the FAKE news will say anything to deter voters away from President Trump. Those of you who replied here believing the “alleged comments” must be Demorats, (not misspelled), who are so culable to listen and BELIEVE the FAKE news. I call you sheep. How about voting for someone who loves America and has proven himself of this fact and has a history of Makimg America GreatAgain. To NOT vote for someone because of hearsay or because of negative comments you hear is irresponsible. Facts and action go a long way. Politics is a very nasty business and DeSantis most likely will come pout with his view of Trump in a non-favorable manner. Research facts and STOP being lazy and listening to hearsay only. Could DeSantis hold up through all that President Trump has gone through for years? I doubt it. President Trump is strong and won’t go down easily. Why do you think the Demorats try to destroy him? They are scared of him because he doesn’t back down and has done more for this country than any other President. Demorats speak to the weak because they are sooooo vulnerable. They want control making America a communist country. No wonder the Demorats want to destroy this country. They are WEAK and don’t want to think for themselves, but let the government control them. Not me! I want a strong government for the good of the people. Vote President Trump if you want someone who cares about America and the people. Biden and his cronies only care about putting money in their pocket at taxpayers expense. If America goes socialist/communist there’s NO turning back. Research Venezuela, Cuba and any other communist controlled government. THEY FAIL!!! I have grandchildren I’m fighting for. Who are you fighting for?


    • I agree – they are trying to cause problems within the party. Trump knows DeSantis and they both are on the same page. There will be lots of fake news will be coming out – be prepared!!!! Makes me thing what is this Conservative Free Press and why are they printing fake news.

  10. Of course the FAKE news will say anything to deter voters away from President Trump. Those of you who replied here believing the “alleged comments” must be Demorats, (not misspelled), who are so culable to listen and BELIEVE the FAKE news. I call you sheep.

    • Why does trump gave such high regard for Putin and Kim Jong–Dictators. When Xi of China became a lifetime President/Dictator I heard trump say maybe we should try that. I am a Democrat because of the way Republicians lie and try to take way SS, medicare. A tax break for the ultra rich. Biden said this week that last year the top 55 Corps. Of America paid NO income tax at all. Please tell me why this is ok for me and your to pay their part.

      • Christine, were you paying any attention to how great our country was running during Trump’s term in office compared to how horrifically bad it’s currently running under Biden’s dictatorship?! Those communist countries you spoke of ALL behaved under Trump. No invasion of Ukraine! North Korea seized firing missiles towards Japan, and China stopped ripping us off. Trump had the terrorists in Afghanistan behaving as well. Biden made the biggest military bungling in U.S history. Biden is an embarrassment.

        In case you had amnesia Christine, China, North Korea, and Russia had more sanctions against them, then any other presidential administration. China, who’s our primary enemy, was forced to pay the U.S billions of dollars in trade deals, that other presidents looked the other way on,

        Trump also got a lot of the foreign countries we protect with our military to pay us the billions in cost we’re owed for said protection.

        Moreover Christine, it appears you’re receiving your misinformation from the fake news propaganda arm of the Democratic Communist Party. As for the wealthy, according to CBO, the rich pay for the majority of taxes the federal government spends. Your claim is incorrect. According to the CBO the middle class pay about 45% of income taxes and the rest is paid by the rich. The wealthy actually pay more than their fair share.

        There’s a reason why SS and Medicare are headed for bankruptcy. First, there’s been 78 amendments passed by Democrats since SS was in acted during FDR’s administration. Unfortunately, these liberal changes have turned SS into a form of welfare, paying monthly to people who have never contributed. Second, Bill Clinton used 3-trillion dollars from the SS funds to pay for his unpaid for policies. Medicare is being run the same way by using it as welfare to people who never paid into it. That’s why we’re in this screwed position.

  11. Sometimes President Trump needs to think more before he speaks, even though I have no doubt he has a purpose for what he says. This sort of thing turned me off on President Trump during the 2016 primaries. It wasn’t until Dr. Ben Carson commented that Trump was a completely different kind of person than he portrayed himself to be while campaigning that I decided to take a chance and trust Trump. I am so glad I did because as president, the obnoxious Trump proved to be the most loyal and hard working for all American citizens, not just those who supported him.

  12. President Trump should sometimes think more before speaking, even though he has a purpose. During the 2016 primaries, this turned me off to Trump. I decided to trust Trump after Dr. Ben Carson said he was a different person than he seemed during the campaign. As president, Trump proved to be loyal and hardworking for all Americans, not just his supporters.

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