Biden Will Soon Be Hooked Up to a Machine?

79-year-old Brain-Dead Biden appears to be deteriorating at a pace typically seen in late-stage dementia patients, says clinician. Clinician Dr. Kelly Victory joins The Alex Jones Show on Monday to break down how Joe Biden’s cognitive faculties are deteriorating at an accelerated pace typically seen in late-stage dementia patients.

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  1. The 2020 elections were DEFINITELY RIGGED in Obiden’s favor and the DAMORATS know it because they did the ballot box stuffing PROVEN BY CAMERAS!!!

    • That’s the truth and some of them still won’t admit it. They think he’s doing a great job! Guess you just can’t fix stupid!

  2. The brain dead fool in the fake White House, has no clue about the insurrection that was performed against the people of the country. At least he doesn’t now. His whole administration is nothing more than an extension of the CCP and the traitor Obama. Of course the Clinton crime family is not far behind from committing high treason since Hilary sold out secrets to the CCP by having everything go to a private server. They all need to be executed for their treason and insurrection.

  3. Sadly these articles and opinions are written by brain dead folks. Amazing how much hate and vitriol there is on the extreme right. I’d bet you even call Romney brain dead or a traitor. If only to God’s ears owe could get a honest man like him in the White House.

    • Angelo. It looks like you don’t have a brain either. The Biden/Obama regime is as crooked as they come. Romney is also a traitor RINO! You need to wake up! Our country has gone to HELL and Biden did it, along with Obama and George Soros! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What an administration we have to endure. There’s a POTUS with dementia and then there’s Cackling Kamala, pushing for minorities to be pushed to the head of the line in getting help from FEMA over hurricane Ian. How lovely. Pushing woke and equity agendas during an intentionally created energy and inflation crisis. Let’s not forget about all of the weaponization they’ve created. NOVEMBER! No excuses!!

  5. I never voted for him and never would ,but it’s not nice to make fun of the president, it’s very sad for him and the people of the USA.

  6. Normally I wouldn’t be so harsh about an elderly person who is obviously showing blatant signs of mental and physical decline. But due to the fact Biden has been such a horrible person the majority of his life I’ll make an exception.

    Joe Biden has spent his entire political life in various offices he’s held stealing from taxpayers or selling out his country to make millions of criminally corrupt dollars. It’s so blatant, Joe’s entire crime family is in on it.

    From Senator Biden, to Vice President Biden, and now President Biden, the Biden crime family (Jill, Hunter, James…etc) have all lived a very privileged, wealthy life, stealing money by selling access and influence to anyone who’s willing to pay and that includes our enemies, such as China, Russia, and Iran. Ukraine has paid Joe and Hunter millions of dollars too.

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