Liz Cheney Issues Trump Critical Warning

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) has said that “any interaction” between former President Trump and the House committee responsible for the investigation into the Capitol attack on Jan. 6, 2021, will be “under oath and subject to penalties of perjury.”

Cheney, who is the vice president of the committee has not openly spoken about the panel’s efforts and investigations in the way that some of the other members have. During an interview with Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith, Cheney said that it would be important in any discussion with the former President for the committee to be able to know that he is required to tell the truth.

Cheney, who has frequently criticized Trump, has said that the former President is “fundamentally destructive” to the Republican Party. She has also pointed to the responses that many GOP members have had to the news of the FBI raid that seized confidential documents from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home as proof.

During her interview with Smith, Cheney said that one must look at how many Senior Republicans are going out of their way to defend Trump’s actions of having documents with the highest marks of classification stored in his personal office in a resort.

Despite all of this, Cheney has maintained that based on the evidence at the time she made the right choice by not impeaching the former President. She also added that those proceedings helped set the base for the current investigations carried out by the committee.

Finally, Cheney added that she would try everything to ensure that Trump would not be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024. She also added that if he does end up being the nominee then she would no longer be a Republican.

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  1. Cheney’s not really a Republican anyway. So who cares if she leaves the party? Everyone would be happy to see her go. Also, will all the committee members also be under oath to tell the truth? They haven’t done that since they started their partisan sham investigation.

  2. Good by Felicia! Your traitorous POS your part of the problem lousy spineless republicans who work against America your part of the swamp that needs draining!

  3. Why can’t Cheney be recalled? I think she’s a very poor representative of Wyoming. Any surveys of Wyoming voters regarding her? Of course there will be a vote soon that will remove her; she doesn’t represent the wishes of Wyoming voters unless they are far left and there aren’t a lot of those in Wyoming.

  4. Does anyone Know what a Twit is ? If you do, Then everyone in the USA
    Knows that Liz Chaney is one!!!!! She lost her Mind! and Seems to not be
    able to find it!!!!! She thinks she can go after Trump for all Her woes and get MONEY!!!
    Some one is not living in the Real World Anymore.!!!!! WE the PEOPLE Choose who we WANT
    Governing America Not Liz Chaney !!!!!( DIG DONG ) Nothing is there!!!!

  5. Liz isn’t a Republican anyway. She acts as if anyone cares if she denounces herself as being a Republican. Her father was a RINO also. That family is as corrupt as the Clintons and Bidens. Rot in hell Liz.

  6. Then Cheney, all I can say is get off the Republican party list, YOUR NOT REPUBLICAN and have not been since you decided to get into politics. YOU ARE EVIL!

  7. Maybe Bernie will run in 2024 and choose Liz as his running mate. At least they could get 1 chicken to feed all their supporters!!! Both are a joke

    • If he doesn’t die from old age first. These losers like him and Pelosi are all ready for the grave and have one foot in the hole already.

  8. Arguably, Liz Cheney has not been a Republican for a very long time. That said, what she is doing is reprehensible for the signals it sends to our allies and enemies alike around the world.
    If you’re going to go after Trump, you better damn well be going after Clinton, Bush – yes Bush, Obama, and sure as hell Joe. Too much smoke with all of them to have no fire.


  9. I stand with Liz Cheney!

    Her courageous stand on the removal of items from the White House was absolutely the correct one, regardless of the person involved. How could this go unnoticed and NOT be addressed? What other President leaving office would even THINK of such behavior? This ABSOLUTELY has to be addressed!

    • I guess you forgot about all the items that the Clintons stole out of the White House when they left, and then claimed they were broke.

    • All of the presidents took their papers with them and Obama admitted he has hundreds and the Clinton’s stole china and numerous things and no one worries about that. Why do you only worry about the Best President that the US has had in decades taking his papers, because he is a Republican? Shame on you…

  10. Liz Cheney is just a RINO trying to get even for her fathers treatment. She is so enraged with Trump that she is trying to do whatever she can to put Trump DOWN. If she cannot win getting Trump then she will finally declare that she really a Democrat is sheep’s clothing. She is soooo phony.

  11. Cheney has slipped into some type of mental state that is destroying her credibility and ruining whatever reputation she might have ever had. She has illusions of grandeur and an exaggerated sense of her worth to anyone but herself. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen another person as obsessed with destroying someone as she is obsessed with President Trump. She appears to be unhappy, angry, and vindictive for some reason. She is exhibiting the same irrational behavior of many Democrats, so I would suggest that she go ahead and become one ASAP.

    • Lizzie has become the perfect picture of a five year old, standing in her front yard, hands on her hips, yelling “Oh, yeah?” at everyone who walks by.

  12. Most of you or maybe all are very much mistaken. Lize Cheney is a very good person & She also did a very
    good job working with the committee. Then the day the Committee told the U.S. all the bad stuff that was going on & what Trump did, etc. she did so well & most people could have never brought things like she found out.
    I would vote for Liz Cheney any day.

  13. I woudn’t worry about a transgender lookalike (you know, with the other guy) who has betrayed your party and has inexplicable hatred of Trump.

  14. Liz represents the problem with today’s elected officials. Once in office they stop representing and start personal opinion advocating. Statesmanship in our federal officials is dead!!!

  15. Why is Mrs Cheney even still or the committees, by her own words she is completely out of it, when it comes to Mr. Trump. As for not being a republican any more, she never was. Thank God and greyhound she’s gone.

  16. Cheney give it up. U are a has been and hated by all. U are a very unhappy lady with many many issues. U are consumed with hate. Go get yourself help.

  17. Is the TRUTH ur talking about Liz the TRUTH, WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH?
    Or democrat truth?
    Yours and this committee base their findings on democrat truth.
    THE “REAL”TRUTH HURTS liz just as the lies and deceit you and your democrats on this committee have made up and spewed as TRUTH.
    GO HOME Liz and maybe your WORTHLESS, IRRELEVANT daddy will take you hunting. Who knows he may miss this time…

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