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America’s Democrats Worried over Italy’s New Conservative Government

On Sunday, Italy made history by electing its first ever female Prime Minister. But instead of being thrilled, the mainstream media and Washington DC are worried. The reason? Because the new leader, Giorgia Meloni, is a solid conservative.

The victory of the conservative coalition of three right-wing parties was foreseen due to the pre-election popularity of Meloni and other conservative leaders; hence the globalist media had started showing its panic by labeling Meloni as “far-right,” “right-wing extremist” and even “fascist.”

The Biden administration is reportedly experiencing the same fear as its politically aligned media. Breitbart reported on Thursday how Biden’s aides are worried that Meloni can weaken the globalist coalition of European countries with the United States.

Giorgia Meloni has gone on record to criticize the Biden administration as weak in the wake of its disastrous and botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that put Islamic terrorists – the Taliban – in charge of the country. She has commented that this exhibition of weakness encouraged Russia’s military action against Ukraine and China’s aggressive threats over Taiwan.

To the unsuspecting observers, the Biden administration is selling the narrative that Meloni’s criticism of the globalist European Union may indicate her unwillingness to put Italy among the coalition that is committed to anti-Russia sanctions over the Ukraine invasion issue.

However, the concern of the leftist-globalist Biden administration runs deeper when it comes to solid conservative leadership in Europe. Such leadership defies the demands of the globalist coalition and sheds leftist agendas that aim at radically transforming societies by changing their demographics and their values.

Opposition to illegal immigration and refusal to allow teaching woke ideology as well as refusing to pay billions of dollars to the globalist web of liberals make a conservative country break free from modern-day globalist slavery. This worries the left like nothing else. The Christian conservative government of Hungary is the prime example of such anti-left policies in contemporary Europe.

The Biden administration’s own incompetence on the diplomatic front hasn’t gone unnoticed even in leftist media. On Tuesday, The Daily Beast pointed to the absence of a U.S. ambassador in Italy while the European country has been flipped red.

As part of its globalist propaganda, the publication called Italy’s new government “fascist” while questioning the Biden administration’s decision not to fill the post of U.S. ambassador in Rome.

Just days before the big conservative win in Italy, European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen issued a veiled threat to Italy and warned Italy’s coming government of the consequences if it broke from the Union’s globalist agenda. She said:

If things go in a difficult direction, I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland, we have tools.

Conservative leader Matteo Salvini, who is in coalition with Meloni in the new government, slammed Ursula von der Leyen for threatening Italy and said that his parliamentary group of the League will present a motion of censorship against von der Leyen.

Written by Ernest Dempsey

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