Biden’s 2024 Democratic Challenger Revealed?

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has said that he is not yet sure of whether he would make another bid for the White House.

During an interview with CBS Morning Sanders said that he had not yet decided as it was a big decision to make.

Sanders, an Independent, had his first presidential campaign as a Democrat in the 2016 general election. That year he lost the party nomination to Hillary Clinton. In the following election cycle, 2020, he suspended his campaign in favor of now- President Biden.

Currently, he has said that his priority is traveling across the country and helping young progressives get elected. When asked about whether he thought Biden would try for reelection, Sanders said that “that’s his decision.”

He has also responded to some of the claims and concerns being made regarding the age of elected officials, as Biden’s age appears to have become a big point of conversation, especially in regards to a possible 2024 bid. Recent polls have also shown that many believe there should be an age limit for politicians.

To this Sanders said that everyone is completely different, and you need to look at the individual. He said that instead of focusing on gender, race, or age we should focus on their views and whether we agree with them.

Finally, he said you always want to have people who are competent and have the energy, but you should also be looking into what they stand for.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. This is no news at all – just weekend click bait. Bernie is not going to run….and if he did the Democrats would not let him win – again. Do better.

  2. How about our Constitution Bernie. EVERYONE should be running on those values and ideas. Not the emotional BS because its IMPOSSIBLE to make everyone happy. We do NOT bend to the mentally Ill Bernie like you have a tendency to do. Children should BE LEFT ALONE AND NOT confused and SEXUALIZED..WTF is wrong with you guys????

  3. One is just as bad as the other , Sanders is a known believer in Socialism and Biden just tries to hide hide his communism

  4. Alll Voters who vote For The Democratic Socialistic Party
    are really Saying through their Votes is WE WANT A DICTATORSHIP
    WE want someone to tell us How to think/What to Think/and be told when to DIE!!!!
    Those who have the Film or can get it on YouTube Watch Solvent Green staring Charles Hesston.
    Kind of Gorry but it gets the point Across !!!!! that’s where we are headed Folks!!!

  5. There’s only one way Biden, Sanders, or even Hilary could win the 2024 election, which is to cheat, the same way Biden illegitimately won the 2020 election.

    I think Obama taught Biden how to cheat in an election and win. Obama cheated to win his second term in 2012 presidential election. Think about what was going on during that time. Obama lied and forced his unwanted Unaffordable Healthcare Act bill, which has failed to reduce costs because it was based on blatant lies. We are now having to subsidize Obama’s legacy bill with billions of dollars from the latest liberal fantasy bill and lie which isThe Inflation reduction bill, which really is The Green New Deal.

    Moreover, about Obama’s theft of his second term. How do you win a presidential election when democrats lost over 1034 political seats, which is more seats then either party has ever lost in U.S history? Obama was a failed president in his first term, so how did he win? He didn’t win, he stole it with the help of the Democratic Communist Party members, their propaganda fake news media outlets, and of course the Tech giants. Do these tactics sound familiar!!!

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