Poll Discovers Something Shocking About White Americans

A new poll from NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the HarvardT.H. Chan School of Public Health, shows that a majority of White Americans said that they faced discrimination.

For every racial group surveyed, the majority of people said that they believed their own racial group was often discriminated against. What is peculiar about whites though is that while 55 percent said that there was racial discrimination against their group, only 19 percent said that they had experienced it in their lives or while looking for jobs. Thirteen percent said that they had faced discrimination when seeking a promotion, and 11 percent when they were applying or going to college.

However, most white respondents, 84 percent, also said that discrimination exists against those of other racial minorities.

Both income and partisan politics seemed to play a role in whether whites perceived their group as being discriminated against. Lower- and moderate-income whites were more likely to have faced discrimination in their own lives and to say that discrimination existed. This is also the group of people who got the most fired up during the 2016 election cycle.

Jocelyn Kiley, an associate director at Pew Research Center, said that there has always been a partisan line and that Democrats were always more likely to talk about how racial discrimination is the reason blacks can’t get ahead.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. Just open your eyes white America! It’s called reverse discrimination, on our TV’s, newspapers, magazines. Try and get assistance if you are not of color you go to the back of the line. WAKE UP you can’t see if you don’t open your eyes.

    • There’s no such thing as reverse discrimination. There is only discrimination, and every time someone yells about racism, they are most likely discriminating against we paler skinned folk. It is only continuing because hateful racist Progressives are able to keep dividing US by our ethnicities, something that not one of US had or has any control over.

    • There is no longer a systemic bias against any socioeconomic subgroup in America. Therfore these pro minority incentives have surpassed their usefulness. What lies in the heart of any individual is between themselves and their own conscience. If you hate based on nothing more than appearance you should probably take a look at yourself and ask yourself why. We’ve all seen by now what comes from hatred and it never leads to a positive outcome. Discrimination is wrong no matter where it comes from and this incessant push for reverse Discrimination only serves to drive a wedge between people who likely have more in common with each other than the woke out of touch with reality fools who use this to maintain power. You can not unite a nation using divisive policies. When anything becomes one sided people tend to walk away from it. I watched the NBA go down this path and many just stopped watching. The same is happening with the NFL and it’s having similar results. Opportunity abounds for everyone in the United States so the time has come for these ridiculous policies to come to an end. Don’t be duped into buying the division driven by the left. Never carry the water for some rich out of touch woke moron because you gain nothing and they gain everything.

    • Because hateful Progressive continue to get away with dividing US as a nation by catering to the woes of others basing them on their ethnicities. Progressives keep convincing people of ethnicities other than Caucasian that they are not responsible for their lives, that we mean Whitey’s are somehow preventing them from succeeding in life. Forget that there are many person’s of color who are doing a lot better in life than many of US Whitey’s. Forget that discrimination has run rampant through government welfare programs such as Affirmative Action, the worst bit of racism since slavery.

  2. I have personally experienced racism and discrimination when I lived in New Mexico.
    I have to say it was one of the most racist places I’ve ever seen.
    Additionally, Over the years I have not been selected for several jobs that I was clearly the most qualified applicant because of me being white .

  3. There are people out there who have had a disagreement or fight with someone of a different racial group and then target some hatred or ill will toward that race as a whole. It’s Ironic that the Democrat Party was the Party that started the KKK and large numbers of their party were members. The Democrats USE RACISM as a Political Tool to try to buy the Black Vote. Again Ironically Black Democrat politicians have and still too often Do use Racism for political reasons but take advantage of the Black citizens and committing Fraud and stealing monies meant for Black citizens. Racists in any specific group is a really small percentage but they’re present in Every group.

  4. I retired from the Army, then worked at a national insurance company for 15 years. The company had a liberal leaning culture in many ways, but proclaimed promotions were based on demonstrated performance. My attitude in the business world was I was starting over. Yes, I had experience in many things, but I knew I had to prove myself on the job.
    Internal promotions were roughly 20 minorities for 1 white. If minority candidates in the company were totally unqualified, they recruited from outside or out of state.

  5. Government create racism as a tool for division to turn anger of abuse people not to source (which is government ) but to other groups of people.

  6. I worked for us problem till new administrator came to agency. He was over heard wanting whites injured ,dead, arrested, or fired. Three whites were there . I couldn’t get helper for machinery repair . Got seriously injured ,then the coverup started . That was in the mid 80s. Nothing has changed . Injuries are on film and CDs now . No longer can speak , n trying to get help . No help for whites is what I’ve seen !

  7. This reverse discrimination is the divisive handy work of the Democratic Communist Party members work towards making the U.S comply with their “New Liberal World Order”! This division is the radical lefts bread & butter in keeping Americans in a state of victim-hood, which the left utilize to stay in political power and control.

    Think about congress as an example of the lefts Democratic Party. Why does any of the members in congress, men and women of any color, allow and tolerate the “Black Caucus?!” Would this Blacks only membership allow whites, Asians, Hispanics…etc in as members??? I doubt they would. Isn’t that extremely racist and divisive! Are the non-black members of congress afraid to challenge this blatant discriminatory group with in congress. Isn’t this group’s existence against our constitution?!! Why is this accepted?

    • I agree with this totally! Just like Black Month? What would happen if there was a White Month? My daughter was discrimination when she was in the 8th grade. and this was 25 yrs ago. She was the top in her class clearly. But was not accepted for a medical intern. A non white person was chosen. This needs to stop.

  8. White conservatives are the whites who face discrimination. They’re accused of every one of society’s ill wills and automatically guilty of crimes.

  9. As long as Progressives can continue to confiscate tax dollars to pad their organizations, they will continue to rant about racism. The fact is that most racism is created by the very hateful people claiming everything is racist. White guilt should have died long ago for everyone but racist Democrats who fought against every issue designed to eliminate ethnic differences between American citizens. I sure as Hell can’t feel guilty about something my great-great granddaddy did to someone else’s great-great granddaddy. If reparations are required, they should be required from those who captured and sold Black Africans to Europeans. That’s right! Get reparation money from the great-great grand children of the Black African slavers who captured and sold other Black Africans.

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