Americans Say Who They Really Want In 2024

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are up for an important test in the upcoming midterm elections as recent polls show that Americans don’t want either of them to place another bid for the White House.

While Biden and Trump are not on the ballot in this election, many believe that the midterm elections will have a huge impact on the President’s agenda especially if Republicans are indeed able to flip the House of Representatives, the Senate, or even both.

Trump has played an active role in these elections as he has endorsed several GOP Senate candidates that are currently facing races in key battlegrounds. This is seen by many as a test of the stretch of the influence of the former President.

A poll from The Economist/YouGov conducted has shown that most Americans don’t want to see Biden or Trump running for the White House in 2024.

However, the results are different depending on whether the responders identified as Democrats or Republicans.

According to the poll, 55 percent of responders said that they did not want Biden to run again, 29 percent said they wanted him to run again and 18 percent remained neutral. Democrats were also divided as 37 percent said that he should run again, 31 percent said he shouldn’t and 32 percent said that they were unsure of whether he should.

In stark contrast, when Republicans were asked about Trump 55 percent said that they wanted him to run again, while 24 percent said they did not. The number of those unsure was around 20 percent.

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  1. Biden doesn’t even know where he is most of the time. I bet the dumbcrats that stole the election for Biden regret it now.
    Trump is the best President America has had in many years. A booming economy, energy independent, friendly with foreign leaders.

    • I do not want Biden to even run for dog catcher. I don’t want to see Trump run either. He did great things for the country, but it’s his mouth and ego that seem to turn me off. I wish he could just stick to the facts, not criticize everyone . Maybe that’s what turns people off like me. There must be a man who can do the same wonderful things that Trump accomplished without the BS. We have over 320 million people in this country, why can’t we find a gentlemen with the smarts to run this country, not run it into the ground like Biden has done. I am really afraid for this country under this administration. God Bless America and protect us from those who wish to destroy the great USA.

      • Pretty sad that you are so ignorant that you would be against someone who was the best for the country because of his ego etc. You are shallow, ignorant and clueless.
        Assume you were diagnosed with some terminal illness. There were 2 choices of Drs. One was the nicest, sweetest, smoothest of talkers, yet 90% of his patients died. The other Dr. was a complete obnoxious jerk, however 99% of his patients survived to live a completely normal life. Which one would you choose? According to your stupid response above you would choose to die because you wouldn’t want a jerk to heal your life. WOW you are so DUMB.

  2. It’s Hard To Imagine The Dem. Party Is Actually Stupid Enough To Beleave Their Current Policies Are Actually Going To Work? That What Their Doing Has A Positive Impact.? It’s All A Last Ditch Effort To Follow The Lead Of Failure.

  3. Anyone who studies the differences between Trump’s policies and Biden’s policies, and believes the Democrats are interested in the welfare of the country probably has an IQ of less than eighty. Either that or they are also being paid by the Communist Party in China. It is extremely difficult to understand why so many Democratic House and Senate members are intent on destroying the country that made them all multimillionaires. And I suppose the news media falls into that same category.

  4. Trump & Reagan were the best presidents in my lifetime (84 years). Trump has my support under one condition; “ that he put the 2020 election in the archive basket and STOP WHINING ABOUT IT”. Although sad it is history and cannot be undone. If he doesn’t I’ll vote against him in primaries. But would still vote for him in final if he wins primaries.

  5. Right now, I don’t even trust our voting precess. It’s so corrupt and our country is so corry. With sleepy Joe and idk what of a VP. Then, Congress is bunch of dum mules. They have destroyed our country, so bad. Can it return?
    Don’t want Biden/kola Harris anymore. I wish they already left. Trump is alright. Yet, a lots of people really hate him. Why? Because he speaks out? So will he get anything done?
    Then, can we really trust in the republicans any more?
    Get rid of the old ones, on both sides. Put the in the resting homes. Stop them destroying our country.

  6. Trump is the most narcissistic, low moral fiber, egotistical bully we have ever seen occupy the office. He lowered our esteem amongst the community of nations. His ego is beyond anything we have witnessed.I will vote Republican but not if he is the candidate. He had his chance and got crushed by7,000,000 votes.Vote for Pence.

  7. The socialist democrats fixed the last election and you can bet the farm they are planning for the next two elections.

  8. I’ve noticed a lot of people say they don’t like Trump because he’s brash and attack’s people. Umm, unless you’re not paying any attention the Nazicrat Socialist Party, their fake news, propaganda media outlets, and the Tech giants have been attacking and suing Trump and anyone who knows him since he stated he was going to run for President.

    President Trump not only has to fight back against the above mentioned idiots, he has to fight the azzwhole Rhinos in his own party. Here’s two big examples, Mitch McConnell and Lynsey Graham. These two senators have sabotaged and turned against their own constituents!

    President Trump is the ONLY non-politician that can fix what the anti-American Nazicrats have destroyed and expose the massive corruption in our government. In 2024 President Trump has my entire family’s votes. 100% MAGA….

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