Video: Jill Biden Pushes Joe Off Stage

Joe Biden is completely shot.

Joe and Jill Biden on Friday hosted a reception to celebrate the Jewish New Year.

Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff also attended the celebration in the East Room.

Biden delivered brief remarks before exiting stage left.

But he got lost and needed a nudge from Dr. Jill. 


Joe Biden had a tough week.

Biden mumbled through his remarks on Thursday and appeared to forget the name of his own FEMA Administrator.

After delivering remarks Joe Biden wandered away from the podium.

FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell attempted to redirect Joe Biden as he wandered away.

On Wednesday Joe Biden thought Rep. Jackie Walorski, who died in a car accident last month, was alive and at his conference on health and hunger.

Joe Biden asked, “Jackie are you here? Where’s Jackie?”

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is so bad that at least 6 different reporters asked Karine Jean-Pierre about Biden’s confusion over Walorski.

“These moments of confusion are happening with increasing frequency,” one reporter said this week.

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  1. His handlers are not that much better than he is. When he finishes at a podium, he always turns right and starts wandering. Duh! They could at least make sure the way off the stage is to the right or, as in this case, have Jill or another caretaker to be on his right to lead him away. Could perhaps even give him a treat. Always good to re-enforce a conditioned response.

  2. This is pitiful and his family just keeps pushing him around to keep him functioning, they should be ashamed to put him through all of this. I personally think that Jill loves the status of being 1st lady and is the one keeping him going, but this is elder abuse and they should be charged.

    • Amen Bud! Sad to see on a humanitarian aspect, but scary as hell to see our country going down the toilet due to those REALLY in charge!

  3. It’s always difficult to watch our senior elders start to slip mentally and physically and normally I would have to say that I would never have an I’ll word for any elder suffering from this, but Biden is definitely an exception!

    The entire Joe Biden crime family have been stealing from the American people for decades. Biden doesn’t just sell access to our White House and decision’s that pay him millions, it boarders an act of treason.

    Biden and family have been stealing from American taxpayers in every public office he’s held. Senator Biden, Vice President Biden, and now President Biden! Our criminally corrupt DOJ and FBI have evidence to easily indict Joe and members of his crime family, yet nothing is done?!

  4. It is my belief that Joe Biden is not qualified to be President of the United States because the man is not competent to serve. It is a disgrace to have a feeble old man shuffling on stage calling out for dead people. What is even worse is the Congress is so politicized, this elected body will not take steps to save the country from utter chaos. I don’t care who is sitting in the White House, Democrat or Republican, the President must be free from elements of control. He or she can be advised but they cannot be controlled because those people who are controlling are not elected by the people. This country has three branches of government with each supposedly serving as a check and balance on the other two branches. This country is being governed by an untold number of executive orders rather than Congressional legislation. And members of Congress know what is going on but still they put party before country. Will nobody rise from their chair to fight the dismemberment of the US government? Will no colleagues stand beside the handful of citizens risking their political future to save our country?

    • The problem is, keeping Joe as a sock puppet for his handlers might be a smidgeon better than who’s waiting to take over. Do you really want a President “Laughing Hyena” Harris with “Nutcase” Nancy being VP and a heartbeat away from being president? Let’s face it, the line of succession is such, that we’d have to go deep before we’d get a decent successor. The deck has been stacked against We The People and we don’t get a chance to shuffle or cut the deck.

  5. Hey AOL, where are the “approve” or “disapprove” signs at the end of the comments? I guess they were too truthful for AOL.

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