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Bloomberg Trying to Rig PA Election?

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg offered to pour millions of dollars into the Philadelphia election office to pay for poll workers and other election-related expenses during the 2020 election, new emails reveal.

The offer from Mr. Bloomberg, a news media and financial services mogul who ranks among the richest men in the world, was arranged through an intermediary — Stanford Law School Professor Nathaniel Persily, according to the emails. At the time, Mr. Persily was co-director of the Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project, which worked with local officials to help them carry out the 2020 elections amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. He asked Philadelphia officials to provide a list of funding they needed to carry out the election. 

In emails obtained by nonprofit research and news outlet Broad and Liberty, Philadelphia Deputy Commissioner Nick Custodio told Mr. Persily in an August 2020 email that the city could use an additional $3,074,900 from Mr. Bloomberg to run the upcoming presidential election. 

The money was requested after Philadelphia officials had already made a $10 million grant request, which it eventually received, from the Center for Tech and Civic Life. The CTCL was a repository for millions in funding from anonymous donors and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg aimed at helping facilitate the 2020 elections. The money was heavily distributed in Democratic strongholds.

The $10 million grant from CTCL nearly double Philadelphia’s election budget that year.

Original Article: Mike Bloomberg, billionaire Democrat, tried to fund Philly election workers in 2020 – Washington Times


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  1. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck now because of Biden’s disastrous policies like the other 60% of Americans, it’s your fault if you voted for him, and obviously you didn’t remember what the Obama years were like, democrats are just BAD at everything, so just suck it up buttercup and be smart next time and vote REPUBLICAN, REPUBLICANS almost always get it right.

    • I agree that the Dems are corrupt, but so are the republicans. They all feed from the same trough. They care about themselves and not us. You’d be pressed to find a handful of honest politicians. They all love money and power. Ethics are out and greed is in and that’s because to many Americans are greedy and lust for money. The people need to hold our elected officials accountable and that’s going to be hard to do because it’s been going on for so long. I live in MA., and the corruption is so thick you can cut it with a knife,

    • you are just about right David my friend, good written part and I am all for the part you wrote…Thank you my friend

  2. Nobody donates that amount of money without strings attached. Money is power and these rich duds are willing to donate as long as the Democrats are in control of our government, so they can continue racking in millions of dollars. You and I all know how our 2020 election turned out. Of course, there was nothing illegal took place, everything was handled fairly, and above board. Nothing to see here. Biden had such a large following, as everyone could tell, since when held his rallies, he had so many followers, he barely had enough follower’s to fill the 30 or less chairs they set up for them and even had when he held a rally and allowed the followers to remain in their cars, he almost filled a Dairy Queen parking lot. He even bragged on national TV after the election, that he had just pulled off the largest fraud election known in history. So now the Democrats are setting up their system to get their candidate voted into office again in 2024.

  3. The 2020 presidential election isn’t the only election that the Democratic Communist Party has stolen. Election investigations have revealed that thousands of mail in ballots were counted with no creases to allow them to be fitted into envelopes. Additionally thousands of ballots that were also consecutively counted only had Biden’s box checked and the rest of the items on the ballot were left blank. Even leaving out the Democrats complicit FBI suppressing the Hunter and Joe laptop evidence, selling Americans out. Tech and mainstream outlets fake news bias coverage needs no explanation!

    The 2018 election was also rigged, where the Nazicrats stole the two key senate seats giving them control of the senate. This occurred by voter tampering mainly by ballot mailbox stuffing.

    What most Americans do not realize is that Obama’s second term election in 2012 was a stolen election. Think about what was happening at that time. Slowest economic recovery in U.S history. Obama dividing the country with racism an cop hating rhetoric. Obama’s lies to pass his Unaffordable Healthcare Act. Keep your insurance and doctor, yeah right. We are now subsidizing Obamacare in the Nazicrats last bill, Inflation Reduction Act, aka Green New Disaster Act!

    Moreover, in 2010 after Obama and Nazicrats forced Their unwanted unaffordable healthcare bill, the Democrats lost over 1,034 political seats in elections which has never happened to either party in American history. Obama did a Biden move in Iraq, by pulling out and leaving billions of dollars worth of military weapons and equipment to the terrorists. Also can’t forget Benghazi deaths, ATF failed operation sending thousands of un-accounted assault weapons to Mexico, IRS illegally going after conservative charities, AG Holder, Obama’s wingman spying on news reporters who say things Obama doesn’t like. Obama was a failed president, so how did Obama, who caused the historic amount of losses to his party, win re-election??!!

    • The Only Way True Justice And American Leadership Can Prevail Is By Showing We Are A Land Of Constitutional Law And No Dip Shit Is Above It. Take Clinton And Obama And Place A Bullet Between Their Eyes By Firing Squad For Treason. Televise It! Look At The Camera And Say ” Next” ? Watch How Fast Bullshit Stops.



    • Unfortunately, we have fence sitters, and outright turncoats with McConnell, and Cheney, can’t leave out the Bushes. All elections matter, right down to the central committee members, they vet the candidates. Be vigilant and get involved. And the next time they want to stop counting votes and close down, surround the place, call the police, make them sweat, force them to do things according to the law.

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