DeSantis Shuts Down CNN’s Lies

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has criticized the CNN reporters who asked him why there was no mandatory evacuation for Lee County before the day that Hurricane Ian hit. The question came from CNN correspondent Nadia Romero who spoke with DeSantis on Sunday.

Hurricane Ian hit Florida on Wednesday and since then many reporters have criticized Lee County’s decision to not have a mandatory evacuation order issued until Tuesday.

Romero asked DeSantis that exact question, “Why do you stand behind Lee County’s decision to not have that mandatory evacuation until the day before the storm?”

To this DeSantis replied by asking where the media industry was when the Hurricane hit, adding that they were in Tampa and not in Lee County.

DeSantis also explained that all of the reports had not shown Lee County as somewhere where the storm would hit. Instead, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Sanibel Island were all shown on the maps of where Hurricane Ian will hit.

He also added that because a lot of attention was paid to Tampa many might have believed that they would not be facing the worst of the evacuation. As a result, many had to decide on whether or not they would be evacuated within the last 48 hours.

DeSantis also added that they were prepared for this possibility the entire time and made the announcement when it “was justifiable to do so.”

Romero however said that counties neighboring Lee County had issued the mandatory evacuation orders much earlier.

However, DeSantis said that they had most supplies stationed in the Tampa Bay area and then shifted their response as fast as possible accordingly.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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