Obama Still Bitter Over 2016 Election

In his final days of office, former President Obama privately told a group of reporters that the country would be “okay” if former President Trump served one term, but eight years “would be a problem.” 

The country could “bail fast enough to be okay,” Obama was heard saying, concerned about the breakdown of democratic norms over a “sustained period.” 

“I think four years is OK,” Obama said, adding “take on some water, but we can kind of bail fast enough to be OK. Eight years would be a problem. I would be concerned about a sustained period in which some of these norms have broken down and started to corrode.”

On Jan. 17, 2021, Obama gave an off-the-record interview to reporters discussing several different topics, warning that Trump wouldn’t hold up what Democrats have already “accomplished” such as the Affordable Care Act and his administration’s climate policies.

The former president also told the reporters that they would need to really “focus” when it came to reporting about Trump and that the media was not credible to the public. 

“I think if you’re jumping after every insult or terrible thing or a bit of rudeness that he’s doing and just chasing that, I think there’s a little bit of a three-card Monte there that you have to be careful about… I think you have to focus on a couple of things that are important and just stay on them and drive them home,” Obama said.

Obama claimed that Trump if given the chance, would “tear our democracy down.” 

According to Vanity Fair, Obama used profane language to describe Trump, calling him things such as a “racist, sexist pig” and a “madman.” 

Additionally, Obama claimed that Republicans were showing a “no shame” attitude, which Democrats did not have.

“I mean, if any of the things that came up here had happened in my administration, the number of Democrats who would have gone south on me and saying, ‘Well, we think this is a problem,’ it would have happened pretty quick,” Obama told the reporters. 

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    • he isn’t that good. He is a bonafide racist Commie.married to a Shim [why she/he wouldn’t run for President because he/she would be outed .

  1. Only Obama, and his husband “Big Mike” think the world owes him anything but airfare back to Kenya

  2. He needs to hang up his hat @ shit is mouth! He is just afraid that the Duran report will go back as far as him & show his corruption! One of our worst presidents is him, he only lined his pockets

  3. He is one delusional person. If anything is going to tear this country apart, he started it and the clown Biden is finishing it. We can’t have anymore democrats in charge otherwise this country is history.

  4. If Obama had just been as candid about his VP, Biden, we would have had a chance to head off the disaster we are involved in today. President Trump was a breath of fresh air compared to Biden. I am surprised that Obama would have brought up his Affordable Care Act since is was a total disaster and was not affordable, it cost us a lot more than what we were already paying for insurance and we lost our doctors and coverage, he claimed we could keep. He did not care what it cost the working citizens, as he was able to keep his government insurance for life which cost him nothing.

  5. Most of us lost retirement nearly half of our savings, when Biden whom is controlled by Barrack Obama decided to force climate upon us. After the first act of treason of open borders, causing an invasion, and the deaths of probably a quarter million youthful Americans from on purpose negligence at the borders. Cartels use migrants to carry in fentanyl to laced street drugs. Energy independent gone, and dependence on oil from foreign enemies. Massive inflation from leftest laws forced upon us. We are near nuclear war due to incompetence of the puppeteers pulling Biden’s strings. The nation is near total destruction, while 98% of all the media news lies to us 24/7 to protect the corrupt administration.

    • soetoro (aka obama) was never President in the first place, being a foreign national who had no right to be put on the ballot, plus the fact that he is a baby murdering communist who has nothing but hatred for our Constitution and our country. So, who cares what that creep thinks? He has nothing to say to us patriots.
      He should go home to Kenya, where The Mooch let slip that it is his “home country.”

  6. The Dems and Libs have spent incredible effort, time and money to create this strawman of Trump being insnare and evil, but he succeeded in every presidential task he promised, making them look like complete fools. And after they spent so much effort in that, they actually have the gall to say that Trump “divided America”, when every racist attempt to pit every group against every other has been the Democrat strategy for decades. Evil or crazy, their true colors are becoming more obvious every day.

  7. Obama is a worthless piece of S-ht. Bitter over what that Trump beat the crap out Hillary dip S-ht Clinton.Obama go back to your Mother Vineyard and go to the basement with Biden and stay there we don’t need you.

  8. O’dumbdumb looted the country for 8 yrs, he is getting his cut now that he is out of office. no way he has sold $120 million in books, he is one of the most corrupt people ever to serve as President. Faux Biden being the most corrupt with the Klintons comming in a close third.

  9. Here’s Obama, a completely failed president, giving advice on how Trump can’t react to every time he’s attacked. That’s easy to say when his complicit fake news media outlets protected everything he said and did.

    Obama acts as though his unwanted Unaffordable Healthcare Act is working! We are now subsidizing with billions of dollars from the lying Democrats Inflation Reduction Bill…..aka… The Green New Disaster Bill!

    When are the Democratic Communist Party members going to understand that the American people do not want to transition into a socialist country. When Obama tried to force communism, the American people voted for President Trump to transform the U.S back to a free capitalist country, where the government stays out of every decision in your life!!!

  10. Obama is a lowlife racists..yes YOU OBAMA.. you didnot do anything the 8 years you played in the whitehouse except divide the united states against each other with the race card you played while YOU TRIED TO DEFUND THE MILITARY FOR YOUR MUSLIM CROONIES YOU WERE SNEAKING IN THROUGH THE NIGHT..YOU OBAMA ARENOT AN AMERICAN.. YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN IN THE WHITEHOUSE AT ALL..

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