Trump Takes Raid Case To Supreme Court

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team has now requested that Justice Clarence Thomas, who has jurisdiction over the 11th Circuit, vacate the stay by the court that permitted the Department of Justice to continue investigating and reviewing the documents seized from his Mar-a-Lago estate during the FBI raid.

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon issued an injunction against the DOJ over the use of the over 100 classified documents seized for investigative purposes.

The 11th Circuit overturned Cannon’s order and stopped court-appointed Special Master Raymond Dearie from having to review all of those documents. Dearie’s review is now set to only focus on the non-classified documents seized.

Trump’s legal team is now asking that the Supreme Court intervenes.

In the filing, they state, “The unprecedented circumstances presented by this case—an investigation of the Forty-Fifth President of the United States by the administration of his political rival and successor—compelled the District Court to acknowledge the significant need for enhanced vigilance and to order the appointment of a Special Master to ensure fairness, transparency, and maintenance of the public trust.”

“That appointment order is simply not appealable on an interlocutory basis and was never before the Eleventh Circuit. Nonetheless, the Eleventh Circuit granted a stay of the Special Master Order, effectively compromising the integrity of the well-established policy against piecemeal appellate review and ignoring the District Court’s broad discretion without justification.”

The Justice Department has refused to comment on Trump’s appeal to the Supreme Court.
Last week though they said that they were working on an appeal to Cannon’s decision to appoint a special master as it leaves them unable to investigate and review documents that might be evidence of a crime.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. The ‘big guy’ Biden administration; Cackles Kamala, Crooked Nancy, Shifty Schiff, and Chuck-up Schumer, etc. are all DISHONEST CROOKS who are bastardizing how our government should work… the DOJ, the FBI and other groups should not be politicized… and if wrongdoing is suspected, by politicians on either or both sides of the aisle, there should be equal, transparent, investigations. Re Hunter Biden, Mitch McConnell’s wife, the Clinton Foundation, etc. should all be investigated for their dealings with Communist China, Russia and the Ukraise. Our Rep and Dem parties are worthless today… no one knows what they stand for any more… except to help collect bribes from big donors and attempt to maintain the status quo. Am not sure what the answer is… but all of this, plus open borders, limiting our gas supply, etc. all need to be reversed. Are you better off now than you were under DJT and before this Witless Wonder stormed the White House??? Vote with your BRAINS and your WALLETS. What a crock this country has become!!!

  2. I thought criminal corruption was bad during Obama’s time in office, with that anti-American racist azzwhole weaponizing our federal law enforcement officials. I guess old Joe took a page right out of Obama’s playbook on how to utilize the DOJ and the FBI to go after your opposition party members. The Biden administration and the Democratic Communist Party is the most criminally corrupt party I’ve seen in my life time!!

      • Andre, you stand in a very long line of uninformed and misinformed anti-American, liberal Democrats.

        The main problem(s) with the Republican Party members are the Rhino’s who help progressives, Mitch Mc Connell, Lynsey Graham), and the majority of Republican’s who have no spine and do not fight the Democrats, who are trying to destroy the American dream!

  3. We must Put God back in America. Look at the direction that America is going in since We as a Nation have taken God out of every thing . The Socialest DemocRats hate America and are doing every thing, even if it is illegal to bring down America as we know it . Our four fathers would be so ashamed of what we have done with the America that they gave Us 🤪

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