Trump Takes Shot At Governor DeSantis

Former President Donald Trump recently said that it was his endorsement that allowed Ron DeSantis to be voted governor in 2018. He also claimed that he “made” DeSantis a Republican celebrity. This is all according to an interview recorded by New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who is the author of the new book Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America.

Trump also told the Reporter that then- Rep. DeSantis was not going to win the election as people did not think of him or associate him with the term “governor”. The clip of Trump stating all of this has been shared with CNN.

Trump told Haberman that sometimes you might not be able to see that someone will be governor. Trump recalled saying that DeSantis was at 3% and that there was no way he could win. To this DeSantis has said that if Trump endorsed him then he could.

Trump endorsed DeSantis in the GOP primary in December 2017. DeSantis then beat the Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum by 0.4 percentage points.

Trump has always taken take for DeSantis’s win. In June he told Newsmax that he was the one responsible for making DeSantis governor. However, the increased reputation of DeSantis in the GOP has now made Trump worried as many see him as a possible nominee in the 2024 presidential election.
DeSantis is now a constant point of discussion for Trump and his aides.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. Although I like and support Tromp in 2024, DeSantas would be a much better nominee! If he runs, he will have my support!

    • Desantis signed the red flag gun law. He has not addressed human trafficking in Florida & the 2020 election. Its proven over a million votes were stolen in Florida. Why ? He is not who people think he is.

  2. Absolutely correct! DeSantis may not want to admit it, but President Trump did help him greatly.

    I was very disappointed when DeSantis did not stand up for Trump in 2020 when it was so obvious that the election was rigged.

  3. Trump for president and De Santas for VP should be GOP Dream for restoring America. Trump for 4 and De Santas for the next eight. They are both leaders

  4. I really like Ron De Santis and think he would be a very good President, AFTER President Trump gets his next term. I do agree that without Trump’s endorsement, De Santis appeared to have no chance of becoming governor. They are actually a whole lot alike, except that Trump has more experience and a lot more money and contacts. I doubt that De Santis ignores what Trump has done for him and , as I have heard them both say, they are close and support each other. De Santis has even said that he would not run if President Trump does, so, I don’t think there is a problem between them. I think De Santis still has some things to learn from President Trump. Trump 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. DeSantis is Florida’s Governor because of Trump’s endorsement! This is a fact! Ron is “NOT” a shrewd business man and does not have the knowledge or skills to bring this nation back from a rigged election hell. I speak the truth’s! These two should just stop the B.S. because the Dem’s want these two fighting! FACT!

  6. My main problem with Trump is the limitation of only one more term. The country really needs someone good enough to serve to consecutive terms.
    I seriously question whether we’ll make it to 2024 with the current A$$hole in charge and a duplicitous Congress, because unless we break the Democrat hold on Congress (both houses), we won’t survive two more years. This country’s already on the brink of Civil War. We’re as divided in Ideology now, if not more so, than we were in 1860. Compromise is no longer on the table with the Left.

  7. I hope someone reads this.I want President Trump to win the 2024 election, but I also want DeSantis around in 2028 to take over for President Trump. Both men are the most intelligent political-minded men we have been fortunate to have around. Our country would be the best in the world. I only hope THE GOOD LORD will let my children and grandchildren see the day when things are right with the world. Let me say this to all: GOD BLESS EVERYONE.

  8. You all are a bunch of whack jobs if you think tramp is any kind of leader. He is dumb as a box of rocks and crooked af, not to mention a cheater and a liar. EVERY JUDGE and court, even the ones HE appointed, have said it was all done legitimately. Like tramp, you have trouble with facts. Bless your poor little lost souls 🤪

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