Biden Says What On Hot Mic?

President Biden went to Florida to survey the damage in the area caused by Hurricane Ian. During his visit, he was caught in an explicit hot mic conversation.

When talking with Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy, Biden was heard on the mic saying “No one f—- with a Biden.”

The mayor joked along and said, “Yeah, you’re go—– right.”

Biden along with his wife, the first lady, Jill Biden visited Fisherman’s Wharf in Fort Myers to look at the damage and the destruction of houses and businesses wrought by Hurricane Ian.

Biden in his brief comments said that currently they only had one job and that was to help Florida fully recover, and to help along with the efforts of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and first responders. He added that they went down to Florida to reiterate that the administration was thinking of the people and would be there until everything was restored.

Biden extended federal emergency relief by 30 days, this would mean that assistance packages are available for 60 days, allowing for Florida to rebuild what was damaged during the hurricane.

Gov. DeSantis, who has often criticized Biden, this time praised the cooperation that the government has exhibited on all levels. He said that what this has shown is that in the response they went straight from the local to the state government to the president.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. This needs to be broadcast on EVERY Florida news Station, and then taken nationwide.
    This man who holds presidential title is a CRIMINAL as has been show by his interactions in Ukraine, China and Russia. There is MORE than enough HARD evidence that his son should already be in prison for at least 50 years, and he should have been arrested before the election as well.
    Eventually, the PEOPLE will listen to the words of the FOUNDING FATHERS. When that happens heaven help all these criminals.

    • AMEN! The evidence is staring these corrupt scumbag DOJ/FBI leaders in their faces and they ignore it, shove it under the rug! Biden should have been jailed when he blackmailed the Ukraine government on world-wide TV, telling them, “that if they didn’t FIRE the man investigating his son, they wouldn’t get the billion dollar loan!” ON TV Biden stated, “I’ll be an SOB, they FIRED that guy!” This was pure corruption from Biden as the VP for our nations first “NON-AMERICAN” anti-American SOB to ever get into our White House!

      We ALL know the 2020 election was 100% stolen from President Trump and everyone involved in that action is responsible for the condition of our country today! We need JUSTICE to be served, PERIOD!!!

  2. I’m praying the ILLEGAL scumbag Biden and the scum he’s put in-charge of the corrupt DOJ/FBI all finally receive JUSTICE! Everyone of these SOCIALIST scumbags has ignored their Oath of Office! They are working to destroy our Constitutional laws! I served our nation for 40 years! The actions of these SOCIALIST scum tells me they should ALL be labelled as “TRAITORS” against the United States and the American people!

    We need for JUSTICE t be served on these SOBs! The sooner the better! The evidence is staring the country in the face but the scum refuse to allow the American people to see this evidence! Biden should have been removed from any government position, when the SOB, on world-wide TV blackmailed the Ukraine government, telling them they wouldn’t get the “billion dollars” unless they fired the man investigating his doper son! ANYONE else would already be in jail!

  3. Oh ya Biden everybody F’s with you. Just look at what the Ukraine is doing. Robbing us blind with no county to go back to, and still you are pouring money hand over fist into Zelenski’s pocket. What has he got on you and your creepy son, Biden? I guess a lot for this to be happening.

  4. The mammoth proportions of criminal corruption of the Democratic Communist Party politicians varies from insider stock trades to election fraud/theft to socialist/communist policies to increase their power and control of the American people.

    Here are just a few of the Democrats policies that they believe are successful to “Transform” the U.S into a globalist country, which they call, The Liberal New World Order!”

    – Biden is trying to copy China’s way of banking, where the government can stop you from accessing your account anytime they want.

    – Dem’s are currently trying to push a bill to allow non-American citizens to vote in local elections, which we know where that’s heading.

    – Dem’s full attack on local and state police to defund them in effort to have ALL police be federalized and controlled by politicians in Washington D.C .

    – Biden is currently pushing an assault weapons ban to remove rifles, (for now), from law abiding citizens, while crime is at a 40yr high and police are retiring and quitting in record numbers!

    If These aren’t bad enough, not to mention what O’Biden and Democrats have done to destroy our country already. Here’s just some of the destruction: 4-million illegals and drugs pouring into our country; Won’t reverse border policies and hire 18,000 BP agents but will hire 87,000 IRS agents to investigate you; No bail and treat suspects as victims and cops as criminals; Inflation due to stupidity; Transportation inflation due to war on gas/oil; Afghanistan pull troops out before civilians =disaster, additional leaving 87 billion dollars in military weapons and equipment=stupid.

    There’s many, many more but you have eyes, ears and a working brain if you’re a reasonable rational American!

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