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First Lady of Rock Wants $900k Refund From BLM

Sharon Osbourne said she wants the £800k ($900k) she donated to Black Lives Matter back following Kanye West’s controversial comments on the movement.

Sharon Osbourne, 69, was stopped while walking in Beverly Hills, California, and pressed to share her opinions on the backlash surrounding Kanye West after he presented White Lives Matter t-shirts at Paris Fashion Week.

The rapper has been widely criticised as the phrase Black Lives Matter was adopted to oppose racism and police brutality following the death of George Floyd.

Among his critics was Vogue editor, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, who said his t-shirts were “hugely irresponsible”.

As the furor continues, Sharon told reporters that she “doesn’t understand” the point Kanye was trying to make, but doesn’t think he deserves to be cancelled.

She said in a clip obtained by TMZ: “I don’t understand why white lives don’t matter. It’s not my thing, it’s not my culture, I don’t understand any of it… everybody matters, don’t they?”

Black Lives Matter movement is a “scam”, a comment he made via his Instagram Story this week.

Sharon then exclaimed: “Oh, well, we gave $900k to that and, um, I’d like my money back please. I wish he could have said that before!”

Then, when she was asked whether Kanye should be cancelled, Sharon instead said: “You can’t stop people from living their lives and doing what they do.  

“Don’t go to his social media, don’t listen to his music, leave the guy alone. Let him do what he does and if you don’t like him, leave him alone.”

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    • What is the infatuation with Sharon Osborne about anyway? Her actual claim to fame is her marriage to an obviously troubled ex musician. The fact that she gave nearly a million dollars away to an organization she knew nothing about is enough to question her common sense. She needs to accept her own mistake and understand what virtue signaling is really all about. A very expensive lesson in human behavior and the fact that she has that much expendable income only shows how out of touch with the realities that most of us face she actually is. Just love it when a rich liberal gets shook down by the people and movement they once blindly supported. Also not the least bit concerned about Kanye and his fight with elitist liberals. He was among their ranks and married to them so if he chooses to pick that fight let him. Not like it’s going to affect his billions. If you want to make a statement that statement should read “Life Matters”! Full stop

  1. I agree with Sharon Osbourne leave him alone if you don’t like them that’s fine who cares nobody says you have to listen to him or watch them all lives matter doesn’t matter what color or nationality

  2. It is a shame that all these people fell for this BLM scam, many my intelligent friends knew that especially when now, we see the leaders of MLM rich beyond rich and not one cent went to help a black life in the ghetto’s, better schooling etc etc etc. But these leaders have nice homes now. Wish you luck Sharon lol

  3. I think BLM should refund all of their donations. But, realistically, this is not going to happen. Hopefully, corporations, small businesses, celebrities and the average working stiffs have wised up and will not give another penny to this fraud cause. People should be going to jail.

    • Actually, there are MANY BLM leaders across the country who are now facing charges regarding the mis-direction of non-profit funds. A LOT went to personal homes etc….millions in fact.
      This was a “me too” scam from the moment it started. It was never about equality and fairness, it was about degrading everyone else and creating income…and frankly being able to have RIOTS destroying billions in private properties.
      Anyone at all who is involved should be ashamed. If they gave $1 they deserve to have lost it. If they were so ignorant as to give almost a million, then they are just plain STUPID.

  4. The problem I have is when History is taught right in School it makes the Media the Systemic Guilty Marketing Tool of Free Speech Sin. Slavery has always caused every race problems. History Taught through Socialist Education hurts all and the victims usually are marketed for Politicians unless you go back to the Example of Rome where the Slaves rose up against Politicians Liberals and Conservatives all used Slavery as normality with many turned slaves from Country conquering other Countries! Then came Great Britain’s new marketing system where African Kings/Tribal Leaders bargained with their people as currency to send them to Build America etc. Now after a century plus what was supposed to be stopped was marked and still marketed by Politicians who use the Blood Money from Lobbyist and enrich themselves by keeping Minorites down while the Media hides the truth why Racism isn’t stopped but isn’t as bad as Democrat’s market it. The Cure is Education and when Politicians fail they use Racism for Votes. This is only Possible by Corrupt Now Wealthy Career Politicians using the Simple Formula. Once elected these Politicians feed their Greed and Power easily. Examples are everywhere, like Famous Congressman Cummins where Baltimore for Decades would get all this Money (HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS) but he had to make sure that the whole Education System always Failed his Voters and used the Racist Marketing Democratic Premeditated Formula find a way to make sure all that money goes to his Lobbyist as they could get him his cut through hidden Perks while always making sure the money looked like it was for Education but didn’t as the Goal is when Keeping Voters from ever Learning because if they did then these same voters would know and spread the word of why these Career Politicians used all this Money$$$ for their use and then have the same sin of Racism to always fall back on because uneducated people/voters never had a chance to advance. The proof is nationwide and Worldwide Countries with far less always gain in education with far less $$$. A prime example is Chicago where one Senator always promised to help Educate as it was the key. They should audit the reason why his Presidential Library should be in Martha’s Vineyard because look at all the Great Work he did in Chicago and then spread this diseased Formula throughout the whole Country. So now you know that no matter how much money you throw at these liberal politicians that until it is used for children to learn the truth then there won’t be so many Lobbyists living off enriching Politicians! Media knows it and who are their best Partners for ratings which equal $$$?

  5. The Blm movement( 50 million of us worldwide) is NOT the organization and is NOT The founders.
    Of course all lives matter, but not until Black Lives Matter.
    We wouldn’t need BLm If black lives DIDNT matter for 400 years in the USA.
    Blm is not a scam.
    Kanye is bipolar; too nuts for the Kardashians ( which is saying a lot).
    Sharon is not the First Lady of Rock. She is a minor reality tv personality.

    • William, Black Lies Matter was based on total lies about police brutality. Every protest/riot they caused was based on false propaganda information by the Democratic Communist Parties mainstream fake news media. The claims about George Floyd’s case are ALL lies. Read Candice Owens book regarding this case and it will help you understand that you’ve been lied too.

      The Ferguson incident about Michael Brown was also ALL lies. The list goes on. You’re being fed false Information, BLM was founded by leftist Marxist white radicals who are using people by threats of force and violence. They’re the real racist domestic terrorists!!

  6. If anyone doesn’t agree with Kanye & Sharon, they can obtain the truth by demanding Shawn King’s true “net worth “ before and Geo Floyd’s demise and as of Dec 31,2021.
    Didn’t one of King’s co-conspirators get caught buying three home?

  7. Sharon, a simple fix, have your Attorneys place a $900k lien on all the properties the BLM Criminal bought in the LA area!

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