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Female Governor Allegedly Grabbed Mans Crotch

Mark Ronchetti, who is running for Governor of New Mexico against incumbent Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham, is taking the gloves off. He dropped an ad hitting Grisham for an alleged act of sexual assault against a staffer.

According to James Hallinan, Grisham spilled water on his crouch, grabbed his genitals, and then mocked him. He eventually filed a lawsuit where he was paid $150,000 in a settlement.

This is actually not a new story, but you probably didn’t hear about it at the time because the mainstream media are abject trash. Here are the details per The Daily Mail from back in October of 2021.

Democratic New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has paid $150,000 to settle a sexual harassment claim from a former campaign spokesman, new documents reveal.

James Hallinan has alleged that, while running for governor, Lujan Grisham poured a bottle of water on his crotch during a meeting before grabbing his crotch and laughing.

Lujan Grisham denies any sexual harassment, and also denies that Hallinan struggled to find a job after leaving her campaign, as he claims.

Hilariously, Grisham tried to claim that she paid the settlement in order to avoid distractions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, Democrats are so shameless they’ll even blame the coronavirus for paying out for sexual assault allegations.

Ronchetti, who trails Grisham by 6.7 percent in the RealClearPolitics average of polls, has run surprisingly close in a blue state that has had a Republican governor in the recent past. Now, he’s “going there” with a brutal ad exposing his Democrat opponent.

I’d say that’s pretty damning, and certainly, if Grisham were a Republican, that story would have led the news for a week when it dropped late last year. Ironically, Grisham once said that Andrew Cuomo’s accusers should be believed even as she has vehemently denied the accusation against her. All of this is fair game as the campaign season heats up and the mid-term elections approach.

The double standard here can’t be ignored. When it comes to Grisham, the national media almost completely blacked her story out initially and have not brought it up in her re-election bid. When it comes to Herschel Walker, there’s a feeding frenzy over allegations against him, with the press all but pronouncing his campaign dead.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but sexual assault is wrong. It should be considered wrong for everyone regardless of their political party and gender. Grisham has skated to this point, relying on a built-in bias to cover up her scandal. In fact, I’d bet the vast majority of New Mexicans don’t even know about the allegation that she shelled out big money to settle, and Ronchetti is making the right move to throw this stuff out there for the voters to see. This is no time to hold back in any race. Get in the mud and start slinging.

Original Article: Democrat Governor Accused of Sexual Assault, Her Opponent Drops Brutal Ad – RedState


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  1. Conservative press, why do you give the choice between Biden and DeSantis? Have you already written off President Trump? If so, I will be writing you off. I really like DeSantis, but Trump is by far the toughest, most effective republican. Unfortunately, republicans for the most part are not united, and not tough, they are big on running their mouths but taking no action. Lindsay Graham is one who springs to mind, but there are so many!
    Dream ticket would be Trump/DeSantis, with 12 years of prosperity and crime reduction.

        • David, you sound like the average left wing liberal Nazicrat that is 100% uninformed and misinformed, plus, just plain ignorant. Which party is trying to control every part of the American peoples lives. Sure isn’t Republicans. Your Democratic Communist Party are proven fascists. Just look at Obama and Biden’s terms in office. Both are completely failed presidents who tried to destroy our country.

        • The only fascists in the USA Today are the DEMOCRATS, BLM and other special interest socialist agenda groups.
          If you do not understand why I say this, then you need to go read about pre-wwII Germany, and the third Reich, how it came to power, how it used propaganda and how it fomented riots (think about recent BLM riots that caused BILLIONS in damage) and was all organized BY the REGIME.
          You can then study ITALY in the same era….and later Russia…
          It is OBV IOUS that you have no idea what fascism is

  2. Incumbent Governor of New Mexico Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham spilled water on James Hallinan’s crouch, grabbed his genitals, and then mocked him. He eventually filed a lawsuit where he was paid $150,000 by her in settlement. After the settlement Grisham stated she couldn’t understand what the issue was… She was Identifying as a man at the time and this could not be sexual harassment, because guys do that sort of thingy all the time… Right?

  3. This story about Grisham is frivolous; Men and women both lie. Bipartisanship!
    Get back to real news and make America Truly great again!

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