Kari Lake’s Opponent Masterminded ‘Slave Day’

Democrat candidate for Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs was on a student council that allegedly helped organize her high school’s “slave day” spirit week event, which featured freshman “slaves” submitting to senior “masters,” the Daily Mail first reported Monday.

A 1987 Seton Catholic Preparatory School yearbook confirmed by the Daily Caller appears to credit Hobbs, Arizona’s Secretary of State, as a student leader who “coordinated the many class events during Spirit Week,” although the extent of her participation in the “slave day” activities is unclear.

The photo is part of a larger collection of yearbook photos showing “slaves” in a certain grade wear “unbecoming hairdoes and unbecoming outfits, sporting embarrassing signs and performing embarrassing acts of servitude for senior masters for a day.”

The images show one girl wearing black face with a caption of a student who “just loves slave day” and one student leading another by a leash. Students were sold off in “auctions” for a couple dollars each person. At one point, the class yearbook refers to students “paying for cruelties rendered” which are “too painful to mention” during an event called “Senior Slave Day” during freshman initiation week.

Hobbs is leading Trump-endorsed candidate Kari Lake by 0.4 points as of this writing, according to FiveThirtyEight.

Neither the Hobbs campaign nor Seton Catholic responded to the Daily Caller’s request for comment by the time of publishing.

Original Article: REPORT: Dem Candidate Coordinated High School ‘Slave Day,’ Where Students Performed ‘Embarrassing Acts Of Servitude’ | The Daily Caller


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  1. “Slave Day”? THIS…..absolutely gives me chills!!
    There is NO WAY that this should be happening, anywhere in America!!

  2. With so many other, far worthier issues upon which to attack Hobbs, why bother with this? It was just a bit of good-natured high-school silliness that is now being taken out of context and used to attack a political candidate.
    “Slave Days” and “Slave Weeks” were quite common in numerous high schools across America before America lost its sense of humor due to this self-serving Deep-State philosophy of “wokeness”, and I, for one, look forward joyfully to such activities’ returns.

    • Perry, I get what you’re saying about the slave day thing being common and I remembered something to that effect back in high school too.

      Unfortunately the Conservative party has to fight back the same dirty way the Democratic Communist Party, woke, does. Fight fire with fire, as they say. I also agree that there’s plenty of horrible policies she’s voted in lock step with Biden and his communist party members.

    • So very true!
      She went to a Catholic high school.
      That means THE POPE himself approved of it!!!!!!

      Everyone, GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • George, I’ve actually seen pictures with her in it, depicting students in chains. I believe they were high school yearbook pictures. So there’s actual proof the event occurred, however I don’t believe that it proves or disproves she’s a racist solely based on school slave day.

      That’s about as dumb as democrats who asked Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh if he’s a drunk now because he enjoyed beer in college.

  3. Although I can’t judge her for things in the distant past as I was not there, But I can judge her for things she’s done recently.She was in charge of the very questionable 2020 election, obstructed those wanting to look into it, was found to have broken election laws but never charged. She also tried to change voting rules for the 2022 primary, but stopped by a lawsuit.The 2020 primary election’s had problem’s with vote counting also.She hasn’t resigned her position running the midterm election’s where she’s running for Governor which to me is a big conflict of interest. Lastly she won’t debate her opponent and run’s and hides when asked question’s. Poor qualities in a candidate. She won’t be getting my vote.

    • Apparently TRM. 35 years ago is a very relevant time for most Democrats. Why would they keep talking about ancient history and misdeeds committed by kids if it weren’t ????

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