Liberals Slap DeSantis With Lawsuit

The Florida Center for Government Accountability has filed a lawsuit that is trying to pressure Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ office to release the public records relating to the transportation of two planes of immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

DeSantis on September 14 moved around 50 mostly-Venezuelan migrants from San Antonio, Texas, to Martha’s Vineyard. This was part of his attempt to bring further attention to the border crisis and the lack of border security under the Biden administration. Texas Governor Greg Abbott also transported migrants outside of Vice President Kamala Harris’ Washington, D.C., residence last month.

Critics have said that this move by DeSantis was a political stunt, especially because he failed to alert the local authorities about the migrants’ that would be arriving on the island. He had also lied to the migrants about where they were being taken to. This has led to increased legal pressures against the Republican governor, with Monday’s lawsuit being the latest one filed against him.

The lawsuit alleges DeSantis’ office did not produce the necessary public records regarding the state’s “relocation program.” These documents were originally requested in September.

The Florida Center for Government Accountability, a nonprofit which makes public records available to citizens and journalists, said that they made the original request about the public records relating to the flights on September 20. Phone and text logs were also a part of the request.

The lawsuit was filed with less than a month to go until the midterm elections where DeSantis is set to face Democratic Representative Charlie Crist.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. try suing biden who leaves the border unsecure and makes it most difficult for southern states to endure the onsluaght of over 2 millio illegals crossing the open border each year. try suing biden to actually enforce the law.

  2. So much an indicator for how our country solves differences , file a lawsuit that ties up the court system , wastes money and resources , contributes to increased anger, political division and in the end usually has no resolution . We no longer have investigative journalism . It has been replaced by biased political opinion pieces based on feelings and half truths ,personal bias and deceptive headlines.
    Thank you for the heads up on just one more non profit ( and I hope this means the attorneys representing them are offering their services at no cost ) not to support.

  3. Your the one lying here! Migrants wanted to go to MV & signed disclosure forms! Stop already & wake up to open borders causes problems for Everyone! Close the border for the safety of the taxpayers- Migrants can come in the old fashioned way——LEGALLY!!!!!

  4. This is not good optics for the Democratic Communist Party, by suing Gov. De Santis. The American people see right through the bs claims of kidnapping or forcing the “illegal immigrants” to go to Martha’s Vineyard.

    The phony outrage isn’t going to work. All the idiotic left is doing is drawing even more attention to their blatant intolerant stance on race, even though they’re supposed to be a sanctuary state?! This is the democrats usual tactic of nothing to see over here, but look over here!

    Martha’s Vineyard even had signs stating they’re a sanctuary place that welcomes illegal immigrants. The left had these brown people removed in under 48 hours. Yet they have no problem with border states being forced, due to the democrats illegal policies, having to deal with thousands of illegal immigrants on a daily basis! You would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to see through the dem’s hypocrisy, unless you’re a liberal… then you’re already stupid!

  5. I think they should all be falling at the Governors feet & kissing them!!! I mean this man flew those poor mostly criminal that were released from Venezuelan Prisons on the condition they LEAVE and go to the USA at Mr. Weak & Worthless Bidy & his Ho Kammi and their invites! The Caring and good governor flew them poor criminal invaders from the most violent & corrupt country’s in the world & flew them North to where they would be safe in the arms of lovely libbertards in their sanctuary citys. Where OlBeRo and other caring & corrupt million & Billionaires could open their arms & wallets to keep these invader criminals safe! Then the Lord DeSantis saved those folks from being killed by the Hurricanes& or the actions these criminals would have been shot for as they looted peoples homes after their lifes and homes were destroyed! So they should be thanking him and kissing his feet

  6. Lets talk about DeSantis, so no one will talk about the Biden Family Syndicate. Nothing to see here, like, biden, hunter, getting paid millions from foreign countries, ( and giving a nice chunk of it to daddy), for daddy’s influence. We know this, hunter has no experience with any of the supposed talents, (gas, finance, doesn’t speak any of the languages), these foreigners hired him for, because he admitted that he has no experience in these fields, on a national tv interview. Don’t worry about all the drug use and GUN application violations, ( if that was me I would be in prison), oh that’s alright. It would be nice if justice was really blind. But wait, the presidents job is to see the laws are followed, the borders are secure, and the public is safe. Which one, if any of these is he enforcing?

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