Biden’s Birthday Met With Despair

Politico White House bureau chief Jonathan Lemire has said that the President’s upcoming 80th birthday has not generated a lot of excitement in the White House. President Joe Biden is going to be the first person over the age of 80 to be in office.

Many expect that Biden’s 80th birthday is going to bring even further criticisms regarding the President’s health and many are also wondering whether Biden is going to indeed try to secure a second term in office.

Lemire’s report began by saying that Biden’s birthday is not going to be surrounded by a buzz as those in the White House are not looking forward to “having a blow-out celebration.”

He also added that Biden is going to be the first “octogenarian” to be in office. The birthday is on November 20th, which is going to be two weeks after the midterm election. Many are expecting to see whether he is actually going to be looking for another term.

If he is going to win again then he would be inaugurated for a second time at the age of 82. Biden is already the oldest president to be elected. This has made his age a very sensitive topic that has brought him a lot of criticism.

The White House is already preparing so that they can get ahead of the storylines regarding the president’s age which is bound to feature heavily following his birthday. While in general, the attitude towards aging has changed, the President’s age remains a key topic of discussion.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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