McConnell Caught Endorsing GOP Traitor

In Alaska GOP Se. Lisa Murkowski received a strong boost in funds from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) for her reelection campaign. In the meantime, many of these funds could have gone to Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters, who is currently facing a Democrat. Former President Donald Trump actively criticized McConnell for choosing to give 9 million dollars to support Murkowski’s race, even though she is facing another Republican, instead of spending that money on a race that could result in them beating a Democrat opponent.

Kelly Tshibaka, whom Murkowski is facing in Alaska has been endorsed by Donald Trump, much like Masters has. Murkowski was famously one of only seven Republicans who voted in favor of impeachment for the former President. She is also considered one of the more moderate and liberal Republicans to currently hold a seat in the Senate. This in part is because she has so far been supportive of abortion rights.

Anchorage Daily News reported on Thursday that the Senate Leadership Fund, a Republican PAC, has been providing funds to help support Murkowski through ads in every medium.

McConnell has actively shown his support for Murkowski and does not support Tshibaka who is considered to be a more rightwing choice.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. Get rid of ALL RINOS so the Republicans can fight like they need to. McConell besides Murkowski MUST go!

    We have been let down too many times due to these RINOS in the party and they still can’t seem to come around to correct thinking and support for the party. They were put in those roles to fight for Republicans not give in to the crap the democrats pull. Any reasonable person with common sense would know that. McConwll and Murkowski have never had a backbone.

    • McConnell is the head, corrupt RINO scumbag that needs to be removed from office! This SOB is married to a Chinese woman, who has family in the Communist Chinese Party and who has stabbed Trump in the back unmanly occasions! McConnell is NOT a REPUBLICAN, he’s a scumbag SOCIALIST who is sneakily working to destroy our nation!

    • I agree with you that ALL RINOS should leave the Republican Party!

      I’m sure that the Democratic Party would welcome would welcome moderate Republican’s with open arms. That would leave only MAGA (“Make America Gullible Again”) Republicans.

      Remember in the last election 81 million voted against Trump to Trumps 74 million. If you take away all the RINO’s that would make it almost impossible to elect any Republican. Why: I estimate there are about 20 Million of them across America. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT IDEA!

  2. This is absolutely sickening! He has forgotten who he pledged his loyalty to. Is this his 9 million, or is it money donated by faithful republicans? This is totally repulsive; he has shown his true colors.

  3. Good for McConnell — I am thankful he is supporting Murkowski! As a “mostly Republican” voter and a registered Republican, I am ashamed of the Party for continuing to support Donald Trump. I voted for Trump twice, because I just could not vote for his opponents. However, I will never vote for him again, because he is not what is best for this country.

  4. McConnell owes his senate seat to President Trump but he’s so intertwined with China he will not vote for what is best for Americans. He needs to be replaced as leader when we take back the Senate. He is wishy washy at best. GET RID OF MITCH

  5. After McConnell’s RINO chick loses to a true Conservative woman in Alaska that will be one more vote to remove him from the head of the Senate. He was as guilty as all Democrats in allowing a false election in 2020. He MUST GO.

  6. Rhinos like Mitch McConnell and Lynsey Graham need to be voted out of the senate. The Republican Party needs to rethink their congressional house minority leader too. McCarthy is not the strength the party needs. All of these guys mentioned have and still are plotting against President Trump when he was in office and do not want him to run in 2024.

    Get out and vote these bums out of office!

  7. Just his physical appearance and speech delivery tell me he is not the brightest bulb in the room.
    Senators that voted him as their leader are deplorable.

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