National Archives Calls Trump A Liar

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) have said that Trump has been making “false and misleading” claims that other former Presidents mishandled records and documents.

During his recent rally in Nevada, Trump said that many of his predecessors such as former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George H.W. Bush all had mishandled documents and even stored them in ways similar to the ones Trump had.

However, the National Archives said that allegations have come out which seek to assert that former Presidents had in their possession Presidential records after leaving the White House which were stored improperly, this is both “false and misleading”.

Trump during his rally said that Obama had transported more than 33 million documents of varying classification levels in 20 truckloads. And that these documents were then stored with no security in Chicago.

George H.W. Bush also stored millions of documents in a Chinese restaurant.

Daniel Dale, a senior reporter for CNN, took to Twitter to point out how “dishonest” the assertions made by Trump were. He noted that Bush had his documents secured in a facility that in the past had been where a restaurant was.

Obama’s and Bush’s archives for their personal library were also not taken from the White House by the individuals themselves.

The National Archives did not exclusively mention Trump in their message. In their message, they also mentioned that any temporary facility used for the storage of these items also had to comply with strict security rules and regulations.

Trump stored thousands of documents in his Mar-a-Lago home after leaving office. Fifteen boxes were taken from the estate by the National Archives. This led to an extensive investigation by the Department of Justice which with the help of the FBI removed hundreds of documents from Trump’s home.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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    • ALL these unelected “officials” Are Democrats through and through. here’s a clue EVERYTHING Trump has said is never a lie and it always comes out a year or so later then buried. I don’t trust ANY of the so called Government agencies.

    • Trump, given time would have degutted the Federal Government, gotten rid of waste, overly staffed agenciee, etc. The govt is made up and controlled by democrats. I had an outstanding career working with cre de la creme of scientist, engeeniers, etc, in the international arena, but unfortunately, not thinking straight resigned and moved away to get married. This did not happen. So, moved back to DC area and started working for federal government 1990-2000 and found it disheartning, awful, lower classes of people working, uneducated and 99% democrats.

  1. The documents were stored in- a “former” Chinese restaurant, and other presidents “had” them stored instead of storing themselves. And this is the foundation of lies.And were these documents retrieved from the former presidents in the same manner, by armed men, with “blanket” search warrants, in the evening.

  2. The article infers President Trump removed the documents personally. Was that your intent? If you are an investigative reporter you should at least attempt to get all sides of a story. Remind me to pay no mind to any of your articles. For now I will no longer read ANY CFP articles.

  3. Unbelievable how and why they all attack Trump! He was the most effective President we have ever had, took no pay and actually did a hell of a super job for the citizens of this great country, AMERICA!! What are they all afraid of, I ask????

  4. Yea. The N.A. is covering thier back sides, along with the FBI. The N.A. along with the white house. Was the ones for starting these bogus charges. So now. They would not admitt it for it would maybe mean investigating
    The other Past President. Come on you can fool some of the people some of the tlme, you all know the rest.

  5. What difference does it make if the facility was a “former” Chinese restaurant or not . He wasn’t lying and I’m sure the security at Mar A Largo was far more secure than that.

  6. You don’t think Hillary didn’t have (and destroyed) top secret material? She skates free. Obama didn’t just store his stuff. He’s got much of it in his million dollar home in new England. No problem!! Wow, do we have a Banana Republic. We need to kick all those Un-American boobs out of the country.

  7. The national archives cannot prove a word. For a fact, I bought an item on ebay which the National Archives was allegedly responsible for securing. The FBI came for it well over a year later, offered no proof of ownership nor was I reimbursed. For all I know, they took from me to add to “their” collection. Filthy swamp, filthy swamp creatures.

  8. As our favorite Liar-in-Chief like to say,” Here is the deal”. We now have information that these GODS are just humans who want to be GODS. All of them and even their minions violate their oaths of office. Nancy with here insider trading and now we find out that thousands of federal officials have committed the crime of insider trading. Officials from both sides. The BLM concept was a good one until they formed leaders who could not stop themselves from stealing donated funds. i.e., million dollar homes and seven figure jobs for people who could hardly spell their own names. We have been warned. Now, are we going to let it ride or are we going to vote these crooks (both Democrats and Republicans) out of office next month. If we do not then we need to shut our mouths and take the little crumbs they are letting us have…

  9. What about Hillary, did she protect highly classified documents, What about her computer server in her
    basement and using a program to acid washed the hard drive in her computers.
    Nothing wrong there ! yeah right !

  10. The National Archives has turned into a “loan them out to friends”and whoever else they want like the obese singer in a leotard who had the flute of a founding father. They had also moved the Declaration of Independence and put a tag on it saying it wasn’t accurate because the history is wrong. Lord only knows what else they have “loaned” out to others or even possibly sold to collectors. It’s disgusting and typical of the leftist and crt activists wanting to rewrite history and needs to stop now.

  11. Bottom line, there’s proof that other president’s have handled and stored classified documents either the same way as President Trump did or in far worse places.

    None of these other president’s were ever treated the way President Trump has been treated. It’s absurd and appalling the way the Biden administration and the Democratic Communist Party has weaponized the DOJ and the FBI. The attorney general should be impeached and brought up on charges of abuse of power and miss use of authority. That is a Federal crime. Enough is enough!!!

  12. National archives are a joke they are liers just like the demorat party anything to make trump look bad the other eggsucking demorats that were in office done as much or more to their documents than trump they are a joke need to be done away with

  13. Taking the side of an obsessive liar (over 30,000 verified lies during his presidency) over that of a formal national agency NARA that has ABSOLUTELY no reason to lie is extremely stupid. Trump still believes and obsesses about his “Big Lie”, that the election was stolen from him, without any evidence, despite 61 court cases that were lost (none of which presented a shred of evidence); despite multiple audits in multiple states that found ABSOLUTELY no evidence of fraud. And despite all the evidence that the 6Jan Committee has developed from predominately GOP sources (including Trump’s staffers) that Trump illegally fermented the 6Jan insurrection that resulted in multiple deaths, the desecration of our National capitol, attempted to kill the Vice President, and illegally attempted to stay in office despite the vote of the American people. You continue to support this misogynistic, narcissistic, con man who passed no significant legislation during his administration except a significant tax break for the wealthy? Twice impeached and narrowly escaped conviction; in neither case was he exonerated. SAD! Really SAD! The multiple lawsuits against him were delayed only because he was serving (poorly!) as president. The time is rapidly approaching when Trump will answer for his crimes.

    • Bill the horribly high level of ignorance and misinformation that you have in your post is so bad, I’m actually embarrassed for you! Bill you’re exactly who the Democratic Communist Party looks for to stay in power, which is completely uninformed.

      Who is the source that verified 30,000 lies. A liberal college. A fake news media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, AP, NPR, Wash-Post, NY-Times…. That number is most likely accurate for Biden or Obama or Hilary.

      There’s no evidence! Seriously. They’ve found evidence of election tampering by the FBI, and in PA, AZ, GA, OH ….etc. there’s tons of fraud.

      As for Jan 6th, those idiots have got nothing because before they even got started the liberally left leaning FBI already stated President Trump did nothing wrong. Think Bill, if Trump planned the “phony insurrection,” why would he have allowed his wife and young son to be at the Capital?!!!

      There was only ONE death that occurred on Jan 6th, not multiple deaths. A female protester, ex-Air Force veteran was unarmed and shot by a Capital police officer, where she died. The fake news lied about an officer being beaten with a fire extinguisher. Never happened. An officer died from a heart attack on Jan 10th. His family said it was not related to Jan 6th.

      Twice impeached? No, those two fake attempts were not legitimate and they never even had indicated a crime. If Trump would have done any of the things the delusional Democratic idiots claimed, Trump would have been put out of office. It was all BS…

      Yeah Bill, let’s forget about all of Trump’s massive achievements even with all those radical left wing democrats constantly attacking him.

      Let’s stick with Biden’s 8.2% inflation, gas at twice what it should be, destroying our status as “energy exporters,” crime at 40% increase, defund police, zero bail, censoring conservatives, attacking law abiding gun owners, out of control border, illegal’s and drugs pouring over into U.S., Biden’s Fk’d up withdrawal from Afghanistan killing 13 soldiers and leaving Americans, allies, and 87-billion dollars of military weapons. China now occupies our billions of dollars spent military base. Terrorists are now back in control.

      Bill you are extremely ignorant on facts and I will definitely vote for President Trump in 2024 as I did in 2016. 100% MAHA supporter. Wake up Bill

  14. Trump would have gutted the govt given enough time. Trump would have gotton rid of the duplication, from jobs to agencies, waste, programs, etc. I had an outstanding career working with cre de la creme of scientist, engeeniers, etc, in the international (NGO) arena, but unfortunately, not thinking straight resigned and moved away to get married. This did not happen. So, moved back to DC area and started working for federal government, 1990-2000 I worked for govt and found it disheartning, awful, lower classes of people working, uneducated, thought most were of the 4th grade mentality and 99% democrats.

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