Jill Biden Embarrassed on Jumbotron

Jill Biden was loudly booed at the Eagles vs Cowboys game Sunday night at the Lincoln Financial Field in her home town of Philadelphia (she was born in Jersey and grew up in Philly).

Dr. Jill attended the NFL game Sunday night to promote breast cancer awareness.

Joe Biden’s nurse and handler Jill didn’t get a warm welcome.

The crowd booed Jill Biden during the coin toss.


Original Article: Jill Biden Loudly Booed as She Appears on Jumbotron at Eagles Game in Philly (


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  1. She is so needy for praise for her and her husbands accomplishments , Too bad they have no one that approves or cares. Few people believe she or joe deserve any accolades . Very dysfunctional family!

  2. Feeling no sympathy for Jill Biden or the Corrupt Biden Administration Cabal. This administration has been trying their best to destroy this country and the American People’s Future. I HAVE ZERO RESPECT

  3. Jill and Joe Biden are the most embarrassing and destructive people to ever live in the White House. If his leadership was due to mental disease, that would be one thing, but it’s painfully obvious that Biden is following the directives of the DNC, Obama, and others who are set out to destroy America on purpose. Their WOKE agenda is right out of hell, where they belong.

  4. Jill and Joe Biden are the most destructive people to ever live in the White House. If the destruction of America were at Joe Biden’s hands, it might be considered because of mental disease. We know that it’s being done on purpose, which is disgusting. I blame Jill for allowing the Democrats to use a tired, dysfunctional old man like the Democrats are doing. It’s shameful to say the least, but he will be the fall guy before it’s all said and done.

    • Jill Biden is guilty of elder abuse! She wanted to be the First Lady so badly she could taste it! If that meant putting Joe through this, she was all for it! He hardly knows his own name, let alone how to find his way off a stage. Pathetic people.

  5. The Biden administration, including Jill Biden are completely delusional and live inside a bubble that all they hear is that the few destructive bills they’ve forced through are wonderful and the majority of Americans love them. Wrong!!!

    This last big lie by O’Biden and the Democratic Communist Party is the “Inflation Reduction Act” which is a blatant fraud and is really “The Green New Disaster Act!”

    The communist dem’s raged war on coal and oil, causing gas to cost nearly twice what it should cost in most states. Under Trump we were energy exporters. This attack on gas, oil, coal was the cause of the inflation and now recession the American people are suffering through.

    The O’Biden answer is for Americans to buy electric cars that average 60,000 dollars plus the cost to set up your home to charge an electric car, extra cost of 2 to 3-thousand dollars. What these moronic idiots in the radical left haven’t thought about or maybe they have and this whole Green New Disaster Act is just a giant scam for the left to steal.

    Here’s just a few big problems of Americans immediately switching to electric cars:

    —Our current electrical grid is already overwhelmed and can barely keep the lights on. Not to mention the price increase on our electric bill.

    —The U.S does not have access to the minerals in batteries to fill the multiple millions of cars that would be required. The two main suppliers are China and Russia who are our enemies! Do Americans really want to be beholden to our enemies for that?

    —We could upgrade our electrical grid with putting up multiple nuclear power plants, which would take decade(s)!!

    I think the criminally corrupt, anti-American, radical democrats know all this and this Green New Disaster that was forced by lying to the American people by telling us it was a Inflation Reduction Bill, was actually the real “Big Lie,” so they could steal….

  6. What is she a doctor of? Honestly, just stay home; nobody likes you. Your husband; the illegitimate thief is just as awful.

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