Biden Tapping Emergency Oil Reserves to Bribe Voters

President Joe Biden plans to release even more barrels of oil from the federal government’s strategic reserves to keep gas prices low before the midterm elections.

Bloomberg News reports that the Biden administration plans to release another ten million to 15 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Biden’s latest decision marks more than 200 million barrels set for release in less than two years as president, more than all previous presidents combined according to the Wall Street Journal.

The oil reserves are currently at the lowest level since 1984.

Despite Biden’s historic oil releases to bring down the cost of gasoline, the OPEC+ nations announced their decision in October to cut oil production by two million barrels a day.

The president expressed his disappointment with OPEC+ and Saudi Arabia’s decision, despite administration officials working behind the scenes urging them to delay their cuts until after the midterm elections.

Biden recently campaigned in California where gas prices are nearly seven dollars a gallon.

When asked about prices approaching seven dollars a gallon in the state, Biden replied, “Well, that’s always been the case here.”

Despite gas prices rising again, Biden continues taking credit for gas prices declining from record highs in the Summer.

“[A] lot of it is the result of getting the cost of living at the gas pump down by more — now even in California now — by more than a dollar nationally and — since the start of summer,” he said during a speech on Americans suffering from higher costs.

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  1. Biden is bringing down the price of gas at the pumps for all Americans. Last month in Florida I paid $2.99 a gal and today I paid $3.09 a gal at BJ’s.

    Before Biden opened the Oil Reserves I was paying $4.39 per gal. This helps everyone. My question is what are are Republicans doing to bring down inflation?

    States have to cut the taxes at the pump to help consumers, how many have not done so. Democrats and Republicans have to work together to bring down inflation.

    Can you suggest how many ways inflation be brought down?

    • Dum dum the answer is simple. Open up the Keystone XL pipeline and bring gas down under 2.00 a gallon like when Trump was in office. I hope your not that stupid to realize that this ploy by biden is only to keep the prices down till after the midterms. After that, we’ll be seeing record highs

    • U R an IDIOT. Who do U think made fuel so high to begin with. Oh yeah it was the Russians. Draining our emergency reserves only makes us weaker lik sending our ammo & other weapons to the Ukrainians. So we run low. All part of the puppet masters plan. creepy Joe is just their pawn

      • Biden is the reason for the price of gas so high . Look when our great president Trump was in office till it was stolen by dementia Biden . When Trump was in the gas was under 2.25 a gal

    • thats right you biden voter . he is taking the oil reserve to bring down the price of gas but he is not putting crude back in . he shut down the pipe line and told all the oil companys to lower the price . there is a lot of crude oil in the ground and biden wont let the oil companys drill or pump more out . because he dont want gas powered cars on the road

  2. Another Biden idiot voter that’s ok with drying up our saved supplies to use ONLY if needed in an emergency. All this jerk needs to do is get back to drilling and making us energy independent. So glad you’re saving a dollar on gas. Wonderful for America. Then again, if I were to agree with you we’d both be wrong.

    • Great response Pinky Lee to Allen.
      Allen there wouldn’t be a recession or high inflation If the republicans were in the majority or Trump was president. Biden and the democrats are to blame for everything that is going on now, it’s not Putin and it’s not the republicans that has caused so much pain and hardship to so many in our country no matter how much BS Biden and the democrats are peddling. Biden shut down all oil production and drilling in our country as soon as he walked into the White House.
      By the way taking oil from our Strategic Reserve and bring it down to the lowest it’s been since the 80’s is down right dangerous AND ALLEN let’s not forget this is Biden’s 3rd time going into our reserves, the 2nd time he did he sold at least 2 million barrels OF OUR COUNTRY’S RESERVE OIL to China.
      Wake up Allen

  3. O’Biden and the Democratic Communist Party members seem to be trying to change the definition of what prices of gas going down means. In California gas is over 6-bucks per gallon in most cities.

    Biden and the Dem’s don’t seem to understand that their party losing majority control does not constitute an Emergency to raid our oil reserves. That reserve is for an attack of our country to power our military or a huge catastrophic natural or nuclear disaster.

    Biden and the radical anti-American Democrats have caused massive destruction to our country due to their radical ideologies and policies. Here’s just a few things that Biden, democrats and Rhinos have caused the American people to suffer through:

    — Raged war against gas/oil when Biden stole office, which caused gas to immediately skyrocket, which started our inflation and now recession! The closing of our pipeline and giving Putin his pipeline, which he now has control of energy and makes billions from has given him the income to pay for his cost to invade Russia. Nice move azzwhole!

    — Reversed Trump border policies allowing millions of illegal immigrants to pour into our country, endangering national security. Additionally hundreds of Americans affected by record numbers of terrorists, drugs, and sex trafficked children. Otherwise known as globalist open borders!!!

    — Criminally disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, causing the death of 13 U.S soldiers. nearly 100 more of our military were seriously wounded, along with the many citizens killed and injured. Biden’s administration also droned the wrong vehicle, killing 11 children ages 5 to 14 years old. Biden also abandoned our military base, costing billions of dollars to build and is now occupied by China!! Moreover, Biden left over 85-billion dollars in military weapons behind. Terrorists are now in full control Afghanistan and very well armed, all thanks to Biden who stated that his withdrawal was a total success!!! Really azzwhole!!!

    — 50% increase on crime due to horrible policies that no bail allows criminals back onto our streets. Criminals are considered victims, police officers are suspects and the hell with the victims who were robbed, raped, assaulted, or shot!

    — Over a trillion dollar bribe of adults who agree to the terms of a student loan to people who make $150,000 a year, to be paid by taxpayers who only make 40,000 to 60,000 thousand dollars a year???!!! “F” Joe Biden!” These young adults signed for their loan, so let them pay it back!

    Gas, groceries, mortgage rates, rent, building materials have all gone up because of Biden, Marxist Communist’s, and billionaire globalist who all hate Americans values and way of life. Biden and Democrats have also endangered our 1st and 2nd amendment with censoring conservatives and are actively trying to disarm law abiding citizens who have guns to protect themselves and their families! Simultaneously, these azzwhole’s are weakening our Police departments and our military with their woke bullshit…

    Enough is enough!

  4. One thing that everyone is missing is the fact that our oil reserves are not bottomless.. They will eventually run out, then what will Joey boy do??? The sooner the better that our domestic pipelines and drilling come back online.!!!! I would like to thank Saudi Arabia for not agreeing to Joey boys’ attempt at manipulating the oil situation in regards to the timing with our elections. Is there no level that the administration will stoop to to try to maintain its power? I guess not!!
    GOD Bless America and protect her from all evil both foreign and domestic (especially the current domestic state sponsored type!!!!)

  5. Increasing our dependency on foreign oil by not allowing us to drill on U.S. soil and depleting our oil reserves is, in my opinion, a treasonable act. The Biden administration is a puppet administration that is being controlled by Socialist billionaires and Communist Chinese. We must rid the government of all Progressives and others who do not uphold the U.S. Constitution. We must take back control of the nation by first reducing the size of government dramatically.

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