GOP Governor Refuses To Listen To Democrats

Gov. Ron DeSantis appears to have no intention of stopping the flights transporting illegal immigrants to other Democratic states. The governor initially sent two planes of around 50 immigrants, mostly Venezuelans, to Martha’s Vineyard in September. Taryn Fenske, his communication director, has now said that additional flights would also take place but they were delayed because of Hurricane Ian recovery efforts.

Fenske wrote in an email that Florida was focused on the recovery efforts but that did not mean that the immigration relocation program was inactive.

On Friday a document was released that showed that the next flights from Florida carrying illegal immigrants to Delaware and Illinois had been scheduled for Oct. 3 and had cost $1 million.

The flights are part of DeSantis’ campaign effort which aims to criticize the administration’s work over the border crisis. In a statement last month, he had said that they had $12 million dedicated to the cause to protect the people of Florida.

The money in the legislature had been approved as part of the state budget, which Democrats had also voted in support of. This was also stated on the governor’s campaign press secretary’s Twitter account.

The Treasury Department’s inspector general also announced that they would be investigating DeSantis’ spending for the relocation of immigrants to determine whether funds had been improperly used.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. Good! We’ll see how our inept idiot governor Pritzger and Mayor Lightfoot deal with this, they won’t. The state is already a mess due to their incompetence. Would you expect any differebt from a liberal Democrat?
    Maybe the illegals and gangs of south Chicago can fight it out! If not, then Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum will have to do their jobs which many know right now now they can add another failure to handle. Knowing Lightfoot, the police she has defunded, which is already strained, will probably be pulled some more to guard her house.

  2. As a lifelong conservative, I’m happy Governor De Santis has followed the path of the original battle hardened moderate conservative, President Trump. What’s surprising is why haven’t more Republican politicians followed Trump’s awesome path to fight back against these anti-American idiotic Communist Democrats, Woke mob, Cancel culture azzwhole’s who are currently destroying our country.

    Look how popular Trump is with his stance to fight back. Governor De Santis has experienced the same result of admiration from his constituents for fighting against the destructive democratic left! Why do the majority of Republicans remain spineless and weak???

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