U.S. Warplanes Intercept Putin’s Military

Two Air Force warplanes intercepted two Russian bombers who were flying along the international airspace close to Alaska. The announcement was made on Tuesday by the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

NORAD added that the two detected aircraft were two Russian Tu-95 Bear-H bombers that had entered the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). It is there that they were intercepted by two F-16 fighter jets.

NORAD noted that this is not viewed as a threat or a provocative action.

The Air defense identification zones are airspace zones that are used to control the space for national security purposes. NORAD is responsible for tracking all foreign military aircraft that choose to enter this space. They also have regular monitors of those movements.

Last month, NORAD also spoke of two Russian maritime patrol aircraft that had been detected in the Alaskan and Canadian air defense identification zones.

This incident comes at a time when the tension between America and Russia is at a high. This increased tension has in part been caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. An invasion that led to the U.S. actively supporting the Ukrainian government both through humanitarian and military aid. There have also been several sanctions placed on Moscow and Russian oligarchs by the U.S. and its allies.

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  1. I t’s a provocation. if we do not start using extreme force, they will keep pushing.. This Country needs .to understand what and why they (Russia) does this. We never learn. Russia, under Putin is a Bully state. Hen likes to push because he knows we will do little to nothing. We need to threaten with a few well aimed “Shots above the Bow.”. They need to understand we will not accept this behavior. They have no reason, and no business being anywhere near us. I know President Trump would not tolerate this behavior. Doing nothing is an active of a Coward. Russia is in no position to “Take us on. Militarily or financially, We know that and they meed to that we won’t tolerate treats
    threats real or imagined.

  2. Esto nos muestra la mala calidad del gobierno corrupto demócrata en relación exterior,y una mala dirección de nuestras fuerzas armadas qué cada día más vulnerable nuestro país

    • This shows us the poor quality of the corrupt Democratic government in foreign relations, and the misdirection of our armed forces, which makes our country more vulnerable every day.

      • Please let me help you with some terms. Democracy is a political method and ideal. Democratic is a process. Democrat is a person who is the member of a party.

        Part of the REASON that Democrats get elected is that the media and people use the term “Democratic party” which invokes the mentality that they believe in Democracy as the means of electing Government.
        Democrats do not believe in Democracy at all. They proved that when they sued at every election for “hanging chads” and every other damned excuse. No one accused them of insurrection, but that is EXACTLY what their intent was. To overthrow the legal vote of the people. They deny that Trump could have been elected, however we are finding scores of arrests nationwide for ballot stuffing, always by the left. Consider this carefully.

        We live in a REPUBLIC which creates checks and balances. If we elected Presidents by Democratic method ONLY then there would be no reason for anyone not living on a coast to Vote. NY, CA, OR, FL etc would elect the president every time. We must have a REPUBLIC or 50% of the people will have no effective vote.

  3. This is to see how near they can get before we respond. All this is for an attack that may or may not take place. One of these time it won’t be a probe but an attack.

    • Geezer Mike that’s a great idea, would have to be done sneaky so no one else knows about it. BYEDUN would have a fit, or whoever controls him. Maybe he (they) would have a massive heart attack so we (AMERICANS) wouldn’t have to deal with the DemoRats inflation and all their other BULLSHIT!! The NAVY SEALS need to do what they did to the jerks when Trump was President. That man had balls, taking GREAT CARE OF THE USA!!

  4. All of the misbehavior we’re seeing from our enemies, such as Russia, China, Iran…etc, is because Joe Biden is pathetically weak and he’s known for being criminally corrupt with his son doing deals for the Biden crime family. The Biden’s have gotten close to 100- million from China and 40-million from Russia. There’s a lot more countries and that makes O’Biden compromised.

    This criminality from Biden that goes back decades is why our country’s enemies are doing bad things. These evil regimes have no respect for Biden, nor do they fear him.

    None of this behavior would have happened if Trump’s election wasn’t stolen by the Democratic Communist Party members, their propaganda fake news media outlets, the liberally corrupt DOJ and FBI, and of course the censoring by big Tech companies.

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