Video: AOC Has Nervous Breakdown

I’ll admit to having enjoyed the last several months of not writing about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Obviously, there are far more important things going on than what a radical in a deep-blue district says and does.

Unfortunately, I’ve got to break the glass and hit the red button regarding this latest incident. Because when one of the Democrat Party’s most high-profile figures appears to have a nervous breakdown at a town hall, it’s got to be discussed.

AOC was confronted by protesters while addressing a crowd on Wednesday evening, and things got very weird.

I’m not even sure what those people are protesting, and given this is Queens we are talking about, it’s just as likely they are mad at AOC for not being radical enough. Still, I feel confident in going out on a limb and suggesting that comically dancing to people singing about your need to be thrown out of office probably isn’t the best response. The entire point of a town hall is to show you are taking the concerns of your constituents seriously. Mocking them does the opposite.

Then there was this performance where AOC appears to devolve into an imitation of Rosie Perez.

Before that, AOC actually ran out of the room in the face of the protesters and hecklers. The room erupts in cheers after she leaves. The camera then shows her standing in a doorway with what appears to be her personal security before she emerges again.

It sure seems like AOC is a person who isn’t used to getting pushback. After all, she’s perhaps the most over-hyped and pampered politician in Washington, at least compared to what she contributes. Far from the working-class persona that she attempts to cling to, she’s settled in nicely among the elite.

Somewhat ironically, the only reason AOC was at that town hall to get heckled and jeered was that she skipped a debate with her general election opponent, Tina Forte.

I’m not going to pretend that Forte has any real shot at defeating the Democrat. The dynamics of the district make that nearly impossible. I will say that it’s interesting to see how underwhelming AOC is when she’s not in her “element” of magazine covers and friendly interviewers. She’s an actress and a very bad one at that. Her lust for power also means that she doesn’t have the guts to cast the purity votes someone like Bernie Sanders does to keep his supporters happy. She wants to be in leadership, and it shows.

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  1. So this is AOC in action with her constituents. Wow have they been cheated, misrepresented and short changed. An ignorant child congresswoman. So sad this country has sunk to this level.

  2. I would feel a great deal of satisfaction if Another Obnoxious Commiec**t AKA AOC, lost her seat in this election.
    The maddening thing is she’ll continue to receive almost her Congressional Pay for the restbof her worthless life. That’s something that needs to be changed as far as I’m concerned.

  3. AOC is used to phony, staged photo ops that result in the MSM gushing about her ‘bold leadership.” Just like the time she ranted about VA healthcare system. The MSM ran reports about her in depth expertise, but did not mention she had never set foot in a VA facility, or VA HQ in DC.

  4. What do I think of AOC??? Not A lot!!! The scary thing is that her followers, supporters and the msm tend to give her good coverage!!! On a very personal note I must state; If I was the last fertile male on the planet and she was the last fertile female all I’d be saying was “Goodbye human race”!!!! No future!!!!
    GOD Bless America and protect her from all evil both foreign and domestic !!!!


  6. AOC GOTTA GO, now start moving ur A*# n ur Arms like a wind up toy. Cus that exactly shows how many brain cells you have in that braindead n brainless head of yours which is ZERO%. You AOC are the worst person to sit in the HOR n the IDIOT that you are bring nothing to ur Constituents n they Should not vote for you at all. Constituents PLEASE GET SMART N VOTE HER OUT!

  7. She has such a BIG HEAD now, its impossible to let ALL THE AIR OUT now, but I am sure she will TRY?? And what did she do with all the money that she is hiding and WHY?

  8. AOC is the leader of the Democratic Communist Party! The constituents/audience are the radical leftist who usually support her push for government to be in control of every aspect of your life. Apparently they feel AOC sold them out with her signing off of endless unaccounted for taxpayer dollars to keep going to Ukraine. Biden and just about ALL of congress do not require any tracking of where the corrupt government of Ukraine spends it! Our idiotic government has to print money we don’t have to give to a corrupt Ukrainian government who’s pocketing a lot of our money. My guess is our corrupt government members are pocketing it too!

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