VIDEO: Biden Humiliates Himself Again

During his announcement of his student debt handout plan, President Biden was blasted for his reading of the website URL. Biden announced his online application portal that would allow those who earn less than $125,000 to get $10,000 in student loan debt forgiveness. Biden also shared the Federal Trade Commission’s website which can be used to report cases of Fraud.

However, as he was reading out the FTC’s website, Biden proceeded to spell out the word dot. This made many people criticize him over his being unable to provide the URL naturally.

Washington Times columnist Tim Young took to Twitter to say that Biden is now at a stage where he would read anything that appeared on the teleprompter.

Jason Howerton, CRTV engagement director, also called Biden “glass-eyed” and commented on Biden’s abilities when reading off of the teleprompter.

Todd Masson also made a joke about how Biden needed to “stand strong” as he was the only thing separating the nation from Kamala Harris.

This is not the first attack that Biden has faced recently. In a response to a reporter, he said that gas prices in California have always been $7. He also derailed his answer to talk about housing.

The debt forgiveness plan was originally announced in August. It has not been well received by Republican leaders and even many among those who praised it have accepted the impact that it’s bound to have on inflation.


Written by CFP Staff Writer

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