VIDEO: Biden Humiliates Himself Again

During his announcement of his student debt handout plan, President Biden was blasted for his reading of the website URL. Biden announced his online application portal that would allow those who earn less than $125,000 to get $10,000 in student loan debt forgiveness. Biden also shared the Federal Trade Commission’s website which can be used to report cases of Fraud.

However, as he was reading out the FTC’s website, Biden proceeded to spell out the word dot. This made many people criticize him over his being unable to provide the URL naturally.

Washington Times columnist Tim Young took to Twitter to say that Biden is now at a stage where he would read anything that appeared on the teleprompter.

Jason Howerton, CRTV engagement director, also called Biden “glass-eyed” and commented on Biden’s abilities when reading off of the teleprompter.

Todd Masson also made a joke about how Biden needed to “stand strong” as he was the only thing separating the nation from Kamala Harris.

This is not the first attack that Biden has faced recently. In a response to a reporter, he said that gas prices in California have always been $7. He also derailed his answer to talk about housing.

The debt forgiveness plan was originally announced in August. It has not been well received by Republican leaders and even many among those who praised it have accepted the impact that it’s bound to have on inflation.


Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. Stupid is as stupid does, Joe Biden is definitely like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get MENTALLY every time he talks.
    Such an idiot, amazing this man is a president

  2. Ugh . More vicious lies about president Biden . He’s not perfect , but he’s still doing an infinitely better job as president than that moronic, incompetent criminal and traitor Trump !

    • Well, Mr. Berger — if you were against CLOSED BORDERS; A STRONG MILITARY; ENERGY INDEPENDENCE; LOWER TAXES; RESPECT THROUGHOUT THE WORLD; PATRIOTISM; MERITOCRACY…well, then, naturally, you’d the so-called “moronic, incompetent criminal and traitor Trump”.

    • Google President Trump’s accomplishments. Maybe your eyes will be opened to the things President Trump accomplished. If you refuse to accept truth and facts, then I pity your intellectual dishonesty. Please get your news from sources other than the alphabet channels here in the US—go to foreign news sources and hear what they are saying.

    • The problem isn’t Biden. The problem is people like Robert who elected him and Kamala and either cannot or refuse to see and tell the difference between truth vs deceptions and good vs evils and common sense vs propaganda

  3. Why is it that liberal democrats can’t understand basic mathematics?! First: Why would taxpayers have to pay for adults who took student loans and now earn $125,000 bucks a year?! That’s high earnings than what the American citizens make who are being forced to pay for their student loan.

    It’s simple, this is a buying votes scam originated under Obama’s presidency. He hid the takeover of student loans bill in his unwanted Obamacare healthcare law. Obama saw an opportunity to buy votes while bailing out bank’s on trillions of dollars of faulting loans! Biden is just finishing his former criminally corrupt bosses buy votes scam and forcing middle class American taxpayers to pay for it.

    This more than one trillion dollar socialist student loan executive order will add to inflation and raise middle income taxpayers into paying for it. O’Biden and the Democratic Communist Party members are anti-American and are destroying the American dream we had under President Trump. VOTE DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE!!!!

    • WRONG, the BUYING VOTES SCAM started with Aid for Families with Dependent Children and other WELFARE programs of the 60’s. They were designed to obtain the BLACK VOTE for the Democrats that ran the KLAN, then MLK showed the Dems how to gain the votes of the Blacks, even though they were the suppressors of the Blacks. The idea was to keep the Blacks as slaves to the system and keep them dependent so they would vote Democrat. Still going on 60 years later
      The Democrats PURCHASE VOTES by SELLING OUT the People of this nation and causing STRIFE and DIVISION.

      To those of Color reading this, just go read your history books, not the ones published since 1970ish and not on the alphabet web sites. Learn the facts about how the North sent Carpet Baggers to the South to enslave EVERYONE THERE after the Civil War. Read about how those carpet baggers RAN the SOUTH (The South was not allowed to elect anyone to run things they were assigned by the North). The Carpet Baggers sold every property that had taxes owed from the war to Northern Investors, not allowing extensions for veterans of the South, only the North. The Carpet baggers assured there was NO WORK for people of color or for that matter anyone. This caused the Democrats in the South to create the KKK to help police the South as those carpet baggers would do NOTHING for law and order.

      Just like all organizations (including departments of government) when the goals were achieved, the organizations MUTATE into something they were never meant to be. This is what happened with the KKK. This is what has happened today with the FBI and Homeland Security. It is the Same Party, the Democrats that are going too far and are the problem themselves. Joe, he has never been on the side of people of Color, and never will be. He is on the side of POWER and CONTROL.

      • Djea3, you’re correct about the early history, but my comment was 100% correct as speaking specifically to the student loans being taken over by that racist anti-American, Barack Obama. It was Obama who took the student loans from the banks by quietly placing it into his failed socialist Obamacare bill. Obama knew he could get the votes of millions of college students.

        There’s nothing WRONG about my post…

        • Yes and thousands of bank employees lost their jobs who processed student loans in the banks.

          The banks can handle loans better than the government because they can be more careful in loaning money weeding out loan scammers.

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