Biden’s Racism Accidentally Spills Out

President Biden has said that the additional legroom cost charged by many airlines was ‘unfair’ to ‘people of color. Biden has said that his administration was going to be looking at ways of eliminating ‘junk fees’ which often made more comfortable seats a lot more expensive. Biden also said that this is ‘unfair’ to ‘people of color.’

Conservatives on Twitter criticized Biden for this statement.
Biden spoke about “junk fees” during a Wednesday speech that discusses possible ways of lowering the costs for families. About these airline fees, he said that those Americans from low-income households, as well as people of color who have to deal with these fees, have to face a harder life.
Many conservatives ridiculed the point that the President was making when he said that airline seats being more expensive was in essence racist.

Former WWE wrestler and Knox County, Tennessee, Mayor Glenn Jacobs also sarcastically joined the criticisms with a tweet about how he had always claimed that airline seating was unfair and clearly it is a crucial issue that requires federal intervention.

The Daily Wire’s Frank Fleming also added to the criticism with a tweet that said that things must be looking but for Democrats, if the messaging they have opted for is “airlines charging extra for more legroom hurts minorities”.

Former RNC communications strategist Doug Heye also tweeted out, “Who had Legroom Equity as a Dem closing message on their bingo card?”

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. The “Sniffer” is working on the wrong “stuff”. If he really gave a hoot he would reverse all his executive orders and get everyone back to work. He’s a fraud!

    • Yep, at 6’4″ and white, I have to pay for the extra leg room or sit with my knees under my chin.
      Flying is pretty much a Cattle Car in the sky unless you can afford First Class, which I can’t, so you put up with the inconvenience no matter what color you are.

  2. He’s right. And those tiny bags of tiny pretzels are racist. Equity demands 1st class seats and a big bag of honey roasted peanuts and a can of Natural Light.

  3. How about us skinny people who have to set next to all these “people of color” who ooze over onto our side. We should get a discount. I think the airplanes should be segregated into big and normal people. After the big seats are sold the big people would have to wait until the next pork flight. Only fair.

  4. He is as stupid as they come. He is not president. He is not even present in this world. He lives in “lalaland” with willie-jillie.

  5. Joe Biden has always been a racist, period. I’m certain the White House and the Democrats propaganda fake news media outlets are coming up with some pathetic excuse. They have to do this all the time for old dimwitted Joe.

    Remember, this type of stupid racist comment comes from a guy that thinks his son Hunter is the smartest person he knows. And he’s running our country?!?!?!

  6. Let’s put aside the stupidity of the comment and focus on what this idiot and his administration thinks is important to the black community and the rest of the American people…. JUNK FEES.
    How any black person can vote for these democrats is astounding to me. The inner city school systems stink and the democrats are against Charter schools, the crime in these cities is out of control and innocent black people and children are being killed, gas prices are high, oil prices to heat your homes is high, food prices are high but BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA, JOE BIDEN AND HIS ADMINISTRATION IS WORKING HARD TO GET RID OF JUNK FEES FOR YOU. I’m not sure who’s the stupidest Joe Biden and his administration or the black people who vote for him.

  7. Bye, bye miss american pie….. Father, son and holy ghost have left the station for the coast…. So sad to see this during my lifetime and worse for my children who will have to live with this tragedy….. True americans are heart broken…….

  8. When I heard he won, the first thing I thought was wow I slept to the first of April. Worst April fools joke ever. Then I realized it was no joke. The next thought was, dang it, gas prices are going to soar. Liberals hate the orange man, but they sure love them some child head sniffing freak that scares the kids. America went woke and now we’re going broke. Good job Demo’s

  9. Liar in chief, he can help but be races. Most of the democrats I worked with talked a big game about Obama. Yet the used racial slurs and stereotypes all the time.

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