Pelosi Shames American Voters

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was skeptical that “anybody” would choose to vote for the Republicans. These comments came from a recent interview with the New York Times which was released on Monday.

The interviewer had asked Pelosi about the recent “troubling” polling data that have come out regarding the upcoming midterm elections. However, Pelosi did not seem to believe the recent trend that seems to be placing Republicans on the rise. As she said, “Part of it is, I cannot believe anybody would vote for these people.” She also added that the campaigns run by the Republicans were filled with lies.

In a recent interview, Pelosi was also asked to address the recent polls which placed the economy and crime at the forefront of voters’ minds. However, during her MSNBC interview, Pelosi maintained that abortion rights continued to be a top priority for both women and independents. She also said that abortion rights were not a “fading” issue.

The record high inflation rates along with the high gas prices have led to many voters being worried about the economy. In the summer abortion rights became a hot topic as the Supreme Court overturned the landmark decision Roe v. Wade which had previously protected abortion access.

Pelosi has maintained that inflation is not where the fight is at and that inflation is a “global phenomenon.”

During an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Pelosi also said that the Democrats would need to place their attention on the “cost of living” and on getting people out there to vote.
When asked about her plan, Pelosi has refused to say whether she would remain as speaker.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. Hopefully the dems continue to live in denial as it is going to cost them dearly on election day. The party of the elite is going down big time and hopefully it is not too late to get our country back. I remember the good old days of a moderate Democrat party but sadly it no longer exists. People have had enough of the woke BS and when you have idiots like AOC teaming up with their party it is a recipe for disaster. Sanders is no better and being a native to Vt I find it embarrassing that anyone takes this guy serious. He talks the talk but fails miserably when it comes to walking the walk.
    Had he not gone into politics he would have starved to death.
    Jim C

  2. Pelosi is a demented and deranged individual who can’t see beyond her Pinocchio nose which is the only thing that has any truth associated with it because it continues to get longer daily

  3. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Shiff, along with congressional democrats who voted with them consistently have done more to wreak havoc on this country than any other political regime over the last 100 years. We have high gas prices that they use our national reserves to keep under $4.00 a gallon to make us think the price was going down. It will be sky high after the election no matter how that turns out. That single action of pipeline stoppage and regulations and stoppage of drilling on public lands and off shore on the oil companies set off inflation that has crippled our economy. Now interest rates for mortgages,(the highest in 25 years 7%) will cripple the real estate business. Who wants to upgrade to a newer house and give up a 3% mortgage? Young people just starting out looking for a home will be forced to put that idea on the burner. They have also divided the nation. Dems hate Republicans and they hate back. The Whites have been made to feel guilty about the Blacks and the democrats have help to put the black/white relations back over 50 years with the summer of 2020. God Help us….vote republican!

  4. Dust off that speaker’s chair Nancy and kiss it goodbye ’cause it ain’t gonna be yours to sit in after the new congress is sworn in early next year.

    • She’s seen to it that the “Pelosi’s are fixed financially for life with all her “insider trading” deals and the corrupt deals her husband has participated in. And now she’s bucking for the Ambassador to Italy position, so she couldn’t care less if she loses her Speaker position. I just hope the Republicans open up an investigation on her corrupt dealings when they take over the Senate.

  5. The Democrats have all there priorities in the wrong order! Pelosi is the one in denial, she has stopped this Country from advancing in the last six years. Good riddance to the Democrats up for election.

  6. High inflation, high gas prices, 2nd amendment being assaulted, botched pullout from Afghanistan, 1st amendment speech rights being attacked, lies and more lies, economy is tanking, 72 genders, grooming our kids into homosexuality and transgenderism through our education system, everything touched by Biden and all the democrats has turned to crap. This was all foreseen. They need to be stopped, and the real question will the republicans develop a backbone. If they don’t this mess is only halted but not turned back. Evil nothing but evil

  7. Who in the Hell does she think she is but an old Buddy! She thinks she is better than anyone else! However, with that kind of attitude she’s showing her true colors! Never put anyone above or treat them below yourself! I don’t understand how or why she got voted in unless is was payback for inside trading information! She allowed Jan. 6 to happen due to poor security!

  8. There’s only one major problem the Republican Party may not win control of both Houses. That problem is that the Democratic Communist Party members and their complicit fake news media outlets will CHEAT. It’s not a matter of IF THE DEM’s WILL CHEAT, because they will.

    Think about the radical democrats most recent thefts of elections. In 2012 Obama stole his second term in office. Obama was a failed president who forced his unwanted and unaffordable Healthcare Act onto the American people with lies (keep Dr & ins)! Think, how could the Democratic Party lose 1,034 political seats, which neither party has lost in U.S history, yet Obama wins?! No he didn’t.

    In 2018, Dem’s also stole two Senate seats in Atlanta and PA, where evidence has been brought forward that mass election fraud occurred.

    And of course in 2020 Biden stole the office of President!!! There’s also massive amounts of evidence showing that President Trump is the legitimate winner!

  9. This woman is in denial all she does is lie to you the American people she is drunk for power God is ending this Nancy dont mess with God or his people repent if you want to live so you dont go to hell it her choice

  10. Why would anybody vote for a Democrat? Is it so Pelosi can make a few more Million dollars screwing America. Is it so you can hear more Lies, or is it you like millions of illegals coming into America and living off your Money. Or do you like to Defund the Police to keep America in danger, How do you like Bail reform, so criminals can rob you again. Or is it that you like Transgender/ gays , drag Queens taking over our Schools and destroying our Children. So Pelosi why would anybody vote for aDemocrat ?

  11. Amen to everything that has been said!!! Good RRiddance to the Democrats! I pray we get our country back. That means closing the border, Impeachment of Biden, replacing Harris, and drilling for oil again in the US. And may the Woke Media eat their words!!!

  12. Nancy, there are many people whose faith and personal beliefs are more than just a line to be added to their obituaries.

  13. Pelosi’s husband gets nocked in the head with a hammer and has to undergo brain surgery but, Pelosi stays in WADC. Nice!!! It’s all about the votes Paul.

  14. Keep Lying Pelosi, keep PROVING that you know NOTHING about the USA, ITS ECONOMY, ITS PEOPLE and what direction it MUST head.
    You have driven this country to its knees, made it a laughing stock of the world and abused your position and authority,
    You have allowed TERRORISTS (Antifa and others) to do BILLIONS of dollars in financial destruction without recourse. You have worked with the US parks and DC police to create mayhem, violate civil rights and literally attempt to beat patriots peacefully exercising their rights nearly to death, and then had over a thousand thrown in FEDERAL prison without Trial. You Pelosi are the scourge of this nation, a beast, and animal not fit to walk among us and somehow you maintain a position that allows you to spout lies and threaten every good citizen’s existence. You pretend that the Right is the problem. Enough of you. Be gone. Go away.

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