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Trump Tees Off on Biden

Former President Donald Trump knocked his successor, Joe Biden, after teeing off at the Saudi-backed LIV Invitation Pro-Am golf tournament in Miami.

In the viral clip, Trump hit the golf ball and immediately turned to the camera.

“Do you think Biden could do that? I don’t think so,” Trump said, prompting laughter from those in attendance.

In another clip, the former president called the Saudi-backed golf tournament “very good” when asked by reporters.

“Very good. It’s great,” he said. “Unlimited money.”

According to the Daily Mail, the former president was “later filmed by a reporter claiming he had gone round the first nine holes in one-over-par, an impressive score often not recorded by professional players, let alone 76-year-old former Presidents.”

The president also told reporters that he blamed the PGA Tour for some professional players choosing to participate in the LIV tournament.

“I think the Tour really blew a great opportunity, and now they are in a much more difficult position,” Trump told reporters before the competition.

“It’s big time, it’s big time money, unlimited money, they love golf, they actually love golf, and the Saudis have done a fantastic job,” he added. “The enthusiasm, you hear the music, you hear a lot of things, it’s different, and so we are having a good time.”

When asked if LIV represented the future of golf, the former president said he hopes that something gets worked out, adding that they squandered an advantage.

“I don’t know, I think that ultimately maybe something gets worked out, but the Tour mishandled it so badly, the people at the top, something should happen with them, they mishandled it so badly,” he said.

“They had, not only an advantage, they are dealing with very good people with unlimited money, they are good people with unlimited money. Something could have been worked out very easily, and the Tour decided to go, as Richard Nixon said, to stonewall it, that didn’t work out too well for them,” he added.

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