Obama Smears Political Candidate

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) and former President Obama have questioned GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker’s ability to run the office during a rally held on Friday. Obama’s recent stop in Georgia, which is only one of the many areas that he will be stopping ahead of the midterm elections, saw him supporting Warnock who is currently facing a tight race. Both the incumbent senator and Obama said during their event that Walker did not yet have the necessary experience to know how to carry out the job.

They said that not only is Walker “not ready” but also, he is “not fit” to represent Georgia as he is not someone in whom the people can place their trust in. This was especially highlighted throughout Walker’s campaign; there have been multiple cases regarding him saying “lies about the most basic facts of his life.”

Throughout his campaign, Walker had spoken about family values, but reports have shown that he has had at least four children from different women. Out of those three were born out of wedlock. His son, Christian Walker has also said that he was an absentee father and had not actively participated in his children’s life.

Walker has also repeatedly claimed he was against abortion, but reports have come out that he paid for a woman to have an abortion after she got pregnant by Walker in 2009.

Warnock said that Walker’s lies are something he wears “as a badge of honor.”

Other lies that Walker has claimed include training as an FBI agent even though reports show that he was never a certified FBI agent or officer and Cobb County has no records to support his claims.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. Obama and Warnock speak about experience and the only experience this pair has is conning their way to election! Obama made Jimmy Carter look like a genius and of course we all know Obama is a traitor and affirmed that on an open mike!
    How did the Obama’s become so rich and it wasn’t from writing books!
    The 400 million cash sent to Iran was for prisoners that the United States never ever pays for!
    I’ll bet a portion of that cash made its way back to Obama via an offshore account!
    He’s a good BS Er, and a con man and that all he’ll ever be an Warnock is molded the same way!

  2. Look and the records of Obama and Warnock. Both are poor past performers and both have become rich. Walker is not perfect but at least he stands for the flag and supports America’s values.

    • I agree, Obama was the worst President , now biden is the worst. Warnock is just as bad as Obama, Walker isn’t perfect. No one is however we must have Republicans in office to take back our Country from the democrats that are destroying us, we’re looksing our FREEDOMS ONE AT A TIME,.Our diesel fuel is almost gone which means there will be a shortage of truckers to deliver our food. We can’t let this happen. Our children are being indoctrinated into changingtheir genders and hating America and their parents. The kids are being taken to DRAG QUEEN shows at our schools, libraries and even BARS. Isn’t this abuse by the parents? Where’s CPS? I saw a mom literally pushing a 10 or 11 year old girl through the door and she looked terrified. This must stop. Please ppl VOTE RED OR AMERICA IS DEAD. No Rhino’s like Liz Cheney that says she’s still a republican but is voting democrat. Use paper ballots no machines that can and have been hacked. No drop boxes, no mailers, already thousands have been sent out in some States. They’re trying to stop it. It’s time to SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND CHILDREN PLEASE VOTE RED.

  3. Why can’t Bath House Barry keep his muzlime mouth shut. No one cares, he screwed the American people for eight years and got rich by hook or crook. Go back to Michelle (Micheal) and Shut the Hell Up

  4. Have you ever noticed how Satan knows who to pick and choose to do his bidding to destroy mankind. Deceitful Liars, cheaters, criminals, hypocrites, perverts, self absorbed, greedy people who hate God. Look at every Democrat who is now in office and tell me, which one does not fit that description. I bet not even one liberal radical Democrat can name just one honestly.

  5. So predictable. Obama reminds me of the guy (every office has one) who does nothing but walk around holding a cup of coffee. That’s it. Period.


  7. These comments confirm what most Americans feel about Trump cultists…ignorant, racist, deluded and mindless victims of the ultimate grifter…Don the Con. You worship Trump because he appeals to your anger, resentment, racism and sense of victimhood, and makes you feel better about yourselves. Ironic, because he will take your votes and money, but you would never be welcome at Mar-a-Lago or any of his hotels or golf courses. You hate intelligent and successful black leaders such as the Obamas and Warnock because you resent that they have done better than your own miserable lives. You support Walker because he fits the old stereotype of black people from the era of Jim Crow and the KKK. Too bad that GA no longer has literacy tests to vote, because you sure as hell would never pass!

    • Yes obama did several things. Fast and furious, guns to cartels, Bengazi, never lifted a finger for our American’s there when they begged for help, selling uranium to Russia, founded acorn as a community organizer in Chicago, several of the Acorn leaders are in prison for fraud, divided our America and boosted blm, used the IRS to go after any one that spoke against his policies. He sure did a few things all right.

    • Ummm, Never Trumper, you seem to be the angry one on this site. Is it because the American people want President Trump’s policies back?! You remember, a secure border, low taxes, law and order instead of record high crime, our 1st, 2nd, and 4th amendments were protected, terrorists were not in control of Afghanistan, China, Russia, N.Korea and Iran weren’t threatening war, Ukraine wasn’t attacked by Russia, we were energy exporters, no inflation, …..etc.

      Never Trumper, was it you Mother who told you that you were smart?! You’re exactly what the Democratic Communist Party members look for in their voters to stay in power . The Communist Party just loves people like you who are horribly ignorant, angry, misinformed and uninformed. You might want to turn off all news media outlets after the midterms because I don’t think you’re going to be very happy. But us dumb MAGA supporters will be. Yeeehaaa!!!

  8. All I would ask, is to give Walker a chance. Obama is the biggest liar that ever stood before the country over and over and repeated, “if you like your plan, you can keep it.” He knew it was a lie all along. I can not stand this this human garbage as a man or his trans wife. They make me sick. To think that the American people fell for all his lies, it’s crazy.

  9. I agree Obama was a slum Lord before he ran for Congress . What experience did he have NONE . Our country was awful when he was president the division between black and whites the no support police offices they were being ambushed he never said one word not even for a black officer . Now he is in control of this country again at its worse now than in his 8 years . It’s red or we are all dead ( starvation, crime , lack of medical care , you name it he’s going to fine away to lower the population one way or another that’s his dream of American a 3 rd world country not a super power thriving country that the world respected under Regan under Trump none of the communists country’s even dare do what they are doing now . Look Terrorist ran wild under Obama not under Trump not under Regan . Wake up idiots but if you do not say good bye to your family your friends and American China will move in you will be working the fields for ford for the elite of China

  10. Raphael Warnock and Barack Hussein Obama are both birds of the same feathers. Both are radical communist, who want to transform our country into communist dictatorship. Both are also racist who hate this country and every American in it who doesn’t believe in the same anti-American ideologies as they do.

    What’s hilarious is that the Democratic Communist Party believes that Obama was a success, and actually accomplished things?! The only thing Odumbo got through by lying to the American people (keep you Dr & ins…yeah right), and forcing it on us. The Unaffordable Healthcare Act is now being subsidized with billions of our hard earned taxpayers money because it’s not working as promised and it’s not affordable!!!

    Obama was a failed president who divided our country with his racist hate and communist policies and ideologies. Hilary stupidly campaigned that she would continue with Obama’s unwanted policies and go even further left! Imagine that, she lost and President Trump stepped in and put our country in the right direction!!!

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