Obama Smears Political Candidate

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) and former President Obama have questioned GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker’s ability to run the office during a rally held on Friday. Obama’s recent stop in Georgia, which is only one of the many areas that he will be stopping ahead of the midterm elections, saw him supporting Warnock who is currently facing a tight race. Both the incumbent senator and Obama said during their event that Walker did not yet have the necessary experience to know how to carry out the job.

They said that not only is Walker “not ready” but also, he is “not fit” to represent Georgia as he is not someone in whom the people can place their trust in. This was especially highlighted throughout Walker’s campaign; there have been multiple cases regarding him saying “lies about the most basic facts of his life.”

Throughout his campaign, Walker had spoken about family values, but reports have shown that he has had at least four children from different women. Out of those three were born out of wedlock. His son, Christian Walker has also said that he was an absentee father and had not actively participated in his children’s life.

Walker has also repeatedly claimed he was against abortion, but reports have come out that he paid for a woman to have an abortion after she got pregnant by Walker in 2009.

Warnock said that Walker’s lies are something he wears “as a badge of honor.”

Other lies that Walker has claimed include training as an FBI agent even though reports show that he was never a certified FBI agent or officer and Cobb County has no records to support his claims.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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