Democrats Target Trump Organization

The Trump organization is on trial for criminal tax fraud as prosecutors claim that for a 15-year period they were avoiding paying taxes by providing huge benefits for their top executives, which included apartments and luxury vehicles.

On Monday both the prosecutors and defense lawyers made their opening statement in which they discussed the extent to which the organization could be held accountable for the actions of Allen Weisselberg. Weisselberg has pleaded guilty and is one of the key witnesses for the prosecution. In exchange for his cooperation, he will only receive a five-month sentence.

Jeffrey McConney, another Trump Organization executive, senior vice president, and controller was called to explain several financial records, which included both Weisselberg’s payroll, and the leases the company provided for him. His testimony is set to resume on Tuesday.

Prosecutors are alleging that it was McConney who assisted Weisselberg with misreporting his income for taxation purposes and was granted immunity to provide his testimony both before a grand jury and in the criminal trial. So far, he has appeared in front of the grand jury around eight times discussing Trump-related cases.

This tax-fraud case is the only result of the Manhattan district attorney’s three-year investigation into the former President’s activities. However, there are two more cases regarding Trump that New York courts are currently handling.

Prosecutor Susan Hoffinger in her opening statement has said that the Trump organization should be held liable as it entrusted Weisselberg to handle several financial and managerial affairs for the organization.

The company allegedly also benefitted as it paid Weisselberg and two other executives not only a salary but also perks. They also saved on Christmas bonuses by calling top executives independent contractors.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. Total Corrupted Phony Government Abused the power It’s Americans Historically Shame they’re disgraced to held Democracy full hostage for Communism operation we won’t recognize only the aliens species from out of space monster invaders aimed humans !

  2. Ok, when this is over, I want to see the same intensive investigations of the Clintons, Obama’s, the Bidens, the Soros, and the Pelosi family. Lets make sure the government turns the FBI, and the Justice Department loose on them.

    • Wayne, I don’t have a whole lot of faith in the weak and spineless Republican Party members to do what you just described that needs to be done.

      The Democratic Communist Party has really covered all their criminally corrupt bases, because be sides their complicit fake news media outlets, they have also infiltrated the DOJ and the FBI. Outstanding post Wayne…..

  3. It’s funny how Donald Trump has made the demos a nervous wreck and have done EVERYTHING in their power to stop him

  4. The American people should. unite and Call upon God to handle these Amelection.erican crooks, Clintons, Obama’s,
    BIden’s, the Soro”sand the Pelosi family , I urge everyone to vote Republic in our up coming election.

  5. Given depth of corruption in government in ALL branches right now, it will take at least 2 terms in office for the Republicans to develop some spine, weed out the corruption and hold all involved responsible. My suggestion for punishment for all: Ridden out of town on fresh split Cedar rails the put in public pillories made of fresh Cedar and the worst offenders to Devil’s island to be held incommunicado in ANY form. Why Cedar you ask…..its simple you see Cedar splinters and such fester and become quite painful very quickly. Anyone has had one can attest to the fact. The damage they have inflicted to the American citizens is unfathonable.

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