GOP’s Strange Message About Pelosi Family

Republicans have been giving mixed messages in response to the attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). Many Democrats have blasted Republicans for their response.

While many in the GOP, such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and former Vice President Mike Pence have been vocal about the attack and have condemned the action, others have not made any comments about it.

Former President Trump for example has not spoken about the incident at all. Democrats have also been critical of some of the political messaging that Republicans have been attaching to the event.

Paul Pelosi was attached early Friday morning while he was in the home that he shares with his wife in San Fransisco. The intruder who entered the house shouted, “Where is Nancy? Where is Nancy?” before striking him with a hammer.

According to the Speaker’s spokesperson, Paul Pelosi had to undergo surgery to repair the skull fracture. He also had severe injuries on his hands and right arm. The man is expected by doctors to make a complete recovery.

McConnell quickly responded to news of the incident saying he felt “horrified and disgusted.”

Pence similarly said that the assault was an “outrage.” House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (La.), who had previously been shot during a congressional baseball practice in 2017, has frequently also spoken up against violence.

Trump, who posted several things on Truth Social, did not post anything mentioning the attack against Paul Pelosi. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has also not made any statements regarding the attack. However, his spokesman has said that McCarthy talked directly with Pelosi and has checked on her husband’s health and prayed for him to recover.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. It’s so sad that liberals have to eat their own to try to get more votes. Blaming the other party is just “CRAP”!

    • DEMON-CRAPS will use anything or any”body” to get votes….BUT…. you do not ever get the whole story till MUCH LATER so you don’t know whether to PITY or PUNISH a DEMON-CRAP…..EVER!!!

    • Political “heartfelt” apologies, statements of grief and outrage are as fake as their claiming to be public servants. Greed, seeking power and advantages is all consuming to them.

  2. Maybe their waiting to hear the full story, so far, the story is so convoluted that no one has any idea what went on in that house.

  3. Anyone with half an ounce of compassion is appalled and angry about the attack.
    However, Democrats, in their usual sleazy way, are already using it to attack Republicans, and I’m appalled, angry and disgusted by their hypocrisy.
    As for this attack, the stories changed at least three times now, and one has got to wonder why? The changing narrative means there’s a lot more about this incident they are not being truthful or transparent with. My Bullshitometer is going off big time.

    • Additionally, how many times did the DUI story change regarding Mr. Pelosi. I think there are too many inconsistencies still….Did these democrat politicians ever say anything about the attack on Rand Paul or Kavanagh? No, in fact, you have politicians like Maxine Waters who encourage violence against the opposite party and politicians!!!

  4. As hard as Nancy has worked to destroy the entire Trump family, I can see where anything Pres. Trump might post would be twisted by the media and some democrats to be unrecognizable from anything he might actually say. Glad he hasn’t made himself a target on this one.

  5. I have heard both sides. My biggest disgust is how the Democrats have used it to villify people like me who is a Strong Born Believer in Jesus, who is a strong constitutional conservative, who is part of the religious right, who is part of the MAGA Crowd, a strong Trump supporter who believes the last election was stolen from him, who yes I do believe in certain conspiracy theories, and I am PRO-GUN all the way! To blame us.
    Regardless what the truth is concerning the political views of the assailant is to me is foolish to blame all Republicans and Conservatives. Based on what the Democrats and liberals are saying it would be like the pro-slavery people in the 1850’s demonizing all anti-slavery people and abolitionist for what John Brown did in Harper’s Ferry!

  6. Why are the democrat communists so surprised by a lack of conservative response? Every time conservatives do say something anytime at all, their words are twisted around to some word crap in a way/meaning, how the demo-commies want it to read!
    Also, these are the very same extremely violent criminals, the bidet administration -including Pelosi- as well as every state and local, sanctuary state and city demo-commie -“DEFUND THE POLICE”- officials want turned loose on the general citizen population to commit atrocities such as this again and again, even on a daily basis -without having to post any bail for Tuesday’s crime, so they can then commit Tuesday afternoon or evening’s revolving door, crime!

    • Yes. The window glass was broken from the inside of the house. That’s a breakout not a break in. You must be a Democrat……………

  7. I too think it sad this happened however. How did this man get into a house that we know we pay for their guards? Where were his guards? One minute they said he was up in the bedroom but when cops came all of a sudden the two were in the entryway schuffling. So who opened the door ? No one else was supposed to be there? Then pelosi was the one holding the hammer and the guy took it away n hit polosi while standing there in his underwear, were his clothes in the house or outside? What was pelosi wearing? He said where’s Nancy. Could it have been he was upset cuz he was there for a threesome.Pelosi told the 911 he was a friend. The guys house sure doesn’t look like a Republicans house. Why are they so rushed with getting him to court so they can Send him to prison? What’s the hurry, they should be investigating since there are SO MANY DIFFERENT STORIES. NO MATTER WHAT. THIS MAN DESERVES TO BE INVESTIGATED. I DO PRAY PELOSI HAS A SPEEDY RECOVERY. AMEN 🙏

  8. They worry about Americans getting fed up and attacking them, however, when it comes to Americans being attacked, they are all for freeing violent criminals and drug dealer loose on the public.

  9. This CFP column is a phony conservative site that almost always takes jabs at conservative politicians.

    This journalist to this article claimed Trump did not comment about Paul Pelosi’s attack, when he definitely did. With that said, even if Trump chose not to comment it would be totally understandable due to the fact that Nancy Pelosi has behaved like a child in her blatant hatred of Trump. She’s been caught on video stating she would punch him in the face. CFP never identifies it’s articles authors, why is that?!


  10. All BS sounds like it could have possible have been a friendship gone bad. But then I could be wrong but nothing to worry because the justice dept will give it thier attention and take thier time to do a good investigation. And maybe send him back he is an illegal isn’t he. Maybe the democrats will get him some good medical care so he can get back out on the streets again.

  11. Honestly no one knows what really happened except Paul Pelosi and his”friend”! Things have been said then taken back! So I’ll wait until the police say what happened HONESTLY‼️‼️‼️ I actually believe there is a lot more to the story, than what is being said! No intruder alarms went off, no one saw or heard anything in the well camera encompassed home or surrounding areas! Sounds like an invite to me that went bad! Just sayin‼️‼️‼️

  12. There is a lot more to the story that the biased press is printing. How did the person ,that struck Paul Pelosi, get in the house. There was no “breaking-in” reported, on after the hammer was used?? Why were people in their under garments if that much? I ask the question using the term people since the story has both Paul Pelosi and the man with the hammer? There also was a statement that both men had hammers, is this true??? Also information that the man that was in the house, did not break in the house, and he is also a person without papers making him an illegal immigrant. Whew, all this before the elections, what a remarkable relation to those same elections which are not going too well for the Demonocrats.

  13. While Nancy was out doing her anti-American work, old Paula smashed up his Porsche into a SUV being driven by an illegal immigrant who has since disappeared?! We know that old Paul would have gotten a pass from the corrupt California court system but Fox News’ Jesse Waters wouldn’t let go of the story. Paul still got a sweet deal from the in pocket Judge. Way better than what a normal person would have gotten.

    Okay, now Paul is in his home with a “friend” who, according to the fake news media outlets, is a MAGA Trump encouraged, white Supremacist who yelled out “where’s Nancy,” just like those alleged pesky January 6th protesters did (zero evidence that any protesters said that)!

    Some minor research done by real journalist revealed that the suspect lived in Berkeley Ca, in a yellow school bus with posters pasted onto it that read the rainbow gay pride flag and support for BLM and Antifa??? Neighbors of the suspect stated that he was into heavy drug use and was a nudist who definitely leaned far left.

    Gee, how did the Democratic Communist Party politicians and their complicit propaganda arm of the fake news media outlets get this story so blatantly and obviously wrong. After all, how many Gay, BLM supporting, drug using nudist, that are supposed to be MAGA Trump supporting white Supremacist that want to be just like those January 6th protesters who allegedly yelled out “where’s Nancy!”

    The FBI was in the crowd of the January 6th protest and who probably incited the violence on the Capital police and the break in. Moreover, the Capital building is covered in video surveillance , yet we the people have seen very little of it, even during the lefts phony show trial. All I’ve seen is guys dressed in all black, with their faces covered smashing and climbing through windows. Those people are either ANTIFA of FBI AGENTS who were in charge of this little Jan 6th fiasco. That’s probably why Nancy refused the 30,000 Army soldiers that Trump strongly suggested. Something stinks and I think it’s those radical anti-American, communist democrats who are running and ruining our country!!!

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