Biden Sued For Massive Sum

A Native American tribe, located in northwestern California, has sued the Biden administration over contractors who allegedly have not been made by the U.S. Department of Interior to pay the necessary money for the river restoration project. The Hoopa Valley Tribe notes that the laws in place require contractors to pay for the restoration efforts in exchange for using the water.

According to the lawsuit, the contractors are estimated to owe around $340 million which would have been given for the restoration efforts along the Trinity River. The river runs through 12 miles of the tribe’s reservation.

The trinity river has been used for water in local dams, and reservoirs, and its waters are even taken to the south where they help sustain farmlands. The Hoopa Valley tribe has noted that the federal government has not been diligent in consulting them regarding the river, even though updated laws gave the tribe power over the river flows.

During the Obama administration, a law mandated that temporary water contracts could be changed to permanent.

According to the tribe’s lawsuit, the contract awarded to Westland’s Water District did not have the necessary stipulation regarding the habitat restoration payments. Tribal leaders are now insisting that the river is in desperate need of restoration.

Mike Orcutt, fisheries director for the Hoopa Valley Tribe has noted that the river is a central component of life in the reservoir and that they are fighting to correct years of wrongdoings.

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  1. Once again the FEDS have failed to live up to their obligations and not enforcing the contracts. They have once again thumbed their noses at those involved.

  2. Gun laws should be balanced by common sense!!!! We don’t need an automatic rifle to hunt deer, elk et cetra!!!!!!and why does obama keep getting away with calling himself the first black president????

    • People don’t use “automatic rifles” to hunt deer and elk. They use single shot or semi-automatic rifles. Big difference!!!!!!and what the hell do gun laws have to do with native American water rights?????

      • You obviously don’t know the difference between automatic and semi automatic. An automatic rifle is an M-16, which you can not buy, you can only leave 700,000 of the to the Taliban. However all other weapons are semi automatic which means you can fire one shot at a time. Learn the difference.

    • Neither does any law enforcement officer need fully automatic weapons, or even semi-auto weapons for sniper use. Yet, damned near every LE office has them. Explain WHY the IRS needs weapons at all? They are NOT a law enforcement agency at all and should NOT be. The Constitution states that IF more than $20 any citizen has the right to be heard and defend themselves in a COURT OF LAW AND the decision in the case made by a jury of PEERS. The IRS has its OWN court, no jury and in fact makes the decision and then “allows” a citizen to “appeal” to that same “IRS OFFICER”. WHY? because the PEOPLE would find the actions and decisions and even laws of the IRS REPREHENSIBLE and REPUGNANT if they stood as jurists. They would not find citizens guilty most of the time.
      IF the IRS issues a warrant, then LOCAL LEO or FBI needs to make the arrest, not IRS! IRS agents do NOT need guns at all and should not have them.

      The problem with people of your mind set is that you have never read the words of our founding fathers. You have not considered that the USA would NOT exist without the PEOPLE having rights to arm themselves. We have been WARNED by the founding fathers NEVER TO TRUST ANY POLITICIAN, NOT EVEN THEMSELVES. The ONLY Constitution for 11 years WAS the Declaration of Independence, which bestowed causes and rights of the PEOPLE to rise up against a government that has its boot on the neck of the people. 2A was the “balance” between the PEOPLE and GOVERNMENT. Without that balance we will have DICTATORS and DESPOTS running a country. SCOTUS does NOT consider the Declaration of Independence a LEGAL document, even though it created the USA and was the ONLY operational document for 11 years.

  3. Why does Obama get by with what he is doing, He told someone that he would be president and no one would know. Gee, he is campaigning just he did once before. Biden should be campaigning IF he is going to run in 2024
    I’m sorry to have to say this, but Obama is a crook like most Dems.

  4. All Americans should be sueing Biden Harris PELOSI Obama Newsom for criminal activities sexual activities child sex trafficking activities rape fraud UNFIT for government duties offices and FBI criminals paid to remove and dispose of criminal activities by the Democratic party UNFITS

    • Our country is is already bankrupt. When we owe 31 trillion dollars,and no way of paying that back,I would say that we are bankrupt. That debt will never be paid back. No way in hell.

    • that crooked nutcase child molestwer biden has no right to be in the whitehouse at all..he is a blanking moron..he is the most hated person in the world..even other countries hate that crooked nutcase child molester biden..he needs to be gone ASAP.. FJB..

  5. all I can say about the above comments is wow. The hatred and spewing of rhetoric found who knows where with absolutely no facts to back any of this hatred up is astounding. I wish others could be heard without being shouted at, and threatened. There are other opinions, thoughts and facts which fomed my own. Sadly, I am not given the opportunity to express any of it without being shouted at, insulted, or threatened.

  6. I think the U.S has given enough reparations to the American Indians. It’s time to move on and join the rest of our country. Other groups and cultures have been wronged in the past and have now prospered. How long are the Indians going to sit on their porches, collect welfare/reparations, and drink hard alcohol, which there people have deemed illegal!

    • Camille, with all due respect, what I posted is talking about the money required to restore the river. Our governments involvement, like every other liberal ideal, has made the Indians completely dependent on government hand outs.

      My point is, it’s not helping them as a people. The same garbage has destroyed the black people into a permanent stance of division and victim hood. These tired ideals pushed by progressives has been in effect for several decades and has their condition improved. No!

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