Border Patrol Finds What At The Border?

According to authorities Border Patrol agents in Texas caught many illegal immigrants in two separate busts. The first bust happened on Friday when the McAllen Border Patrol Station (MCS) got an anonymous call about suspected immigrants traveling in a vehicle that would pass through Los Ebanos. One of the agents located the vehicle which was being driven by an American citizen. Within it, there have been five illegal immigrants traveling to the U.S. from Central America.

The vehicle was seized following the arrest of all the individuals involved.

Only a few hours later, an MCS camera captured people climbing into a GMC Envoy near Hidalgo, Texas. Once the vehicle stopped near a canal the people tried to escape. However, four migrants from Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras were found and captured. In this instance, the driver was not found.

RGV Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gloria I. Chavez released a statement saying that the continued support of law enforcement agents was necessary for them to dismantle Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs) who are active in the Rio Grande Valley region.

In September there was a large increase in immigrant encounters, especially when compared to previous years. In September 2021, 192,001 migrant encounters were noted, while in 2020 that number drops to 57,674 migrants.

CBP’s reports also showed that out of those arrested in the area on September 20 were known, terrorists.

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  1. Hello CFP Staff Writer. am a you tuber and i really appreciate Your Articles. I share them on my channel. I hope that is ok? I have to be careful of Copy Writes. Plese let me know if i am doing wrong. You tube is very strict on their rules. I have to be very careful. Respectfully, Betty Jepsen

  2. …”Border Patrol Finds What at the Border?”…this article is just cheap click bait. The article explains that border patrol officers have found illegal immigrants crossing the bordet. Well Duh…

  3. I’m not sensing that this article is”Breaking News.” I think just about every person knows that illegal immigrants and terrorists are crossing our border! It’s the ones that border patrol doesn’t catch are the ones we need to be worried about. We’re just begging for another 9/11 to happen again.

    The Democratic Communist Party and the O’Biden administration doesn’t seem to care about the future damage they’re causing with their open borders and anti-American policies and ideologies! Their “NEW WORLD LIBERAL ORDER” is totalitarian communism and that’s where our country is headed unless We The People vote all of the democrats and rhinos out of office. This progressive liberal movement must be destroyed permanently!!! VOTE…

    • Alfredo, you’re correct, Jan 6th was done by our own people. Additionally it was actually done by the Democratic Communist Party members and the Biden administration.

      The lies that have been told by the left is the Big Lie! Nancy Pelosi, Schumer, Wash D.C mayor Bowser declined 30,000 Army National Guard based on intelligence from the corrupt FBI. Protesters revealed that there was many FBI agents in the crowd urging protesters to enter the Capital building. Antifa azzwhole’s, (dress in their uniformed all black dress with facial coverings), we’re video taped coming through the window. The Jan 6th so called insurrection is about as phony as Hilary’s Russia hoax that she, Obama, Biden, Democrat communist party…etc, did on their many bs tries to get rid of Trump.

      Just as Obama did, O’Biden has weaponized the DOJ and FBI, which is who set up this phony Trump insurrection. The day of this protest President Trump’s wife and youngest son, Barron were at the Capital building when this happened. If President Trump preplanned this alleged insurrection, which everyone knows are violent, then why would he have scheduled it where his wife and son were there?! Why would Trump strongly recommend that 30,000 National Guard secure the Capital building, based on FBI agents.?!

  4. It is about time that all illegal immigrants become “person non grata” for crossing illegally. If they can not absolutely PROVE that they need asylum, then they need to know they can NEVER RETURN and will NEVER have any BENEFIT from their adventure.
    It is the BENEFIT that is the issue. Take that away and you take away the desire to come here. We need to CREATE a class of citizen that can never become naturalized and whose progeny can never be US citizens. Make any that stay here leave after 7 years, taking their children and spouses with them.
    Once we begin repatriating, we will cause the country of origin to begin to change because those that came here returned with a new perspective.

  5. Djea3, I couldn’t agree with you post more. I would just like to add some facts that cannot be refuted by pro- illegal immigrant supporters.

    — Democrats believe that these illegals will be their future voters to keep them in power. Democrats and Republicans do nothing about this problem that’s pouring into our country for cheap labor for their campaign lobbyists.

    — All illegals break our laws besides the law of illegal entry into our country! The only taxes illegals pay is sales tax, period! Illegals are paid for work by two ways. One is by cash under the table, where no income tax is taken. The other is a paycheck, in which the illegal steals the identity and social security number from a U.S citizen. The illegal then claims maximum dependents, so to not have any income tax taken out of their stolen paycheck. The taxes that are due are left for the U.S citizen to deal with, when the IRS comes demanding tax revenue owed!

    Here’s just a few ways to deter illegals from coming here:

    —No more anchor babies being born here earning the baby instant citizenship and the mother instant taxpayer welfare money!

    — All children being enrolled in public, taxpayer paid for public schools K-12, must provide proof of citizenship to enroll. All illegals should be denied unless citizen!

    These are just some reasonable, rational laws that should be common sense and pro-American.

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