Republicans Gain Momentum In Unlikely Place

In New York, the GOP has been bridging the gap with the possibility that the Republicans would stop their 20 years precedent of winning the governorship in the state.

Until recently New York’s gubernatorial seat was widely assumed to be safe as Gov. Kathy Hochul’s (D) had a close to double-digit lead against Republican contender Lee Zeldin. However, in recent weeks that lead has greatly decreased and is now in the single-digit field. Zeldin has widely been focusing on key topics like crime and inflation. This latest development led to Hochul calling herself the “underdog”.

The race has become increasingly competitive, which is part of the reason why the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) decided to create a super PAC for Hochul to receive a last-minute boost. Democrats still believe that Hochul will be able to win in the midterm elections, despite the close difference in the race.

The gubernatorial race after the primary appeared to resemble similar races across the country. Hochul focused her attention on social issues, such as Abortions, while Zeldin has been focusing on crime. Hochul has also targeted Zeldin for being one of the 150 Republicans who voted to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Rich Azzopardi, founder, and principal of Bulldog Strategies said that every Democrat should be worried about the gubernatorial race. Azzopardi noted that most people tend to think that crime is out of control despite the Democrats repetitively showing them statistics that prove otherwise. This has led to people feeling unsafe both physically and economically.

Hochul became governor following Cuomo’s resignation last year. Cuomo resigned after multiple women spoke up against him with detailed claims of sexual harassment. Hochul won the June primary against New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and Rep. Thomas Suozzi (D) by receiving two-thirds of the vote.

Zeldin, a congressman who represents the state’s 1st Congressional District, has served the House since 2015 and he also had an incredibly successful primary run.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. I’m not sure that any election in New York would ever be fair and square. Their voting platform is riddled with fraud from voting rosters being highly suspect with countless dead people voters and ghost voters which are computer generated. I would love to see New York switch for the sake of the people living there but, will the results reflect the truth? This remains to be seen.

  2. New Yorkers need to get out and vote ZELDIN. Hochul has allowed and turned New York City and state into a hell hole. If she does win on November 8th be prepared for crime to get worse because she’s not changing anything with cashless bail or Braggs. Be prepared to have YOUR CHILDREN FORCED TO GET THE COVID SHOT TO ATTEND ALL NEW YORK STATE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. This is something Zeldin should be talking about also, parents will no longer have the say with this shot, it will be forced upon you and your children unless you can afford private schools or you can home school your children, if neither of those are an option your children are getting the shot.

  3. Kathy Hochul is doing the same dance the rest of the democrats who are campaigning are doing, which is lie and tell you to not see and hear what you’re seeing and hearing! Hochul is saying there’s no increase in crime and New York is safe.

    Hochul also uses the democracy at stake memo that the Democratic Communist Party members have sent out to their propaganda fake news media outlets.

    Seldin should win the NY-Governor’s race unless the democrats do one thing! Cheat. The democrats have cheated in many recent elections. The 2012 presidential election was stolen. How did Obama win, when 1,034 democratic seats were won by Republicans?! Obama was a failed president. The 2018 senate seats in Ga and Pa were pith found to have election fraud evidence. The 2020 presidential election was also stolen with help from the democratic weaponized DOJ and FBI who held back the Biden crime family evidence on Hunter’s laptop. Additionally, there is also evidence of election fraud.

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