Trump Suffers Two Major Court Losses

Both the Supreme Court and a federal judge have ruled against former President Donald Trump.

The request for South Carolina Lindsey Graham to not have to testify before a Georgia grand jury responsible for investigating the attempts for the Georgian 2020 election results to be overturned, was rejected by the Supreme Court. This came only a day after a federal judge chose to dismiss former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ lawsuit which sought for two subpoenas from the January 6 House select committee to become void.

The Supreme Courts’ decision has now allowed Graham to be questioned under oath regarding any possible interference with the election in Georgia. The testimony will be led by Fulton County Prosecutor Fani Willis.

Willis will specifically get to ask Graham about the phone calls with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger following the 2020 election. Raffensperger has alleged that during those calls the senator had encouraged him to consider the possibilities of absentee ballots being thrown out in an attempt to gain ” a more favorable outcome” for Trump.

Graham has claimed that these allegations are “ridiculous”. He has also argued that he should be protected by the Constitution’s Speech and Debate Clause, which states members of Congress are not to be questioned about their legislative duties. This would mean that Graham should not be able to testify to the Fulton County special grand jury.

The Supreme Court has rejected this argument but has noted that Graham can object to certain questions because of that protection.

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  1. Just how deep is the Deep State. Scary stuff for our Republic. Pull a Comey/Clinton stunt, I don’t recall that conversation or I don’t remember.

  2. Don’t we have better things to do rather than hash over (again) something that supposedly happened two years ago? Just what is to be gained? Why are taxpayer dollars being wasted on endless investigations that will result in nothing? Some of our elected leaders easily forget WHY they are elected to represent us.

    • Dave, I couldn’t disagree with you more on forgetting about a presidential election that was stolen from President Trump. It’s the most important thing we vote on. I do get your lack of faith in our politicians that they will be able to hold anyone accountable.

      I’ve actually read about 18,000 mail in ballots, that were all for Biden, being counted where the ballots had no folds on the ballot sheet. How did these get ‘mailed?’ These ballots were never folded and placed in a envelope!

      12,000 ballots were also counted where only Biden’s check box was x-Ed off and all the other political votes weren’t touched. Again these votes went Biden!

      In Arizona, it showed at 10pm Trump was ahead by over 20,000 votes and the voter poll office decided to close down and most poll workers went home. Not all. The next day that exact amount, 20,000 votes were counted where Biden was suddenly ahead …wtf..?????????

      I personally think that Biden and the Democratic Communist Party were involved in fraud. I haven’t even included the weaponized DOJ and FBI who intentionally withheld the corruption of the Biden crime family and all the evidence that proved this in Hunter’s laptop. Voter’s polled stated they would have never voted for Biden if they were informed of the criminal Biden crime family. Dave, election integrity is extremely important….

        • David, that’s your idea of refuting my post, is “Stop lying.” No attempt to provide evidence to support your comment.

          David , you’re exactly what the Democratic Communist Party members look for in a voter to stay in power. You’re horribly uninformed, misinformed, and completely ignorant!

        • But you support an Alzheimer’s riddled who is not actually running the country. His puppeteers are. He doesn’t even know where he is half the time. Trump may have been crude, but the country was better off under him. Anyone who disputes that is an idiot.

    • BECAUSE one of the MOST important rights in our society is the ELECTION PROCESS. We have seen it PROVED that there are tens to hundreds of precincts that had major “irregularities” and that those irregularities were enough to assure a BIDEN election.
      It is ok for the Dems to sue for “hanging chads” and to sue in EVERY major election over silly stuff that is even statistically irrelevant. . It is OK for DEM lead counties to use election counting equipment and methods that are deemed ILLEGAL even in their own state. It is ok for DEMS to have ORGANIZED unlawful vote collection processes during major elections. It is OK for the statistical analysis to PROVE that something was impossible to happen that did (example suddenly exactly 20,000 votes appearing without any votes for the other party, an impossibility for any mail in count anywhere). But when the Republicans raise the question it is an attempt to overthrow and election and a government? Sorry, just WRONG.
      The fact is that even Pelosi and HRC have ordered Dems to do whatever it takes to get elected. Not legally elected, to GET ELECTED. The problem is that the DEMS believe that ends justify any means. They are proving this DAILY in how they operate both in election and congress and senate. Creating false narratives using foreign spies and paying for it. Delivering KNOWN false information to the FBI to overthrow a President. Unlawfully gaining classified military records to attempt to end a Republican’s bid for office (she was RAPED DAMN IT). How can the dems even believe that being raped in the military and reporting it should end a political career? We know that the DEMS do not care for WOMEN’s rights just from this alone!!!
      Well, that time is nearly ended. I drive around my neighborhood and see NO BLUE SIGNS. I live in a heavily mixed area that had BLUE SIGNS ONLY for the last 15 years. The Black community has realized the ABUSE and LIES by the DEMS. They are ASHAMED to admit they even voted DEM ever! The Hispanic community has never placed its faith in DEMS UNLESS that person was here illegally and wanted something for themselves! The Asian Community has NEVER been DEM.
      The basis….Hispanics and Asians own businesses and work hard (unless they are government employees). The Black community is wising up to the DEMS holding them back by “financial support dependency”. This is all coming to a head now and will most likely be ending PERMANENTLY. Especially as China and Russia are showing the TRUE COLORS of what socio-communism looks like…..FASCISM itself.

  3. Same in Pa. and Mich., probably Wis. also. Yet, all we seem to hear about is how Repubs are a threat to “the democracy.

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