Obama Tells Voters How To Think

Obama encouraged rallygoers at his latest campaign event in Phoenix to work on preserving democracy through “nurture”. He added that whenever democracy has been lost it has been the people who have ended up getting hurt. He added that there are consequences to the loss of democracy and this is not a philosophical question, nor is democracy something that can be taken for granted.

He continued by saying that generations of Americans have fought for the idea of self-government and that the rules in place are there to help make democracy and society work. He also added that not having things go your way should not mean that you “throw a tantrum.”

Obama appeared in Arizona in support of gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs and Sen. Mark Kelly, who are facing very competitive races in the state.

Democrats have frequently spoken about the importance of saving democracy, especially following the effects of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. At the time pro-Trump supporters tried to stop the certification of the 2020 election after former President Trump continuously falsely claimed that the election had been stolen.

As part of his speech, Obama also referred to the increase in political violence, which became particularly evident in the recent violent attack against the husband of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). As he noted it is clear that the demonization of political opponents is what has created this dangerous situation and if things continue as they are, more people are bound to get hurt.

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  1. Eat my shorts Obama…your party is the one that is destroying democracy…your party is the one that is allowing the country to be over-run by illegals…your party is the one that is responsible for the deaths of 12 American soldiers in Afghanistan…your party is the one that has caused skyrocketing inflation. Don’t lecture us on destroying democracy…just look into the mirror and you’ll see the problem. Take a break Obama and leave us alone. Your time is done.

  2. Why can’t obummer just go and retire like all the other presidents did ! Who is pullling his strings and paying him to stur the pot for socialism. In my opinion the worse prosident the US has had in my lifetime . And I have been around for more years that obummer

    • Obama was president for 8 years !! If he did what needed to be done, we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in today. All these organizations, and people in his administration did nothing to help the cause. They are on the path of continually trying to destroy America , America was a great nation, but the Democrats don’t want a great nation, they are just concerned about destroying all that was great and good for all people.

  3. Whatever illegal doings of the Dumbocrats,they will always blame the Republicans. The sad thing is that the weak minded will believe these liers.


  5. Interesting, Trump falsely claimed? May be, but seeing all the shenanigans that were pulled, including closing poles, sending poll workers home, then reopen and continue counting…like Atlanta, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and probably Wisconsin. No nothing to see here. Remember how a lot of these same democrats treated George W Bush? Don’t lecture us on demonizing, you democrats got that started. And objecting to the outcome of an election? How about Stacy Abrams? Pelosi, Schumer and on and on…like the above stated, take a good look in the mirror. And by the way, we are supposed to be a Democratic Republic, pure democracy is nuts. We are supposed to have representatives that should be doing our bidding, not someone who goes off to congress, (like biden,), for the next 50 years, to make friends and cronies that will make them rich, that is when they aren’t using insider trading, that will make them rich. If this is an honest election this time, there dhould be a real message sent.

  6. Between Obama and Biden I’m not sure which is the worst all they do is try to divide this country Isn’t it amazing they talk about hostility and violence when BLM and antifa did what they did and they never said a word about that funny huh God I despise this man and Biden to

  7. Here’s a thought, go f**k yourself. This country was bad when u were in office . So let us help u think. Your a dumbass so go away for good this time. Nobody wants to hear your lies. U and your buddy Biden (Let’s Go Brandon). The advice your giving Biden on how to run things is against the American people. So stop sending hate and go away.

  8. It always comes down to the fear tactics the the left spouts. Even more so this election cycle it seems. It never fails, you can predict it. But people are waking up to the hazards of voting democrats to office. If you believe that you are better off, then by all means vote democrat. But if you finally are seeing the damage the left is doing then you really have no choice but to vote republican.

  9. Barack Hussein Obama is a failed president who stole his second term election in 2012!!! Remember how he and the Democratic Communist Party lied their asses off to force Obama’s so called legacy legislation called Obamacare. You can keep your Dr and ins co, plus it was supposed to be affordable?! All lies. The last bill that O’Biden just passed, The “Inflation Reduction Act,” is being used to spend nearly 360-billion taxpayer dollars to subsidize Obamacare because it’s NOT AFFORDABLE!!!

    During Obama’s first term, in 2010, Democrats lost over 1,034 political seats throughout our country because the American people did not like the direction that Obama and the democrats were taking this country in. Neither political parties in U.S history have ever lost that massive number of elections. So, with that historical loss by democrats, how did Obama win his second term election legitimately???

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