Five Big Answers From The Midterms

The midterm elections are going to not only determine which party control’s congress but will also answer questions about the direction of American politics as well as who might be up for the Presidency in 2024.

The first question everyone is waiting to see the answer relates to how bad the elections will go for Democrats. This is especially true because the GOP has been gaining momentum in the weeks before the elections.

Similarly, many people are waiting to see how MAGA candidates do. Specifically, many are wanting to see how the varying levels of success of these candidates will affect former President Trump’s decisions and announcements regarding a 2024 candidacy.

One of the big questions on everyone’s minds also relates to abortions and how abortion access and rights are going to be affected by these midterm elections. Especially in light of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, abortions have become a central issue in the midterm elections.

In terms of the results of the midterm elections, many people are also waiting to see if even more Latinos have turned to Republican candidates. This has been a trend over the past few years, and many people are waiting to see the results.

Finally, the midterm elections will have obvious ramifications for the 2024 presidential elections, so many are waiting to see how some of the potential presidential nominees will do in the elections that they currently face.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. It is a shame that all the contrived reasons for holding up the final declaration of numbers, by using the closing time, or the machine breakdowns, or of people “not” receiving their requested ballots, so they can vote “after the closing time”. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO VOTING???????

    • Agreed. Voting day arrives and you go vote. Show ID, sign the register, and pull the handles. Non-citizens were obviously and sensibly prohibited from voting.

    • You’re absolutely correct the system needs to be fixed there are three major problems.

      1. Redistricting: (States being able to gerrymander Maps)

      2. Massive Voter suppression: (US citizens denied the right to vote. Example in Florida that’s 1.4 MILLION)

      3. The Electoral College: (Now there is talk that States can overturn election results by picking their own electors)

  2. The election should be completey re-done all votes verified, all votes recounted. With enought people in place to make sure. It is fair the usa is loosing respect of countries all over the world, and why not there is no honesty in our country any more and they know it.

  3. Nancy Pelosi and the democrats made such a fuss during the last administration about Russia interfering with the USA election, which turned out to be false. However the fact that the Democrats want non-citizens to be able to vote in our elections is definitely interfering with our election process. It’s like allowing Russia or China or Mexico or other countries to vote in our election. All another country has to do is send agents to our country and sway the vote in such a way that it is not what the citizens of the USA wants. This is insane!

  4. It’s just another part of the Democrats’ plan. They plan to steal every election until the Republican party is finally eradicated. And, the stupid people in this country, are falling right into their trap.

  5. Unless the Republican Party politicians pull their heads out of their ass, the 2022 midterm elections is turning out the same way the 2020 presidential election did, which is stolen by the Democratic Communist Party! This midterms results are due to wide scale voter fraud.

    In 2012 Obama’s democratic party lost over 1,034 political seats, which was historic and has never happened to either parties in U.S history. The Democrats lose over 60 congressional seats, yet Obama legitimately wins his second term. Seriously?!

    In 2018 there was voter fraud evidence in PA and GA senate races, and both went to democrats?! Huge numbers of mail in ballots with no fold crease that the ballots should have had to be placed in a envelope. No creases found on thousands of ballots going to, you guessed it, democrats!?

    2020 presidential election was stolen by a weaponized DOJ and FBI who has instructed big tech to cover up Hunters laptops that hold direct evidence of Joe Biden’s and his crime family’s criminal corruption. Complicit democratic fake news media outlets refused to report on it calling it Russian disinformation!!! Democratic voters were polled if they would have known about all the crimes the Biden family has committed, they would not have voted for him!!!

  6. Politics is a religion to all democrats and radicals. The democratic party is their church…. If “the devil” was running for office within that party, he would win hands down……Issues have almost “no meaning” to them…

  7. How anyone could vote for the dems is a mystery to me, they have a dopy president and some awful candidates like Wierdo Fetterman in pa.,it must be the water, that many voters could not be that stupid

    How could anyone vote for weird bidens minions!!!!!!!

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