Lindsey Graham Fumes Over Midterms

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) expressed that the Republican wave many were expecting is clearly not happening after Republicans failed to pick up early wins in Tuesday night’s midterm elections.

The statement was made during Graham’s appearance on NBC, while the network was covering the election, anchored by Lester Holt and Savannah Guthrie. Graham specifically added that they would only manage to secure 51 or 52 seats in the Senate.

Earlier projections on key races across the U.S. showed that moderate Democrats would be able to retain their House seats. Graham also noted Don Bolduc, a Trump-aligned Republican candidate for Senate in New Hampshire, who has already lost the seat he was trying to win, that “when you run that far behind your governor candidate, you probably made a mistake.”

Many were expecting Republicans to win both the House and Senate, and a so-called “red wave” has widely been perceived to have been the expected outcome of this year’s midterms. Many also believed that this year’s midterm election would show the direction American voters wanted to see the country headed regarding inflation, crime, and other key issues that emerged during Joe Biden’s first term as President.

However, as of late Tuesday evening, many key congressional races, especially those on the West Coast, had not yet yielded clear results.

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    • TRUMP is the reason we didn’t have the red wave. While I think he did a lot for us as President, he’s now dead weight. He should step aside and throw his support to DeSantis or Pence but his enormous ego will not allow that. I’m afraid we are screwed.

      • Ron, you are an ingrate, a fickle Republican, a shameless coward. Because of the incredible tearing down of former President Trump by Democrats and never-Trumper Republicans mired in Deep State politics, you are ready to surrender. Trump was the one Republican who could hold the feet of allies to the fire and make them pay at least part of their obligation, i.e., NATO. Trump is the only American who had the guts to confront North Korea, Russia, and China. The fault for the party’s poor showing in 2022 was the insane braggarts in the party who predicted a red wave, if not a tsunami. You and guys like Gingrich are starting a fight against Trump who, in a very real sense, gave the country a rebirth of the Republican. Party. Trump’s forte was in the global arena a fact never mentioned by the destructive news media. You and others who think like you are putting another generation of America’s youth by not taking a strong position with our allies who depend too much on our country for their defense.

        • GOP Loser Delcy, you are an idiot.
          trumpie lost the midterms.
          How much did Mexico pay for THE WALL?
          Where are trumpie’s 2015 Federal Taxes.
          trumpie promised.
          trumpie LIES all the time!!!!!!!

    • That’s why I don’t give to the RNC. I give to who I really support. The reason it didn’t happen was because McConnell wouldn’t support them. He pulled 5 million from NH. We had a chance but instead of giving to NH he gave to the biggest RINO Murkowski. The race was between 2 republicans so he should have stayed out of it. He didn’t give to Master either. He wanted his candidate and not Trumps. I think the republicans need to wake up and elect new leaders or they going to find that nobody has money.McCONNELL AND McCARTHY have to go. McConnell wanted to vote for majority when Ga still hasn’t been decided. He knows Hersal wouldn’t vote for him

  1. The red wave in states like Florida and Ohio prove that it was there, but being sabotagued by Democrat run voting processes in states where they have their operatives in place. Minnesota was a rather obvious example of that.

    • Arizona and Nevada shouldn’t take so long.
      Any delayed counts should be an auto.atic recount with verification of all absentee and mail-in ballots.

      • In Arizona they had many machines run out of toner. They told people to put there vote in Box#3 and it would be tabulated. They then took that box out of the building and said it was going to the main voting office. So, after they look at them and remove Republican votes and add democrats in its place the Dems will be ahead. Also, why was Hobb’s able to run and be in charge when she was running herself? Don’t you think there should be a law which it goes to someone else? They’ve been having problems all over with the Dominion machines. I think it’s time we ditch them and go back to manual booths? At least the cheating was that rampant!

  2. Politics is a religion to all democrats and radicals. The democratic party is their church…. If “the devil” was running for office within that party, he would win hands down……Issues have almost “no meaning” to them…

  3. Well if you takeout the cheaters ie where elections are not secure and run by democrats,it was a red wave. Anyone who believes Pennsylvania voted for Fetterman – give me a break or Michigan voted for Whitmore. Really , not realistic.

  4. there are so many deceptive voting practices, especially in dem ran cities. Illinois for instance didn’t even have voter ID. They would say, oh hi Judy and give me a ballot without me proving anything. All the attendants don’t know me, just one??? ballots allowed up come in all day, all week, for weeks, etc is absolutely a disgrace. how come Fl and other country’s get it done on election date. too many lax moves.

  5. It always amazes me how democratic politicians just happen to miraculously gain votes overnight. They are being run by no good underhanded cheating slobs because that is the only way they know how to win. They are pathetic. That was the only way Biden could win, he is such a disappointing person and a class a asshole.

  6. I guess the country has lost to Communism nobody seems to give a s*** nobody’s willing to fight only person I see doing any damn thing this whole last year was Trump trying to save the country the rest of the sorry ass is set on their ass and didn’t help one bit so thanks for screwing us again

  7. It is hard to believe that the voters in the democratic run cities voted for the same people they complained about. Just saying. If the the majority of those people really want answers they should have a recall.

  8. Graham is ever bit responsible for the mess.. saying that he would push for a fed law aboloshing abortion… that is a states right……Mc connell is a puppet of the left.. and if the Repub have a good candidate he runs in and “indeptant” Mc Connell needs to be removed too

  9. Lindsey Graham is 100% Rino and cannot be trusted. Graham votes against the Republican Party and needs to be voted out of office. McConnell and McCarthy need to go as well. These Rino’s are traders to the conservative Americans!

    Graham’s going to run around to the talk show programs, except Tucker Carlson’s show, because Tucker knows Graham is a lying phony, and allege he’s going to investigate the fraudulent elections! Graham has claimed, “I will get to the bottom of this,” so many times without proving or fixing anything. He is not a Trump supporter as he claims to be!

    Think about it, even liberal voting polls and pollsters ALL showed a Red Wave. The MAJORITY of the American citizens do not like the totalitarian communist direction the Democratic Communist Party is taking this country.

    So there’s only one way the democrats won any of these elections and it’s the same way Biden falsely stole the 2020 presidential election from President Trump, they CHEATED! When are the Republican Party politicians going to put a stop to this!!!! Even in liberal California, Newsom won re-election and the residents hate him and his anti-American policies!

  10. Career politicians are destroying the USA. To me the only solution is term limits on members of the house and senate. Two terms and you go home. Not two terms in house and then two in the senate. Two terms total and then go home.

  11. It was a red wave but the cheat was on. The second election to be stolen. There is abundant evidence everywhere. Is anybody talking about that? Graham even congratulated the Dems on their win. So much has gone wrong in the past two years, there’s no way the blue could’ve won. Reminds me of Sleepy Joe who spent most of his campaign in his basement napping and yet, if I’m not mistaken claimed he won by the biggest margin in history.

    Folks, it seems like it’s all over for the great America that we once knew. Two steals in a row and it’s now going to be routine. Or, no elections at all because America has gone full-blown socialist. Very sad days for us 80m+ Patriots.

    One of our Founding Fathers (Thomas Jefferson???) referred to America as an experiment. Looks like that experiment might not work out for the long term.

    There still is much good in America. If God Almighty still has good plans for America (in spite of its many great sins), then America shall be saved.

    • Desantis banned ballot harvesting, mass mail in ballots, requires voter id, and created an election police force and Florida had a big red wave. While democrats had close wins elsewhere across America in a horrible economy. NFW. You tell me Pennsylvanians voted for Feterman and Michiganians voted for Whitmir. I don’t think so. Look at Maracopia voting machine problems in Republican areas. Look who is in charge of certifying the vote in Arizona. There is no voter integrity. Time for the people to stand up to this bs.

    • Handyman, your post was spot on. All I want to add to the stolen elections, is there was two more stolen by the democrats.

      Go back to 2012, Obama’s second term election. The Democratic Communist Party lost an historic amount of democratic seats, which has never happened to either party in U.S history! Under Obama’s administration the democrats lost over 1,034 of their political seats! Yet, how did Obama manage to win his election?!

      In 2018 the senate election in GA and PA had all kinds of voter fraud evidence. It wasn’t just the voting machines that malfunctioned!! Stolen, giving the Democrats majority control in the senate and congress!

      In 2020, the weaponized DOJ, FBI and CIA instructed the Big Tech Companies to cover up the laptop and Biden family criminal corruption. Thousands of “Mail in Ballots” we’re counted, for Biden of course, with NO CREASES in the ballot sheet to place it in an envelope. How did these ballots get to the voters without being mailed! Blatant cheating!

      Moreover, thousands of voting ballots, all for Biden again, had only Biden’s box checked leaving all other politicians and propositions left blank! More cheating! Yet, the Dem’s and their fake news media outlets claim there’s no evidence?! Really!

  12. TRUMP IS NO MORE THE REASON FOR THE RED WAVE FAILURE, THAN MY DOG. OBAMA, SOROS AND PELOSI CORRUPTED THIS ELECTION AS THEY DID IN 2020. The unprepared Republican Party allowed this to happen and will continue because they lack guts, determination, and the ability to fight on a gutter level as the Dems do. The never ending harangue about Trump is Dem-media creation and sucks in those unable to think and discern facts above a kindergarten level. Wise up to the real world!

  13. This is obviously a far left, deep state site because all we ever see or hear is how they hate Trump and how wonderful the left is! Half the time I don’t even read your reports because I know how one sided it is!! Trump 2024!!!!

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