Ocasio-Cortez Apologizes To LGBT Crowd

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., apologized to her followers on Tuesday for not having her pronouns listed in her Instagram bio. The apology was issued as a response to a comment left on her Instagram profile. In the video apology posted she said that she had previously made her pronouns available but they had somehow fallen off.

In a comment, one of her followers had written that she should add pronouns to her Instagram profile and that “ALL” would be thankful for her doing it.

Ocasio-Cortez quickly replied that she was sorry and that the pronouns used to be on her profile, but she would quickly check how she could add them again. The video apology also ended with a screenshot of her profile with her pronouns.

The pronouns clarifications have been a growing trend in the transgender movement. The inclusion of the pronouns is widely seen as a wider statement in support of the transgender community.
However, many in the U.S. consider this to be a controversial issue, as they do not support the transgender movement, and as such are not opting to use people’s preferred pronouns.

Ocasio-Cortez is in a reelection race against Republican challenger Tim Forte in New York’s 14th Congressional district on Tuesday.

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  1. Let’s all delete her pronoun ” AOC ” from our memories , and pray we never hear her name mentioned again . Let’s hope that smart New Yorkers Voted her out of office

    • Unfortunately that didn’t happen there are TOO MANY REMEDIAL DUMMYCRATS that live in ny I voted for zeldin so did everyone I know and we still get stuck with cuomo 2.0 CANT WAIT TO LEAVE ny!!!

  2. I agree. Let’s delete pronouns she uses and let “idiot” and “pandering be her pronouns. What a waste on an out-of-touch woman or is it “she-noun”?

  3. EVERY person can know WHO the WOKE crowd is by adding pronouns. This means that REAL companies who work for PROFITs and not for free government money will not hire them. It Means that WE the VOTERS can KNOW instantly who NOT to vote for.

    I also noticed on a couple of websites they publish pronouns for you if you do not choose them!

  4. Politics is a religion to all democrats and radicals. The democratic party is their church…. If “the devil” was running for office within that party, he would win hands down……Issues have almost “no meaning” to them…

  5. Just goes to show that even those claiming to support the absurdities of special interest groups really don’t give a crap about them for other than obtaining their votes.

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