DeSantis Pressured To Challenge Trump

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is expected to face increased pressure to announce a run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, especially following his incredible victory on Tuesday, at a time when the rest of the GOP had to sit back and witness the “red wave” not materializing.

During his victory rally late Tuesday many were chanting “two more years”. This is further evidence of the rise in reputation and status as a GOP star that DeSantis has had in the past few years. Many believe he is the only one who would be able to potentially beat former President Trump for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024.

Many think that DeSantis is a stronger candidate than Trump and that he could face not only President Biden but also many other Democrats.

Scott Jennings, a former adviser to former President George W. Bush and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) wrote in a CNN op-ed on Wednesday that currently, DeSantis inspires more confidence that he can beat President Biden than Trump does.

DeSantis did not only win his own election with close to a 20-point difference, but he also managed to flip the traditionally Democratic and predominantly Hispanic Democratic Miami-Dade County.
Meanwhile, Trump-endorsed candidates in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin all lost their races.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. They just want him out of Florida so they can try to take it over. He leads the nation perfectly right where he is! He can run after he finishes his Florida term.

  2. Are these Democrats who want to defeat President Trump primarily? These candidates MUST meet and decide with counsel who would most likely win and win BIG. Is it Trump? Is it DeSantis? Within the next few months or this year, join forces for ONE Candidate — NO primary fight — NO selfish bragging.
    Win back and save our country, don’t give the Demoncrats the victory.

  3. It only makes sense, that Ron DeSantis should wait awhile before he announces his intention to run for President in 2024. He should be enjoying his great achievements for the the State of Fl. and avoid as long as possible, the hateful,untrue challenges from Trump. I believe, that Ron should just ignore Trump, as long as he can. I liked Trump when he was our President, but after living under Ron in Florida, it is obvious that DeSantis has everything that he needs to be an excellent leader for our country. That being said, why don’t you Trump, employ a different strategy ? Be decent,be kind, it might get you somewhere. I will be listening and watching, and will make my final determination, who I will vote for. Right now, I’m a “fan” of Ron DeSantis.

    • Trump made Ron DeSantis, before that he was unknown and about to get trounced by Gilliam. The thanks he has gotten is that Ron DeSantis has never said he would support Trump in 2024, nor has he said he would not challenge him for the nomination. I can understand Trump’s frustration. He gets stabbed in the back by almost everyone he has either endorsed or appointed. Donald Trump has been put through hell by the evil democrats, he deserves his second term. DeSantis has plenty of time to run after his gov. term is up.

  4. Yes, would prefer and vote for DeSantis but it is way to o soon for DeSantis to put himself to guve Trump al punching bag. I know atrumo’s policies are goodvnut his demeanir IS NOT. No humility. Not a Christisn. He needs to step aside and be a helper to Republican party instead of divider, sure way to lose against Democrats and their falsehoods.

    • Totally agree. It must be agreed to beforehand so that voters know that DeSantis is running as VP with Trump. Trump is great with foreign affairs, energy efficiency, etc., and can get America back on line. DeSantis is the one who can pay more attention then to the individual needs of Americans. This would be a perfect match, with DeSantis then running in 2028 and, hopefully, 2032.

  5. There we go again the media started to try to divide the Republican Party. The votes will be divided again. Conservatives be smart and don’t follow their game. De Santis have plenty of time to be a President if Trump decide to run let him run probably a ticket with Trump/DeSantis will be a win, win for the Republican Party. Let DeSantis be our candidate on 2028. Right now with the Independent votes there will be division we don’t need any more split votes if we want to save our country. I saw Soros hands doing his job at the midterms. Be careful!

  6. That does sound like a RINO thinking to help dems win Just think he got the indorsent from old mitch and a mod Bush That sound tell just how they want to help dems Yes DeSantis is great for the party but Pres Trump got this move started It would be great if Pres Trump hads him for VP but i dont think egos would fit But it would be great for the Country Other wise they just slit the vote and dems win

  7. The Republicans need to get a front runner for 2024 out there now. They have no one but Trump and DeSantis. I think Trump will run but most are burned out with Trump. DeSantis could run and do quite well but I think his obligation is to the state of Florida.

    The Rs have had 2 years to get some star out there and have produced nothing. They could have but as usual are reactive instead of proactive.

  8. No rush for DeSantis to run! How about Trump forSecretary of State or run for POTUS with a younger qualified person like Haley, Lake if the governorship challenge of AZ fails or a Pompeo/Zeldin ticket?

  9. Scott Jennings, a closet butt boy for the Bush’s, and other Rinos with elbow ties to the Clinton Zipper squad, now are all clamoring to foul up Desantis. He is the Florida Governor and that is where he belongs, to carry out the duties elected to. The Deep State cabal of Peanuts, Bush I, Cheney(s), McConnell, Graham, Pelosi, Shumer, Bush II, Obama, Biden Crime Family, along with the do-nothing leadership of both parties are so mentally disheveled with the possibility that President Trump will run and most probably win in 2024 that they will do anything to destroy America.

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