Republican Turns On Trump After Winning

Sen.-elect JD Vance, R-Ohio, failed to mention former President Donald Trump during his victory speech. Trump had previously endorsed Vance.

Vance was one of the high-profile Senate candidates facing competitive races. While many of the other races are either too close to call or were lost by the Republican party, Vance managed to secure a victory. Previously during his campaigning, Trump had endorsed Vance.

During his victory speech, he thanked several people who were integral in his campaigning efforts and in helping him win. However, Trump did not appear to make the list. However, while Trump was not mentioned during his victory speech, Vance had previously thanked the former President during a Wednesday statement sent to Fox News Digital. In it, Vance had claimed that Trump’s endorsement had truly made a difference as it helped both Vance and to drive more people to vote in one of the largest battleground elections during this midterm.

Vance’s victory was extremely welcome as the election results did not appear to represent the much anticipated “red wave”. Many conservative commentators also took these election results as a sign that the GOP should try to distance themselves from Trump and his candidates. Others have compared Trump’s failures to the wave in Florida caused by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

By Wednesday morning, of the races that had been concluded, Trump’s endorsed candidates had won nine and lost eight.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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