Top Republicans Predict Future Of Senate

On Wednesday Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had refused to predict which of the two parties would win the Senate. However, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has said that he is confident that the Republicans will manage to flip the chamber.

On Wednesday evening Graham appeared on Fox News with host Jesse Watters. It was there that he said a “tidal wave is coming.” He also added that Republican Adam Laxalt would be the one to win Nevada’s Senate race. He also noted that Georgia would go into a runoff election, which would allow Republicans to win the majority.

While the results are not yet out, there are two competitive seats for the Democrats that have not yet been called. The races in Arizona and Nevada, along with the Georgia runoff election, are going to be the most important indicators of who would win control of the Senate.

In an interview with ABC News, McConnell had been asked about the election results as of early Wednesday. McConnell had responded by saying that he was unsure of how to feel. He added that they would know where they stood once all the votes had been counted.

In Georgia, Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) had a narrow lead over Walker. However, neither of them is likely to win the majority required by the state to be reached.

Graham said that no matter what happens though, Democrats would lose control of the Senate by Dec. 6.

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  1. McConnell, Graham, and McCarthy are Rino’s and should be voted out of office immediately. They do not represent what the majority of conservative Republicans believe in.

    If these three idiots were actually representing their constituents they would be demanding investigations into multiple voting poll fraud against Republican candidates.

    Let’s look at how poor of shape our country is in due to the embarrassing Biden administration and the policies of the Democratic Communist Party:

    —Afghanistan withdrawal disaster. 13 U.S soldiers killed, multiple soldiers severely wounded, over 100 civilians killed, 11 children accidentally droned, 87-million dollars of military weapons left to the Taliban, China now occupies our billions of taxpayer paid for military base!

    —Inflation to now a recession. Gas, heating, groceries now cost nearly more than twice the cost under Trump!

    —Border is not secure and the Biden administration lies that it is. Over 5-million illegal immigrants have poured into our country along with drugs and sex trafficked women and children!

    —Crime at an all time high, no bail system puts criminals right back onto our streets. Attack on law enforcement officers treating them as suspects and criminals as victims. Lawlessness and unsafe streets and cities at all time high!

    —Ukraine/Russia war costing Americans money we don’t even have. We’re literally printing and spending to fund the entire country of Ukraine with no tracking system in place to follow how the money is being spent. Ukraines government is corrupt and you can’t exactly trust our country either, especially under the Biden crime family and Democratic Party. Gee, what could go wrong there?!!!

    These are just some of the horrific policies and decisions of Biden and his Democratic Communist Party. Our elections are being stolen again just as the same way they stole the 2020 presidential election!!!!!

    • Rich is absolutely RIGHT! The floundering fool has thrown a monkey wrench into the gears of American economy and liberty. The Democrat Party believes in late term abortions, I would suggest we extend that to include post-election presidential abortion.

  2. Rich, your summary of this sorry mess the criminal leftists have created is so true. And over the next 2 yrs. this Whitehouse will just say “move on” and it will all be forgotten by both our media and the cowardly Republicans with few exceptions. What a sh*thole they’ve made in less than 2 yrs!

  3. Biden wants to investigate Elon Musk but his son Hunter’s laptop is the story of the year. Merrick Garland and Chris Wray will be there to fulfill Biden’s wishes

  4. Your right on the money, Rich! Now that we can’t affect change through our vote we pretty much have no other way except a REVOLUTION. And it might be VIOLENT. Now, I’m not saying to do it, only making an observation. We’ve had the last 2 election’s obviously STOLEN and it will continue to get worse from here unless something DRAMATIC comes about. The ILLEGITIMATE people running our country DON”T GIVE A DAMN about anyone but themselves. We all know who the “bad apples ” are, so they are the one’s to focus on. Otherwise we’re on the road to Venezuela. Time’s running out. We’re losing our freedom’s more each day.

  5. Investigate what ? most democrats and republicans are corrupted..!! They have stocks in pharma, military complex, Banks, Wall Street so they will continue business as usual for decades..!! until people start demanding changes of policies, practices
    and personnel ..!!

    • Franklin, you have brought up an extremely important point and essentially the biggest problem in our government.

      We need to still vote out Rino’s like McConnell, Graham, and McCarthy…etc, we additionally need term limits and return to paper votes that are counted in ONE day. That will be a start to help keep our election’s from being stolen, which we know the Democratic Communist Party members are doing.

      Excellent post Franklin!!!’

  6. Lindsey Graham trying to Federalize abortion laws weeks before the midterms was nailed the coffin shut. It brought out Gen Z’s in droves.
    I had a bumper sticker made and put on my truck less than 3 weeks after last presidential election-
    North Venezuela
    Established November 3rd 2020.
    Gets truer everyday.

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