Republicans Looking To Replace McConnell

On Sunday Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said that Senate Republicans should not proceed with leadership elections, set for Wednesday as quickly as possible. Many GOP lawmakers, including Graham, have been pushing for the elections to be paused until the Georgia Senate race is decided in the runoff election on December 6.

Graham took to Twitter to write about how it would be appropriate for the leadership elections to be paused until a clear idea of who should be in the Senate Republican conference has been formed. Senator Ted Cruz has made a similar statement, that Graham said he agreed with. The two have also noted that it would be “disrespectful” to Herschel Walker, the Georgia Senate candidate.

Walker is challenging Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) in the runoff. The Democrats have already won control of the Senate, following the Nevada election being declared on Saturday.

The GOP senators who have asked for a delay in the leadership elections also include Sens. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Ron Johnson (D-Wisc.).

Graham in a tweet also said that for Republicans the primary focus now should be winning the Georgia Senate race. From there they should also try to understand what happened in the midterms before proceeding with plans for the 2024 presidential race.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is largely expected to retain his leadership position, despite former President Trump calling for him to be replaced. Trump has also proposed that Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), would be the perfect candidate to challenge McConnell’s leadership position. Scott has reportedly been considering challenging McConnell.

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  1. It is past time for all those ‘long-in-the-tooth,’ past their “use by date,” gray-headed, DO LITTLE, milky-toast, RINOS, in the Republican Party (Democrat Lite) to be replaced with SMARTER, younger, people with some “fire in the belly” to compete with those criminal Democrats!

  2. Replacing McConnell is just as important as electing Herschel Walker to the US Senate. McConnell is NOT a GOP-FIRST leader…

      • Herschel is no idiot! He is the best man for the job without a doubt. We don’t need to keep putting these lying, dishonest demon democrats in office. They have not done one good thing for the people and this country since JoeBama was fraudulently put in the White House.

      • TRM, you’re the idiot according to ALL reasonable Americans! There’s only one major reason you’re this stupid, which is you’re a liberal Democratic Nationalist Nazicrat Party member!

  3. To my fellow Trump supporters and conservative Americans. Have you noticed how that the Republican Party and alleged conservative media reports (even CFP) are ALL acting as though Trumps candidacy is over and they’re pushing for Florida’s Governor DeSantis?! Even the question poll right before the beginning of this article asks if you would vote for DeSantis or Biden!

    CFP articles or the Republican Senator(s) mentioned in this article don’t even bring up that a lot of the election(s) in the 2022 midterm political seats were STOLEN BY THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONALIST NAZICRAT PARTY!!! They just roll over and say the Democrats won, when we the voters know the Dem’s cheated! Come on, look at PA’s Fetterman winning?! Are you FK-ing kidding me. The guy is a communist who can’t comprehend or complete a sentence! AZ Keri Lake against the idiot who has control of the voting and refused to debate Lake. How about New York Governor seat. Definitely stolen.

    If our Republican Party politicians are already rolling over to defeat of the 2022 midterm elections, then we can kiss the 2024 Trump victory off!!!! I am fed up with these Republican politicians who do not get behind the constituents choice of who We The People want to lead our country and it’s President Donald J Trump!

    Republican politicians need to fight back against EVERY SEAT that the Democrats stole in the 2022 midterms and believe me there was a lot. They also need to fight to insure and install a proper fair election system. Back to paper ballots voted on and counted on Same day. Make mail in ballots rare and stiff rules to utilize it.

    Wether the Republican Party wants to believe it or not Trump is running and has a larger number of supporters than in 2016! Trump is campaigning and filling huge stadium, along with a 10-thousand amount of supporters overflowing outside! President Trump is our candidate, so get behind him or get the FK out of our party!!!!! Enough is enough!!!!

  4. Mitch Mcconnell needs to step down he has been in there since I 8 years old and he did not much to help it is to pray and put god back in america and they need prayer in schools

  5. He is long overdue, being replaced, he needs to go. How can a thief remain in that seat for as long as he has. He is not a GOP-Leader, he is a RINO, Mitch McConnell needs to go……He needs to get out of politics all together. Go on the Democratic side and destroy them like you did our party.

    • Poor little Alfredo Perez who is not all that bright and is as sharp as a bowling ball ! You must be a liberal Democrat, right Alfee.

      We know exactly who to blame you ignorant FK. It’s the fault of the Democratic Nationalist Nazicrat Party, their weaponized DOJ & FBI, their complicit fake news propaganda news media outlets, and their Big Tech CEO’s!

      The above listed azzwhole’s stole Obama’s 2012 second term election. They stole Biden’s 2020 election and many democratic communists seats in the 2022 midterm elections! The Democrats can’t win an election based on their policies because their policies suck!! Just look how badly Biden’s policies are? Unless you’re stupid, which is likely!!! Dumb FK…

  6. Republican senators, get rid of Mitch McConnell. He did not support the candidates running for Congress, but gave $9 million to that Alaskan traitor Mclusky.

    Put someone in there as leader who wants the Republicans to win.

    • I am with you. He took money from AZ Senator candidate Masters and gave it to Murkowski of Alaska. Both Alaska senator candidates were Republican, and he gave the money to the RINO. Masters was not the only America First candidates that McConnell took back funding from. McConnell forgets that the campaign fund comes from US, we donated that money. That is why I quit donating to the RNC and started donating to specific candidates.

  7. Voters of Kentucky need to make sure McConnel is not elected again. The rest of the states can see it. How about it Kentucky?

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