Major Election Headed To A Recount

The Fox News Decision Desk has projected that Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is going to be the next governor of Arizona. This will mean that she will defeat GOP candidate and former local news host Kari Lake.

Lake, who had been a TV news anchor for 22, stepped down last year in order to run for governor. Her bid was supported by former President Trump, as Lake has often backed and supported Trump’s claims that the 2020 election had been “stolen” and “rigged”. Trump had backed Lake in the primary, which he had managed to narrowly win, defeating term-limited GOP Gov. Doug Ducey.

Lake has often spoken about her “common sense conservatism” and throughout her campaign she has focused on key issues such as border security, banning critical race theory, and homelessness. She has also expressed vocal opposition to abortions.

Hobbs, a former social worker who has previously served in the Arizona state House and state Senate, has been the elected Secretary of State since 2018. Hobbs was thrust into the spotlight after she defended the election results in Arizona in 2020. Arizona had been one of the states that President Biden narrowly won during the 2020 election. Trump, the then-President had tried overturning the election results

Hobbs has also spoken a lot about protecting abortion rights, and even increasing border security in the state. She has also been criticized for refusing to have a gubernatorial debate against Lake.

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  1. If election fraud in AZ is confirmed in the 2022 election, even tho it was confirmed in the 2020 election, which nothing was done about that, Katy Hobbs needs to be arrested and tried for TREASON. The Republicans are treating these scum democrats with kid gloves. Take the gloves off. TREASON is on the table. Let make this REAL.

  2. Hobbs is a DEMOCRAT, and as a democrat she WILL force the Democrats’ agenda on the citizens of Arizona. Democrat idea of border security is a open border. They WANT to overload our financial infrastructure, they know but don’t care if drug cartels and terrorists are coming into the country, all they care about is giving these illegals the vote and destroying real democracy in order for them to exercise one-party rule.

  3. Hobbs should have been FORCED to recuse herself!!! Prayers that this corrupt election will be overturned in the interests of justice. and NO THNAKS to Zuckerberg and the criminal cabal trying to figuratively tear up Our Constitution for their absolutely EVIL tampering with our election process.

  4. The headline said “Major Election Headed to a Recount”. Is that true? Nothing in the article mentioned a recount. And there was no information as to how many votes each candidate received.

  5. Hobbs should have recused herself from overseeing the Arizona Governor’s race. She was a candidate for the Governor’s spot and it make it look suspicious that she won over Karri Lake who is a much better candidate, lovely person and has a much better platform for Arizona. There needs to be an investigation of this outcome as no one believes Hobs won fairly.


  7. There are many elections that need recount including Pa and Az. You can’t be in charge of the election and running for no office to. Just like pa 230,000 ballots were sent out that weren’t certified. Sent to who and funny thing Fetterman won by 200,000votes . The republicans need to get some balls to investigate these two elections along with other questionable ones. The election was stolen in 2020 and the Democrats are doing the same again. Get rid of George soros owned voting machines. They can be hacked

    • I read an article that said that all the usb sticks were drove to an area where nobody was allowed in and they were in the room for 6 hours. These electronic machines need to be taken t and mechanical paper ones put back. Besides we knew the results by nighttime or next morning. Now they can see how many more votes they need and change them at will

  8. We need a recount on the Governor race In Arizona!! Kari Lake had huge support going for her, what happened
    to so many machines down on Election Day, certainly looks questionable?? Especially when people who could not wait to put their vote thru the tabulating machine themselves and were told to put it in a bin and they would be counted later? Why were the machines not all put thru a test the week before instead of at least a month before?

    • The machines were tested just the night before. The length of the paper was also tested but then the paper the next day didn’t pickup the full ballot.

  9. What good is a recount? They’ll just count ALL the votes over again including the fake and illegal ones.You need an audit that only will count LEGAL one’s. I still think Lake won, but all the snafu’s that occurred on election driving away voters, we will never know. What is needed is a RE-DO of the election with FUNCHANING EQUIPMENT. Isn’t it strange all that mablfunchaning equipment worked just fine for all the early voting, yet SUDDENLY failed on election day? And not just one or two location’s ,more than 30% ! We’re talking about the race for GOVERNOR, and hobbs whose running is the one in charge of the election AND certification of it. Stinks to high heaven. As Sec. of State hobbs allowed the 2020 steal and if elected Gov. do you think ANYTHING will be done to rectify the 2022? NO WAY. Think she’d care? A case could be made for lynching.

    • The malfunctioning machines were in all republican areas, 30% had problems. People were told they couldn’t vote to go home. They then but a box 3 to be counted later. Once again there was no chain of custody which is required by law. Apparently late only received 30% of these votes in Republican areas. Funny how all the democrats won. Mark Finchum should have had some balls while he had the change. He lost too.

  10. Is it a “fact” that there will be a recount?? I hope so but “who” confirmed that there will be one?????????
    Someone please tell me who confirmed this… This article does not do so..

  11. The Republican Party politicians should be investigating every single midterm election that was obviously blatantly stolen.

    Fetterman won! Seriously, the guy’s a full blown communist idiot who can’t even comprehend or complete a sentence! No way did he legitimately win! New York governor went to the incumbent idiot who claimed NY is safe, there’s not much crime?! Keri Lake landslide won her governors race in Arizona. Liberal polling sites showed double digit points, with Keri slaughtering that democratic moron who couldn’t debate her!


  12. there is NO WAY HOBBS won over LAKE..NO WAY.. they rigged the votes to go democrooks..these are not good honest politicians..they stole the 2020 election and the supreme court main judge knew it was rigbged but wouldnot fight it even he knew president trump won the 2020 election..reason why cause these democrooks have serious dirt on the judge from going to epsteins island have sex with underage girls..these democrooks told the judge they would go after him if he stopped this crooked biden from getting into the whitehouse…why would anyone with a full brain give up on president trump who made the united states the best in every way possible.. president trump brought back the middleclass big time..everyone had extra money in their pockets from president trump lowering our taxes for the 1st time in years…so there is NO WAY biden won over our great president trump..biden is a crook..he is the reason why we are paying 85% tax on ss we would have to be idiots top put that crook biden in the way did 84 million vote for that crook biden..just look at all the damage biden has done..he is a traitor and belongs in front of a firing squad for treason.. he is a disgrace..biden is the most hated waste of life of the world…FJB

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