Schumer Gaslights American Voters

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) has predicted that Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) is going to win the runoff election against GOP candidate Hershel Walker.

While talking with Rev. Al Sharpton on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Schumer said that Warnock had helped pass the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Justice for Black Farmers Act, both of which had been important for fighting systemic racism.

Schumer added that the reason Warnock was going to win was that he was “better” for the state. He also noted that Warnock had dedicated his life to the American people and in ministry, which is why he was so successful.

While speaking about Warnock’s accomplishments, Schumer also referred to Warnock’s help in capping the cost of insulin for senior citizens at $35. As he noted, should Warnock win the reelection he is going to provide the Democrats with the opportunity to appoint more federal judges, and potentially even combat the majority-conservative Supreme Court.

When polls closed on Tuesday, Warnock managed to be in the lead with a little bit more than 49 percent. However, in Georgia, a candidate needs to hold more than 50 percent of the votes in order to be elected.

This is why Warnock is now going to face off against Walker in a runoff election on Dec. 6.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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    • That would be great to take then to each Democrats home and open the door and let them in to make them more comfortable. Love to see that. They want the illegals they should take them into their big mansion and let them live with each and everyone of them

  1. Of course Warnock (D) is going to win the election runoff, he’s a democrat and that means you can cheat and steal any election you want, just as long as you’re a democrat!

    Schumer knows that the Republican Party members will do what they always do, which is NOTHING! The Republican politicians will do nothing, just as the did in the 2020 presidential election and they’re not doing anything about election theft(s) in the 2022 midterm elections.

    Look back to the 2016 presidential election and before the election of President Trump! The Republican politicians didn’t back Trump then and they’re not (Biden warrant on Trump’s residence) backing him now. The conservative voters need to inform the Republican Party members that they better support Trump in 2024 or they will be voted out of office.

    Moreover, besides the fact of 100% support of Trump, the Republican politicians need to have a laser focus on Voter Integrity! Conservative voters have ears and eyes and they know that the Democratic Communist Party are cheating and stealing elections. If the Republicans continue to refuse to stop the democrats from voter fraud, the 2024 presidential election won’t matter, because democrats will cheat and steal it.

    Voter I.D is a must. Paper ballots (no machines). Same day count and announce winner, ( No 3, 5, weeks later count’s so the dem’s can add in phony democratic ballots and throw out Republican ballots)! This would be a good start to defend against the lying democrats claim of racism and voter suppression. The weak and spineless Republican Party members need to act NOW!!!!

  2. Rich, you took the words right out of my mouth. I agree with everything you had to say. My fear is that if the Republicans don’t soon fix this voter problem then people like myself will say what’s the use in voting, they’re going to put in there who they want anyway!

  3. Schumer is as bad as the mafia bosses in the movies. He needs to go and I find it incredible to believe he won fair and square. I had trouble at the polls in New York and I’m sure thousands of others did as well. Time to go back to the old lever and curtain voting machines. When people and Big Tech interfere it should tell us all our votes don’t matter. Yes send thousands of illegals to Chucks town and to his back yard . Make sure their known criminals too. Then send more to Kathy Noches back yard.

  4. Of course they will cheat again! All they know is lying, cheating, corruptness the whole Dem admin. They are a bunch of lying, crooked, corrupt Dems! We need to take drastic measures to stop them!
    How many dead people were voted in again this time? I look forward to seeing justice whether all these crooked Dems are hung out to dry or locked up permanently! They think we don’t know they are cheating with all these ballots brought in! They will get theirs!

  5. All comments I just read are valid, one thing to remember is that they may lie cheat and steal now, but there is a judgment day coming when they will stand before God and answer for everything. On that same thought for the rest of us we all need to repent of our sins and trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation or else we too will be in hell for the same eternity as these lying cheating politicians.

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