Democrats Censor Reporters

Rebecca Kirszner Katz, an adviser to Sen.-elect John Fetterman, posted on Twitter that the reporter’s method of “yelling questions” would be ineffective with the Democratic Pennsylvania politician. This was in response to a comment made by HuffPost senior politics reporter Igor Bobic who took to Twitter to say that Fetterman had not responded to a question he was asked as they passed each other.

Katz later responded to Bobic’s tweet saying that just “yelling questions” would not work on Fetterman who is still recovering from a stroke. The stroke which he suffered in May has led to him having some lingering auditory processing issues that he is slowly recovering from.

Katz was criticized for her response to the question.

A columnist Derek Hunter tweeted as a joke that all questions would need to be written down and approved by Fetterman’s wife. He also added that @giselefetterman would more likely end up on the Senate payroll.

Washington Examiner writer Nathan Wurtzel also added that if he is Senator then he will need to be treated as one.

The Spectator contributing editor Stephen Miller also commented asking whether that meant that Fetterman is unable to understand what he is being told.

However, MSNBC columnist Eric Michael Garcia came to Katz’s defense and said that this does not mean that they cannot ask tough questions, but rather that they would need to be a little bit more accommodating in the way they had been to “Tammy Duckworth in her wheelchair” when asking questions in the hall.

Fetterman’s health and ability to serve in the Senate have been questioned ever since he suffered from a stroke. Most stroke experts have maintained that the “lingering issues” that Fetterman suffers usually go away with time.

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  1. Fetterman’s election is a mockery. The dude was never real smart to begin with, but now he’s a step away from being a Brussel Sprout.

  2. Thats BS. Katz needs to tell Fetterman to stop and listen to the question from a reporter. Not walk on by like the reporter wasn’t even there. He is a senator, altho how ridiculous is that. He needs to act like one.

  3. The Democratic National Nazi Party is censoring reporters, say it isn’t so! Didn’t a certain dictator do the exact same thing in Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s? Oh yeah, Hitler was big on controlling the media and its message!

    The only difference now is the Biden administration weaponized the DOJ and the FBI to carry out the censorship of news media outlets and Big Tech. Even Zuckerberg stated he was visited by the FBI and was “instructed” to not report on the Biden crime family (before the election) and Hunter’s laptop was Russian propaganda. After the 2020 election the Democratic Party’s complicit fake news media outlets now report that the information In Hunter’s laptop(s) actually were real and have evidence that the Big Guy is criminally corrupt! The FBI has had possession of Hunter’s laptops for over 3- years and refuse to refer to DOJ for prosecution! The FBI when asked about it hides behind its CLASSIFIED and is a ONGOING INVESTIGATION ! What a crock…

  4. Fetterman was elected in a state where democrats also elected a deceased Democrat candidate to the state legislature. That should tell everyone something.

  5. Fetterman, who is a Communist leaning Socialist, is not physically nor mentally fit for any government job, installed, elected or hired. Fetterman needs to go back to living off of his wealthy parents money and tend to his personal health issues. The last thing we need is another politician dying in office.

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