Elon Musk Teaches Democrats A Lesson On Democracy

Twitter CEO Elon Musk posted a poll on Friday inquiring whether Twitter users believed former President Trump’s account on the social media platform should be restored. The account was originally suspended following Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol insurrection and its aftermath. At the time, Twitter had determined that Trump’s position on the platform had not been abiding by its policy of not glorifying violence or inciting it.

Musk completed his acquisition of the company last month and since then he has shown general opposition to both Trump’s ban and the general policy of lifetime bans.

Musk posted the poll with the Latin phrase “Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” which means “the voice of the people is the voice of God.”

Earlier on Friday, he had said that he has not yet made a final decision on whether Trump’s account should be restored. He added that while the company follows a policy of “freedom of speech”, they did not believe in “freedom of reach” which is giving the power to people to spread hate messages. However, that type of messaging will instead be “deboosted & demonetized” but will be there for those who seek them out.

In October, following Musk’s acquisition, Trump had said that the platform was now in “sane hands” but did not state whether he was planning on returning to the platform even if the account is no longer banned. Instead, he has continued to promote Truth Social, his own platform as a great alternative to Twitter.

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  1. Here’s the CFP, fake news media outlet spewing the liberal propaganda lie, as though the radical Democratic Communist Party’s claims that Trump attempted an insurrection?!

    The FBI made a press release shortly after the January 6th incident and determined that President Trump did nothing wrong! The entire Trump speech was released to the public, that wasn’t aired by the fake news media outlets propaganda arm of the Democratic Communist Party. It was blatantly obvious that Trump NEVER spoke of any violence or unlawful acts in his speech.

    Additionally, knowing that a protest or insurrection are likely to be violent, then why would Trump pre-plan the Jan 6th incident while the First Lady and his youngest son was actually scheduled to be at the Capital building.??! He wouldn’t have! Also, how do pre-plan protesters/rioters, take over an armed police force of the Capital building without any guns?? That’s because there was no insurrection, yet ALL the news media outlets, including CFP, comment as though it happened!! This bogus Jan 6th committee’s phony court hearing, is just as stupid as the Russian Hoax was, yet it’s happening to Trump again.

    President Trump scares the hell out of the radicals and all the deep state politicians (both Republicans and Democrats)!!! Why?? Because the Never Trump Republicans and the Democratic National Communist Party members will have a much harder time stealing taxpayer money and selling out our country to lobbyists and foreign enemy donors, such as China and Russia…etc. Trump stands in the way of that and that’s one of the many reasons I will vote for him a third time. Trump has proven and earned my vote that his second term was obviously stolen!

    • Bravo !!!! I too will be voting for President Trump. Welcome back Mr. President !!!!

      Yes we stand above the fake news and fake investigations by the Democratic Communist party.

      We are fighting for our country!!

      • I’m voting for him and understand every his speech always GOD,COUNTRY and PEOPLE not the DEMOCRABS not everyone put that three meaning words in shame to call yourself American.

    • The election was stolen, how in the hell do we allow that in the US, so with lake in Az., our country is in great danger, WHAT DO WE DO???? Getting rid of

  2. I love my Governor DeSantis, my President Donald Trump and now I’m a great admirer of Elon Musk, God knows we need all three of them. God bless them! God is great!!

  3. We need more Elon Musks and Donald Trumps! This country is rife with Casper Milquetoasts with nose rings being led around by the same Casper Milquetoast politicians who themselves have nose rings that are being tugged at by Casper Milquetoast FBI and Justice Department thugs.

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