Herschel Walker In Big Trouble Before Runoff Election

Following the end of the midterm elections for most candidates, the two men participating in Georgia’s Senate runoff election are preparing for another month of active campaigning. However, Republican Herschel Walker’s first week back on the campaign trail has not gone smoothly after a series of gaffes.

Walker is facing Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock again after both candidates failed to secure the 50 percent threshold required for the seat to be won. Walker and Warnock will now have to face off again in a runoff on December 6.

Walker was around 1 percent behind Warnock when the midterm race finished, which means that the race could still go either way. While control of the Senate has been held by the Democrats after they did not lose any Senate seats and even managed to flip a seat in Pennsylvania, depending on these results the Republicans might be able to stop the Democrats from increasing their majority in the next Congress.

Throughout this election cycle, Georgia’s race has been one of the most closely observed races, as Walker has been facing a number of controversies which include having a previous girlfriend whose abortion he encouraged and paid for, despite having an anti-abortion stance.

Last week, Walker also made the headlines after calling America “the greatest country in the United States.” He also praised cars with “good emissions” and proceeded to discuss vampires and werewolves.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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