Herschel Walker In Big Trouble Before Runoff Election

Following the end of the midterm elections for most candidates, the two men participating in Georgia’s Senate runoff election are preparing for another month of active campaigning. However, Republican Herschel Walker’s first week back on the campaign trail has not gone smoothly after a series of gaffes.

Walker is facing Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock again after both candidates failed to secure the 50 percent threshold required for the seat to be won. Walker and Warnock will now have to face off again in a runoff on December 6.

Walker was around 1 percent behind Warnock when the midterm race finished, which means that the race could still go either way. While control of the Senate has been held by the Democrats after they did not lose any Senate seats and even managed to flip a seat in Pennsylvania, depending on these results the Republicans might be able to stop the Democrats from increasing their majority in the next Congress.

Throughout this election cycle, Georgia’s race has been one of the most closely observed races, as Walker has been facing a number of controversies which include having a previous girlfriend whose abortion he encouraged and paid for, despite having an anti-abortion stance.

Last week, Walker also made the headlines after calling America “the greatest country in the United States.” He also praised cars with “good emissions” and proceeded to discuss vampires and werewolves.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. Conservative Free Press? I doubt it. Writing articles suggesting Herschel is in trouble is total BS and you know it. Instead of making dire predictions. why are you not supporting Herschel? This site is about as conservative as AOC and Omar. Pure trash

      • Walker’s a good, Christian man with morals and loves his country. You dems want to change everything that we hold dear and decent. Warnock is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Can’t can’t call yourself Christian and be all about abortion.

      • TRM, you’re a liberal idiot. Warnock is an Anti American, racist azzwhole! Warnock lost in a landslide if it wasn’t for the Nazicrat party trying to steal another election!

        That other FKing azzwhole Fetterman stole his election too. Fetterman is as brain dead and stupid as Joe Biden. Neither of those two liberal idiots can barely comprehend or complete a sentence! Get your head out of your azz TRM!

      • Perhaps Herschel Walker slipped up after listening one to many times to fully capable and qualified Pres. Joe Biden and Vice Pres. Kamala Harris?

    • Total agreement! This site has NEVER posted a single negative thing about that do-called preacher Warnock and his church’s shady doings.

  2. Herschel is an illiterate, brain damaged, liar who should not be anywhere near the Senate. He is a disagree and if he’s the best the republicans can run…..oh, well!

  3. I agree with jackiedawg. This site sucks! There are constant questions about who would you vote for DeSantis or Biden. No I would vote for Trump. Remember him???

    • You’re gonna have to write him in bc he isn’t even coming close to winning the republican nomination. And feel free to answer in 2 years.

  4. Agree with Jones. I fail to understand what Georgians can possibly see in an inveterate liar, busker, hypocrite, poorly educated individual who continues to spew unintelligible comments about events that greatly concern us today. Warlock worked in the Senate for constituents. It is unlikely that Walker has an idea what a constituent is and what his responsibilities would be should he be elected. Why did the state GOP ever accede to his candidacy? Anyone voting for Walker should be ashamed for totally wasting their vote.

  5. Herschel Is a lot better to hold that office then some of the so called Democrats that want to destroy this country and all we have fought for. People like the spoiled soft brained kids who can’t do anything else but think they can run this country by forcing their agendas on the working class people who pay their salary’s . It’s time you people realize that the government works for the people and not the people working for the government. You want to run for office then do what the people who elected you tell you to do. I think it is time to start the draft back and then if you have paid your dues then you have the right to run for any political office. Till then you have no business running for any political office. This is what we get for allowing soft brained candidates to get in office when they have no idea what their freedom has costed. This generation has made a mockery of the freedom that was night and paid for with a price. Grow up people and get off your mommy’s lap and see what the real world is like then run for office. Stupid people we have running this country.

  6. I can’t believe how Liberals can’t understand that Democrats are the ones ruining this Country! And everyone of them say the most disgusting things about Republicans running for Office! There is a special place in Hell for them but watching what Biden and Democrats have done to our Country it’s like living in Hell

  7. Sounds like a lot of people have noticed that CFP is not a conservative news media organization that they claim to be. It’s nice to see that other conservative readers have picked up on their bill-crap and lies!

    This midterm Senate election in GA and PA reminds me of the same thing that happened in 2018, where election fraud was ignored and the Democratic Communist Party stole the two senate seats they needed to control the Senate. In 2018, I remember that there was issues with the voting machines and mail in voting ballots.

    Now, in the 2022 midterm elections, we’re experiencing the exact same problems. Is this enough for our Republican Party politicians to get involved and fight back?! Investigate these two election states for fraud. No way in hell does anyone believe, even moderate Democrats, that Fetterman beat Dr. Oz in the PA senators race! Fetterman is as incoherent, incompetent, and ignorant as Biden and we know for a fact he stole his election too! Republican leaders, for Gods sake, do something or a lot of your constituents will not support you anymore!!!

  8. With all the gaffes the idiot in the White House makes this is what your writing about. Please stop the bull sh&t and let’s not forget the idiot Obama who told us he campaigned in 52 states around the country. Still trying to figure that one out.

  9. We are living in a day when the corruption will only get worse in this country. Folks that profess Christianity will be persecuted more and more until they will drive us underground and try to silence us completely. They say Christians should not be involved in politics but its time we make a strong stand and voice our opinions. Will we be persecuted? Yes sir we will. The sad facts are we will be persecuted anyway. So let go down fighting for the truth and what right. If Walker will stand for Christian ethics and morals and walks that lifestyle then he has my vote. If any man or women stands for a strong Christian morals and ethics they have my vote . It’s time Gods people stand up and now is the time to do it. It’s amazing what can get done when no one cares who get the credit. Go to Washington with the attitude we will get the job done and give God the glory and that’s when you will see this country turn around not until.

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